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Non Cognitive Skills
An overview of what educators and psychologists call "non-cognitive" or "soft" skills...
skills  cognition  lifehacks  softskills  psychology  brain 
august 2017 by otlib
A Dozen Lessons about Business and Investing from Poker | 25iq
  You can’t write about the relationship between games and investing without quoting Michael Mauboussin. I will do so often in this post. He is the master. Read his books. All of them. Then read them again. Set out below are the usual dozen lessons you can learn from poker: “Poker is a game where you…
poker  invest  skills  Pocket  life  finance  stocks  statistics  math  logic  investing 
august 2017 by otlib
People Everywhere Are Hacking Their Brains. Should You? - Cafe
Cafe is a digital news magazine focusing on the full range of the human condition.
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november 2014 by otlib

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