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Plastic To-Go Containers Are Bad, but Are the Alternatives Any Better? | Civil Eats
“It’s a little bit of a red herring,” he said. “Taking something and putting it in the landfill feels bad, but most of the damage has already been done by the time you buy it.”
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10 weeks ago by pacpost
Can Loop disrupt society's packaging habit? Inside TerraCycle's grand experiment | Waste Dive
""Loop is trying to minimize waste, but does that process still take into account the emissions to take that product back and reuse it and wash it and reprocess it and send it back out?" queried Alexis Bateman, director of the Sustainable Supply Chains program at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in an interview with Waste Dive. "I think that overvaluing one impact over another is usually the pitfall that these kinds of solutions come into.""

"According to DEQ's Canepa, that extra work is necessary because, in a reusable world, more durable materials with a higher lifecycle impact raise the stakes. “This sounds really banal, but if the thing made to be reusable is not reused, or more specifically is not reused a specific number of times,” he explained, “then you actually may be doing worse [sic] for the environment.”

Reusable programs thus require vigilant stewarding to ensure proper use, an inescapable part of Loop's grand experiment.

"They can’t be left to operate to themselves,” emphasized Weir. “There needs to be certain rules, there need to be certain frameworks. Because one-to-one, a stainless steel container versus a paper pint, I mean, there’s no comparison.”"
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december 2019 by pacpost
How many curbside recycling programs have actually been cut? | Waste Dive
"Neither Teichert nor Jackson Public Works Director Robert Miller responded to requests for comment from Waste Dive seeking a source for their numbers. But Waste Dive's findings track with those of The Recycling Partnership, one of the only organizations regularly documenting curbside cancellations. The Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA)​ concurred – estimating the total is in the 50 to 60 range – as did the the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries."
recycling  us  economics  china 
december 2019 by pacpost
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