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The Family That Built an Empire of Pain | The New Yorker
The Sackler dynasty’s ruthless marketing of painkillers has generated billions of dollars—and millions of addicts.
newyorker  addiction  pain  drugs  journalism  investigation  fortune  fail  oxycontin 
october 2017 by otlib
#Vanlife, the Bohemian Social-Media Movement | The New Yorker
What began as an attempt at a simpler life quickly became a life-style brand.
instagram  travel  culture  Vanlife  advertising  socialmedia  IFTTT  NewYorker  Pocket  2017 
august 2017 by otlib
Paul and Patricia Churchland’s Philosophical Marriage - The New Yorker
Larissa MacFarquhar meets the couple who helped persuade philosophers to care about neuroscience.
TheNewYorker  newyorker  philosophy  inspiration 
march 2017 by otlib
The Gig Economy Celebrates Working Yourself to Death - The New Yorker
Jia Tolentino on how the gig economy, exemplified by startups like Lyft and Fiverr, has further normalized very low pay with no insurance or benefits.
newyorker  critique  economy  uber  lyft  fiverr 
march 2017 by otlib
The Man Who Forgot Everything - The New Yorker
Neuroscientists describe Molaison as “arguably the single most important patient ever studied in neuropsychology.&#8221
memory  neuroscience  newyorker  brain 
january 2016 by otlib
What Old Age Is Really Like - The New Yorker
Ceridwen Dovey writes that old age is perplexing to imagine in part because the definition of it is notoriously unstable.
aging  journalism  newyorker  age  writing 
october 2015 by otlib
The Man Who Broke the Music Business - The New Yorker
How Dell Glover, an employee at a CD-manufacturing plant, became the Patient Zero of Internet piracy.
instapaper  piracy  music  IFTTT  Pocket  business  scene  »  history  internet  mp3  newyorker 
april 2015 by otlib
What Google DeepMind Means for A.I. - The New Yorker
Engineers at Google DeepMind have built a computer program that can master vintage arcade games. How will it shape the future of artificial intelligence?
ai  google  instapaper  article  computers  games  IFTTT  machinelearning  newyorker  pocket 
march 2015 by otlib
In the summer of 2012, just days before a certain columnist was found to have plagiarized from The New Yorker, a staff writer at the prominent magazine itself resigned in the wake of a widespread plagiarism scandal. The journalist, famous for pop-science works that generated scathing reviews, had been using unattributed quotations taken from other…
journalism  plagiarism  Malcolm-Gladwell  writing  newyorker 
december 2014 by otlib

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