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html - Google map custom markers Retina resolution - Stack Overflow
Simply use an object with url, size, and scaledSize attributes:
google  map  marker  scale  logo  jackson  retina 
29 days ago
Recurring Payments - Common Questions and Problems - Easy Digital Downloads
What happens to an existing subscription if I change the price?
The price for existing subscriptions remains the same for as long as the subscription remains active. New subscriptions will get the new price.
edd  price  change  subscription  minimize 
5 weeks ago
Struggle With Self-Control? Take Yourself Out of the Equation - The New York Times
"Instead of trying to will yourself to resist temptation — which, as we now know, is all but impossible — the trick to winning those battles is to remove the temptation outright. ... The ultimate idea is to take yourself out of as many decisions as possible "
nyt  self-control  temptation 
5 weeks ago
Channel Lineup | fuboTV
Pac 12 Network!
Has an Apple TV app.
$19.99 for your first month
($44.99/mo thereafter)
70+ channels
Watch on your mobile apps and TV
cable  internet  tv  sports  cord  cut 
7 weeks ago
iPhone & iPad: How to clear cache
Alternately, if you’d like to clear data from individual websites, without clearing the entire Safari cache, tap Advanced, Website Data, then Edit.
iPhone  9to5  iOS  cache 
8 weeks ago
How to Stick to a Schedule When You Work From Home - The New York Times
If I’m tired, it’s harder to do my job. And if I can’t do my job, then I feel guilty outside of work hours, my work/life boundaries melt and the delicate balance unravels. Burnout. If I keep a strict schedule, including sleep, it helps me better manage my work/life boundaries.”
sleep  work  nyt  home  remote 
9 weeks ago
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