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Feross Aboukhadijeh is a computer security researcher, teacher, web developer, designer, long distance runner, gamer, music lover, and builder of websites that (sometimes) go viral.
wtf  programmer  coding  inspiration  motivation  demotivation  youtube  google  facebook  yahoo  nodejs 
december 2017 by otlib
Breaking the Habit of Uncontrolled Thinking
On a recent episode of The Knowledge Project Podcast, I interviewed Naval Ravikant, an amazing polymath. While the conversation lasts over two hours and full of more wisdom than most of us will get…
angellist  investing  habits  psychology  motivation  brain  podcast  knowledge 
march 2017 by otlib
BBC - Future - The secret to living a meaningful life
Your ambitions to improve your life do not need to be confined by your personality.
bbc  psychology  bullshit  life  motivation  brain  personality 
february 2017 by otlib
True grit may be a false concept | Ars Technica
A meta-analysis of 88 studies on grit raises some questions about the concept.
truegrit  grit  motivation  science  neuroscience  psychology  brain  arstechnica 
june 2016 by otlib
How to Teach Students Grit - The Atlantic
In recent years, the idea that educators should be teaching kids qualities like grit and self-control has caught on. Successful strategies, though, are hard to come by.
mindset  feedly  instapaper  IFTTT  Pocket  parenting  Pedagogy  brain  neuroscience  motivation  theatlantic 
june 2016 by otlib
How to Beat Procrastination - Less Wrong
Part of the sequence: The Science of Winning at Life
My own behavior baffles me. I find myself doing what I hate, and not doing what I really want to do!
productivity  lifehacks  motivation  procrastination  psychology  howto  article  projectmanagement  tips 
december 2015 by otlib
The Grandmaster Experiment | Psychology Today
How did one family produce three of the most successful female chess champions ever? By Carlin Flora | Psychology Today
parenting  psychology  chess  education  genius  family  experiment  women  Polgar  motivation  baby  achievement 
march 2014 by otlib
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