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The True Story Behind an Iconic Vietnam War Photo Was Nearly Erased — Until Now - The New York Times
A photographer, John Olson, approached and began to document the moment. His photo of the unconscious Marine lying on the tank surrounded by his wounded brothers-in-arms now stands among the iconic images of the Vietnam War. Some of Olson’s photos from the battle were included in a photo essay in Life magazine on March 8, 1968. The picture of the wounded Marine was the largest photo in the feature, published as a two-page spread. Both painterly and heart-wrenching, it was a raw artifact of a hellish 26-day battle that contributed to turning the American public against the war. Fifty years later, with the approach of the anniversary of the battle, that photo gained renewed exposure — by way of a best-selling book, a major exhibition at the Newseum in Washington and numerous articles and videos in the media.

With this new exposure came uncertainty, then controversy. Who was the unconscious man on the tank? In the past three years, two different story lines have emerged. The confusion raises questions of accuracy and identity. It weighs the duties of journalism against the lure of uplifting war narratives. And it brings into question how much the instinct to memorialize truly respects the dead.
War  photography  mythology  history 
yesterday by oripsolob
Filter Photo Festival | Chicago, IL | Context 2019
Context 2019 will open March 22, 2019, at Filter Space and will remain open through April 27, 2019. A juror’s choice award and an honorable mention will be awarded. The juror’s choice award includes a $500 cash prize.

The cost to submit to Context 2019 is $35.00 for up to five entries.​ All types of photographic and lens-based work will be considered, including short videos (maximum 5 minutes). You may submit any combination of images or video links, up to a total of five.​
photography  Contest  2019 
december 2018 by oripsolob
Nikon Photo Contest
Entered Next Generation Award
Theme: Identity
Entry format: single photo
photography  Contest  2018 
december 2018 by oripsolob
Competitions | World Photography Organisation
Entered "He's All Out of Pussy", "American Bounty", and "Ain't I A Woman"
photography  Contest  2018 
december 2018 by oripsolob
Media Companies Can't Just Steal Your Social Media Photos: Judge
Unclear if this is a summary judgment or just this particular judge's opinion
photography  COPYRIGHT 
december 2018 by oripsolob
Peter van Agtmael’s Eye on America - The New York Times
“There’s this pressure that war can be a shortcut to becoming a man that was appealing,” he explained. “I understood war was screwed up, but I also liked the idea of being respected for bravery,” he said, adding, “along with other dark and immature reasons.”

In his early stints, he said, he looked at the war mainly from the perspective of an American on the front lines. But he soon realized that the war was more about America in the Middle East and the people who lived there. Those people, he said, were the ones affected by it, the ones “who we generally refuse to see as three-dimensional human beings.”

As the wars continued, he said, he grew more interested in knowing what it was about America that made it “keep on fighting these reckless wars in reckless ways.”

In truth, he knew little about his own country.

“I started discovering America while on embeds in Iraq and Afghanistan because I was suddenly seeing a cross culture of race and class in American society that I hadn’t been exposed to growing up,” he said.
photography  conference  2018  War  gender  race  class 
december 2018 by oripsolob
Reimagining the Four Freedoms Archives | Enduring Ideals: Rockwell, Roosevelt & the Four Freedoms
Project for students?

How might notions of freedom, as presented by Roosevelt and Rockwell during the World War II era, be reinterpreted for our times? What does freedom look like today? (MANY ARTISTIC RESPONSES FOLLOW)
art  photos  photography  history  WWII 
october 2018 by oripsolob
Call for Artists — Gallery Studio Oh!
Open to all local/national/international artists, all mediums accepted, excluding video art and installation art.
In order to be considered to exhibit in our gallery, you are required to provide high quality images of your work, and a short biography and statement.

Please submit materials by filling out our form, email or on a disc and send to:
Gallery Studio Oh!
4839 N Damen Ave
Chicago, IL 60625

If you have a website, please include the address with your submission.

The artist is responsible for delivery and pickup of the work, and/or all shipping costs.
photography  art 
september 2018 by oripsolob
Street photography: A right or invasion? - The New York Times
When Erno Nussenzweig, an Orthodox Jew and retired diamond merchant from Union City, New Jersey, saw his picture last year in the exhibition catalogue, he called his lawyer. And then he sued diCorcia and Pace for exhibiting and publishing the portrait without permission and profiting from it financially. The suit sought an injunction to halt sales and publication of the photograph, as well as $500,000 in compensatory damages and $1.5 million in punitive damages.

The suit was dismissed last month by a New York State Supreme Court judge who said that the photographer's right to artistic expression trumped the subject's privacy rights. But to many artists, the fact that the case went so far is significant.

The practice of street photography has a long tradition in the United States, with documentary and artistic strains, in big cities and small towns. Photographers usually must obtain permission to photograph on private property - including restaurants and hotel lobbies - but the freedom to photograph in public has long been taken for granted.
photography  privacy  constitution  religion 
august 2018 by oripsolob
Artist Who Furtively Photographed His Neighbors Wins in Court, Again
New York State court judge Judge Eileen A. Rakower dismissed the claim in 2013, ruling that the photographs did not break New York State civil rights laws and were protected under the First Amendment. “An artist may create and sell a work of art that resembles an individual without his or her written consent,” she wrote. The plaintiffs appealed, only to have Judge Rakower’s ruling unanimously upheld and reiterated by the appeals court this month.
privacy  constitution  photography 
august 2018 by oripsolob
You Are Masters Of The Fish And Birds And All The Animals
Books  photography  gender  sociology 
july 2018 by oripsolob
Nicholas Pinto
Street and documentary photography in Chicago
photos  photography  chicago  design 
july 2018 by oripsolob
Lemmings Tavern
Bucktown bar that features local artists
chicago  restaurants  art  photography 
june 2018 by oripsolob
5x5 Aluminum Mounting Block with Large Keyhole
Conde: best price with shipping (~$7.55 per unit including shipping and bumpers)
photography  hardware  shopping 
may 2018 by oripsolob
About - new normal photography
Michael Sullivan, self-taught photographer, Madison WI
may 2018 by oripsolob
Scenes Unseen: The Summer of ’78 - The New York Times
The NYC Parks/New York Times Photo Project will be on view from May 3 – June 14, 2018.
photography  photos  Travel 
april 2018 by oripsolob
Black River Imaging | Standard Metal Prints
$47 for 16x16 with float mount and code 04METAL18

Best float mounts in the business
hardware  photography  shopping 
april 2018 by oripsolob
Re: How to float mount a metal print?: Printers and Printing Forum: Digital Photography Review
I've had great luck with Gorilla Glue. I've had labs try adhesive gator foam and hot glue with bad results. The Gorilla Glue though holds tight....or any slower drying epoxy. Brush the back of the print with some fine sandpaper if you are so inclined.
hardware  photography  shopping 
april 2018 by oripsolob
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