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I Do Things Differently From My Wife. And That’s OK. - NYT Parenting
"But now we focus more on working shoulder to shoulder on household chores, we say “thank you” a lot and we don’t make it a habit to redo each other’s work.

Our new approach has been transformative.

It’s time we as parents and partners stop thinking in terms of right and wrong when it comes to domestic obligations and begin accepting that our spouse is in the fight, but will do things a different way. Because, let’s be real: At the end of the day, a folded towel is a folded towel."
parenting  chores  marriage  arguments  nyt 
4 weeks ago by outkast
How Children Evolved To Whine - NYT Parenting
So how do you get your whiny kid to cut it out already?
whine  nyt  kids  parenting 
5 weeks ago by outkast
The Decade Parents Couldn’t Win
I convinced my 2-year-old that she needed to take a nap because Mommy was sleepy.
nyt  parenting 
december 2019 by outkast
Is Mealtime Miserable? Try This. - NYT Parenting
Division of responsibility, or D.O.R.

D.O.R. is known as the “trust model” because it assigns specific roles to both caregiver and child — and then everybody has to trust everybody else to do their jobs. The adult is in charge of when meals happen.

Our kids are responsible for deciding which foods they’re going to eat, among the ones we’ve offered — which may mean weeks of ignoring vegetables in favor of bread or pasta.
parenting  nyt  food  eating  meal  stress  kid 
december 2019 by outkast
Is Your Kid a Holiday Gift Monster?
Given that we’re always trying to get the littles to understand the difference between wants and needs, and to consider trade-offs between spending, saving and giving, what about this: You get one thing you want. One thing you need. And one sum of money to give to anyone or anything else you choose.
nyt  charity  giving  holidays  gifts  kids  parenting 
november 2019 by outkast
Is It Too Soon to Give My Kid a Tablet? - NYT Parenting
keeping all screens where you can see them, for example, in the living room or at the kitchen table when you’re cooking dinner, and keeping screens out of bedrooms. “There’s no technology that replaces your own eyes and ears.”

“The best toys are those that support parents and children playing, pretending and interacting together,” Dr. Alan L. Mendelsohn, co-author of the report and an associate professor in the Departments of Pediatrics and Population Health at NYU Langone Health, said in a statement last year. “And when children play with parents — the real magic happens, whether they are pretending with toy characters or building blocks or puzzles together.”
nyt  parenting  screen  iPad  tablet  kid  toys 
november 2019 by outkast
The Lasting Trauma of Infertility - The New York Times
My 2-year-old loves fishing money and credit cards out of my wallet, so now I carry a decoy wallet complete with fake bills from her toy register and spent gift cards. Way less nerve-racking than extracting a balled-up twenty from the fist of a toddler. — Amy Cao, Brooklyn, N.Y.
nyt  parenting  fertility  children  kids 
october 2019 by outkast
It was time to teach our 5-year-old my phone number in case he ever got lost.
It was time to teach our 5-year-old my phone number in case he ever got lost. He had zero interest in memorizing it ... until I made it the passcode for our iPad. Guess who can call his mom anytime he needs to now?
parenting  kids  memorization  phone  number  nyt 
july 2019 by outkast
The Father of Personal Computing Who Was Also a Terrible Dad - The New York Times
With “Small Fry,” Lisa Brennan-Jobs, the first child of Steve Jobs, delivers an eloquent memoir of a childhood steeped in emotional abuse.
book  Steve  jobs  nyt  fathering  parenting  memoir 
september 2018 by outkast

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