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Web Typography: Designing Tables to be Read, Not Looked At · An A List Apart Article
For consistency and ease of understanding, match the alignment of headings to the alignment of the data. Right-align headings of numeric data and left-align headings of columns with text
design  typography 
november 2017 by oripsolob
Street Photography and Homelessness with Jean-Benoit Levy, Matthew Gerring, TJ Johnston
Featured: San Francisco version of StreetWise

The San Francisco homeless population is conservatively estimated to be between 7,000-10,000, including enough children to fill 35 transit buses. Many of who attend school every day, and return to the street or the limited bay area shelters available at night. Of which, please keep in mind, for every 5 homeless people in San Francisco, there is but one bed available. Meaning, there is only enough space to shelter 20% of the total population on the streets today..

We dive into these realities of what homelessness truly means. The misconceptions of who is homeless. The relationship of HUD funding and homelessness and so much more...
sociology  photography  inequalities  housing  design  typography 
july 2017 by oripsolob
If you had to choose 1 font pair to use for the rest of your life - Designer News
If you are using system and/or Google fonts, I like the pairing of Avenir Next with Merriweather.
fonts  typography  design 
february 2015 by oripsolob
Call for Submissions | Mota Italic Gallery
New Vintage Digital Vernacular Letters

Call for entries: Send us your snapshots of awesome type.

Deadline: Wednesday, January 25th, 2012
typography  iphone  photos  contest 
january 2012 by oripsolob
I'm Comic Sans, Asshole.
Timothy McSweeney's Internet Tendency:
design  fonts  typography  humor 
june 2010 by oripsolob
Peter Saville Graphic Design - fonts
Peter releases all of the Joy Division / New Order fonts for free
free  fonts  download  art  design  music  typography 
june 2007 by oripsolob
A documentary film about a font
2007  art  design  fonts  movie  typography  video 
june 2007 by oripsolob

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