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Searching for ipad pro at MacMall
$50 off and AppleCare might be cheaper here too
shopping  iPad 
9 hours ago
Copious - Making Bad CX Great.
Mentioned by Tyler Vick / MFA in call with Kelly and Grant Herbert. This company built a proprietary CMS for their previous website that didn't go well and left them high and dry.
portland  web  agency  mobile 
5 days ago
Email Cloud Services in Security & Archiving | Mimecast
Jim Fox, KPFF I.T. > Do you still have control over afo’s domain? The reason I ask is that we may need to add an spf record to their domain to permit afo’s 365 email to pass thru our new mimecast filter.
email  security  afo  filter 
6 weeks ago
Better Search Replace |
WPE support recommend alternate to Velvet Blues Update URLs
wordpress  plugin  name  replace  file  wpe 
6 weeks ago
David Meltzer - How to deal with negative people - LinkedIn
If someone attacks you, it is because they are unhappy. It has nothing to do with you.
outlook  reaction  psychology  happy  feeling  Linkedin 
6 weeks ago
When Is My Baby Ready to...
“what babies do in the middle of the night is their business”
sleep  baby 
6 weeks ago
Charles Brown | Charles Brown and protege Lois Shayne | CD Baby Music Store
Song: "Be Kind"
Soothing, grateful, be good to others, show your love.
kcsm  jazz  song  gratitude  love 
7 weeks ago
Review: Nomad Wireless Stand is Solid Charger with Room to Improve - YouTube
Power supply is proprietary; hard to replace. Also see comments regarding charging (not good). "This is actually Inductive charging, NOT wireless. The stand itself needs to be plugged into a power source in order to generate the inductive field. This not wireless at all and at 7.5 watt, this will charge the phone much slower compared to the 12.4 watt charger that Apple provides with the iPad, which can also be used to charge the iPhone. Also, while on the stand, you won't be able to use your device. Usage will cause the charging to slow down, as the device draws more than what the mat can provide. As far as I'm concerned, I'd much rather plug my phone into my charger and still use my device."
video  review  wireless  charger  travel  nomad 
8 weeks ago
Leslie says one of my favorite songs
song  leslie  music 
9 weeks ago
The Father of Personal Computing Who Was Also a Terrible Dad - The New York Times
With “Small Fry,” Lisa Brennan-Jobs, the first child of Steve Jobs, delivers an eloquent memoir of a childhood steeped in emotional abuse.
book  Steve  jobs  nyt  fathering  parenting  memoir 
10 weeks ago
It’s Tempting to Take Social Security at 62. You Should Wait. - The New York Times
There’s a big financial advantage for those wait. For each year past your full retirement age that you can put off applying for Social Security, your monthly check will increase by 8 percent.

Let’s say you aim to retire this fall at 62, having worked 40 years and ending up with a final salary of $80,000. Your benefit would come to $1,455 a month, according to the Social Security Administration’s website, But if you could wait until 66, your full retirement age, you’d get $2,074 a month. At 70, it would be $2,833 — almost double the check you would get at 62.
finance  retirement  nyt  social  security 
10 weeks ago
Include Office 365 group calendar in teams – Tell us what you think
"This feature is still in the works. I hope to have more updates soon."
microsoft  teams  calendar  groups 
11 weeks ago
Re: Calendar in Teams? - Microsoft Tech Community - 189986
Add a website tab linking a SharePoint Site page containing an Events modern web part (a modern view of a SharePoint calendar)
microsoft  teams  calendar  sharepoint 
11 weeks ago
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