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Screely - Generate Beautiful Images
Screely instantly turns your screenshot or design into a beautiful image you can share anywhere.
No Photoshop or Sketch templates necessary!
images  editor  web  design 
may 2018 by oripsolob
AP US History: "Choose Your Destination"
This teacher scanned and uploaded the entire contents of "Past and Present" and Zinn's book to his course (public) website
web  Books  COPYRIGHT  history 
september 2017 by oripsolob
broadcast text messages
phone  text  web 
january 2013 by oripsolob
Similar to Delicious Stacks or Pinterest
tools  web  media  social 
october 2012 by oripsolob
An easy way to share and discuss slideshows. Upload PDFs.
web  sharing  presentation 
september 2012 by oripsolob
Many Eyes
"Build your own" visual info-graphics
web  literacy  visual 
august 2012 by oripsolob
#OCL4Ed (2012.06)
Open content licensing for educators is a free online workshop designed for educators and students who want to learn more about open education resources, copyright, and creative commons licenses.
web  education  copyright  cc 
may 2012 by oripsolob
Not So Fast
A group of academics at the University of Southern Denmark argues that we are emerging from the other side of what they call ‘the Gutenberg parenthesis.’ Before Gutenberg, knowledge was passed mouth-to-mouth, scribe-to-scribe, changing along the way with little sense of authorship. Inside the parenthesis, with the press, knowledge became linear, permanent, more a product than a process, with clear ownership.

More than five centuries later, they say we are emerging from the other side of the parenthesis. Now knowledge is again passed along, remixed as it goes, with less sense of ownership: It’s process over product. In his upcoming book Too Big to Know, David Weinberger sketches a vision of knowledge that is too big for libraries, institutions, or our heads. ‘Knowledge is now the property of the network,’ he writes. ‘The smartest person in the room is the room itself.’
modern  shallows  web  books 
january 2012 by oripsolob
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