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jQuery/Javascript to detect OS without a plugin? - Stack Overflow
if (navigator.appVersion.indexOf("Win")!=-1) OSName="Windows";
detect  operating  system  lango  hansen 
19 days ago
Height equals width with pure CSS
Nice solution; various proportions.
css  layout  width  height 
29 days ago
How to Actually, Truly Focus on What You’re Doing - The New York Times
include deep work blocks on my calendar like meetings or appointments and then protect them as you would a meeting or appointment.
concentration  nyt  focus  work 
4 weeks ago
Real Estate CRM for Brokers and Agents
2019-01-10 Palmer started experimenting with - likes the Google email integration
crm  palmer 
5 weeks ago
jquery - Reduce header height after scrolling - Stack Overflow
Let the CSS do all the work. Encoding animation like this in javascript will lead a variety of kinds of pain.

Your JS should be as simple as this:
jQuery  ctc  animate  header  kelly  css 
6 weeks ago
Petplan | Dog Insurance | Pet Insurance For Dogs & Puppies | Petplan
dental treatments (non-routine)
Petplan will cover non-routine dental treatments such as broken teeth or periodontal disease provided your pet has had its teeth checked by a vet in the 12 months prior to the effective date of coverage and any treatment recommended as a result of a veterinary check-up was carried out.
dental  pet  chewy  insurance  coverage 
6 weeks ago
Quicken for Mac 2019 Review - A Big Improvement With The Mobile App - YouTube
Check out how he's got his accounts organized. Family Trust brokerage account. First names beginning of account names, etc.
video  review  quicken  2019 
7 weeks ago
How the ‘Spider-Verse’ Animators Created That Trippy Look - The New York Times
One of the first decisions they made was to eliminate motion blur.

In traditional animation, much of the movement is done “on two’s”: A new drawing is made or the image shifted every second frame.
movie  animation  cgi  spider-man  nyt 
7 weeks ago
The Sound of Silence - The New York Times
Back home in his garage, Jim Buckwalter, the salesman, set a turntable and a fan blade into a dog bowl insulated by some foam, and invented the Marpac Sleep-Mate, now called the Dohm ($40 on Amazon), a gizmo whose popularity grew by word of mouth and became a favorite not just of light sleepers, but also of psychotherapists, the legal and medical community, and others seeking to mask confidential conversations.

Sound purists adore it, because its mechanical whirring is closer to truly random and contains no loop, as many digital versions do.
sleep  gadgets  white  noise  nyt 
7 weeks ago
Artistic Tile Creations - Angie's List
2018-12-19 Jeline said she hired a company by this name - they did a great job and were not expensive
2825  tile  contractor  kitchen 
8 weeks ago
artistic tile cottage grove - Google Search
2018-12-19 Jeline said she hired a company by this name - they did a great job and were not expensive
2825  tile  contractor  kitchen 
8 weeks ago
Your Liver Doesn’t Know It’s the Holidays - The New York Times
"And it’s fine to drink a little, but avoid binge drinking, which is defined as more than four or five drinks in two hours."
health  booze  alcohol  liver  nyt 
8 weeks ago
How to account for SEP IRA Contributions? - Accountants Community
The owner or the partners portion would be a current year draw, because it flows through to the 1040 and is not business expense for the LLC. Generally we show it as Draws-SEP(under other expense) They usually like to see it on the P&L, so that is why we show the draws on the P&L.
quickbooks  accounting  sep  finance  tax  retirement 
10 weeks ago
php - borders around content with jquery masonry/isotope (not having spaces) - Stack Overflow
2018_11_26 - Fix for lewisbuilds home page:
.grid-item {
float: left;
background: #FFF;
border: 1px solid #FFF;

margin-right: -1px;
isotope  jQuery  grid  borders 
11 weeks ago
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