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'Walter Benjamin on the encoding of meaning in objects based on wear and use 'rosler

"Just as the art of the Greeks was geared toward tasting, so the art of the present is geared toward becoming worn out"
"What point is its most decrepit? It is the side worn through by habit and garnished with cheap maxims. The side which things turn toward the dream is kitsch. "
walter_benjamin  worn-out  aura  rosler 
8 days ago
Frustrating Desires: Q+A with Martha Rosler – Art in America
Walter Benjamin on the encoding of meaning in objects based on wear and use
rosler  haacke  benjamin 
8 days ago
Hans Haacke, Firebrand, Gets His First U.S. Survey in 33 Years - The New York Times
“Shapolsky et al. Manhattan Real Estate Holdings, a Real-Time Social System, as of May 1, 1971.”
haacke  systems  conceptual  bowery  nyc  1971 
8 days ago
Opinion | The Misguided Drive to Measure ‘Learning Outcomes’ - The New York Times
a bureaucratic behemoth known as learning outcomes assessment. This elaborate, expensive, supposedly data-driven analysis seeks to translate the subtleties of the classroom into PowerPoint slides packed with statistics — in the hope of deflecting the charge that students pay too much for degrees that mean too little."
"Instead, it lets politicians and accreditors ignore these problems as long as bureaucratic mechanisms appear to be holding someone — usually a professor — accountable for student performance."

"Faced with outrage over the high cost of higher education, universities responded by encouraging expensive administrative bloat.
learning_outcomes  higher_education  learning  assessment  bureaucracy 
7 weeks ago
Opinion | Can We Guarantee That Colleges Are Intellectually Diverse? - The New York Times
How to make a smart person in a dumb time [that was the headline for the group of opinions]
PHT270  montage  Jennifer_Daniel 
7 weeks ago
LOUIS H. BEAN DIES AT 98 - The Washington Post
Mary Ellen Howell, 86, an accountant who retired in 1975 as a purchasing contract manager at the General Services Administration, died of a stroke Aug. 2 at her home in Chevy Chase.

Miss Howell, a native of Dolphin, Va., received a degree in accounting from American University. Before moving to Washington in the mid-1930s, she was a public school teacher in Richmond. She worked at GSA for about 30 years.

She was treasurer of the Club of Colonial Dames and a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, United Daughters of the Confederacy and Chevy Chase United Methodist Church in Chevy Chase. She was a Gray Lady at George Washington University Hospital and a volunteer with the Florence Critendon Home and the Helen Pardoe Circle.

Survivors include a brother, Julian Howell of Richmond.
mummy  howell 
10 weeks ago
Redling Fine Art—Brian O'Connell
fter Before Present/April 28-29, 2014/-64 BP (IX, Permanent Green Light, 3:36 PM), 2014, Watercolor, gum-bichromate on paper, 72 x 33.25 inches
Alt_Process  PHT247  Gum 
10 weeks ago
New Page — Zorawar Sidhu
[making a photo of something ugly more aesthetically pleasing][alt process as a way to get people to look at something]
alt_process  gum  protest  art!!! 
10 weeks ago
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