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New Trier High School Summary of Selected Facts;
Look at racial demographics then click "Discipline Report" on right hand side. Compare the racial makeup of school ("Enrollement") to the percentages of students given severe disciplinary consequences (eg., suspensions).

NTHS: Black = 0.6% of students, but 6.3% and 7.5% of (in- and out-of-school) suspensions, respectively. Do the math then read this:
education  sociology  race  inequalities  newtrier  lesson  prisons 
september 2018 by oripsolob
Students Boycott High School's Required 'Racial Identity' Day
"Two staff members and two students also defended the program. One, Spiro Bolos, discussed the seminar he had given, “TV Tokenism,” which criticized portrayals of minorities in media. Another, Michael Christensen, talked about her seminar, “Drawing Lines: Housing Segregation and Redlining in Chicagoland Neighborhoods.” The class apparently did not consider a variety of political views, though housing is a current topic of local political debate."
race  newtrier 
july 2018 by oripsolob
Why Max Rice Pranked Fox News, Gretchen Carlson
Rice said he hopes his appearance would give an empirical example of how the media often disregards facts and stays superficial in favor of a compelling narrative.
student  election  politics  newtrier  literacy  media 
september 2012 by oripsolob
(Old) Technology Vision Statement
See "NT Classroom" for revision with Jacqui
newtrier  technology  education 
july 2008 by oripsolob
The NCSS Annual Conference
(November 30 - December 2) - Online registration form
2007  conference  education  newtrier  socialstudies 
october 2006 by oripsolob
Cruel 2 B Kind - a game of benevolent assasination
could this be used for Social Studies Department? Psych/Soc?
game  social  free  newtrier 
september 2006 by oripsolob

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