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Microservices Are Something You Grow Into, Not Begin With — Nick Janetakis
Let's talk about when it might be a good or bad idea to start using microservices. SPOILER ALERT: it's not the same for every project.
microservices  #CFD4  @LightStepHQ  @NickJanetakis  architecture  bestpractices  business  deferreddecision  IFTTT  programming 
october 2018 by otlib
How I built super fast JS framework – Mārcis Bergmanis – Medium
Discover & share this Animated GIF with everyone you know. GIPHY is how you search, share, discover, and create GIFs.
bestpractices  framework  performance  Archive  javascript  programming  tutorial  webdesign 
march 2018 by otlib
The cost of forsaking C – Bradfield
The C programming language is not trendy. The most recent edition of the canonical C text (the excitingly named The C Programming Language) was published in 1988; C is so unfashionable that the…
advocacy  compsci  bestpractices  c  programming  clang  cpp  criticism  c_programming  dev 
february 2018 by otlib
GitHub - yangshun/front-end-interview-handbook: 🕸 Almost complete answers to "Front-end Job Interview Questions" which you can use to interview potential candidates, test yourself or completely ignore
front-end-interview-handbook - 🕸 Almost complete answers to "Front-end Job Interview Questions" which you can use to interview potential candidates, test yourself or completely ignore
interview  career  javascript  frontend  IFTTT  learning  reference  web  (popular  bestpractices 
february 2018 by otlib
Robust Client-Side JavaScript – A Developer’s Guide · molily
Why do we need to talk about robust JavaScript and how do we achieve it?
js  book  web  javascript  WebDev  programming  reference  tutorial  bestpractices  books 
january 2018 by otlib
International box-sizing Awareness Day | CSS-Tricks
It's February 1st today, which I've decided to declare International box-sizing Awareness Day. In honor of, you guessed it, the most humble and undersung,
box-sizing  bestpractices  css  borderbox  tips 
december 2017 by otlib
Vue.js - The Progressive JavaScript Framework
vuejs  vue  styleguide  bestpractices  javascript  js  style  Bookmarks_Bar  bwg-links  coding 
november 2017 by otlib
SSH vs OpenVPN for Tunneling | BackSlasher
Update 28.01.16 I found some sites referring to this post. Below are the common complaints I saw, and my replies: I'm criminally bad with setting up OpenVPN, meaning the testing is completely off I'm not an expert in networking, but I have a working knowledge of ...
openvpn  tunnel  vpn  ssh  security  benchmarks  bestpractices  blog-posts  compare  comparison 
november 2017 by otlib
A real world guide to WebRTC
Learn what WebRTC is, how it works, what you need to get started and where this guide fits in
communication  webrtc  webdev  javascript  tutorial  p2p  howto  internet  networking  bestpractices 
july 2017 by otlib
Effective Learning Strategies for Programmers - Allison Kaptur
In early September I gave a keynote at Kiwi PyCon in New Zealand on effective learning for programmers. There were two pieces to the talk: one about …
python  learning  programming  education  psychology  intelligence  bestpractices  coding  effort  geekfeminism  interesting 
october 2015 by otlib
Anti-Patterns Every Programmer Should Be Aware Of | Hacker News
ut also don't ship under-thought trash". For all our fixation on simplistic and ease of use, programming is actually incredibly
programming  best-of  antipatterns  bestpractices  best-practices  comments  hackernews  list  lists 
may 2015 by otlib
Code Review Best Practices
Software Engineer at Wiredrive. Master's student in Computer Science at Georgia Tech. This is a place for me to share thoughts on software engineering and Python.
programming  bestpractices  codereview  code  code-review  review  ifttt  Development  tips  checklist 
may 2015 by otlib
rwaldron/idiomatic.js · GitHub
idiomatic.js - Principles of Writing Consistent, Idiomatic JavaScript
styleguide  github  bestpractices  js  Javascript  style  codeguidelines  guide  IFTTT  syntax 
march 2015 by otlib

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