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Opinion | The Misguided Drive to Measure ‘Learning Outcomes’ - The New York Times
a bureaucratic behemoth known as learning outcomes assessment. This elaborate, expensive, supposedly data-driven analysis seeks to translate the subtleties of the classroom into PowerPoint slides packed with statistics — in the hope of deflecting the charge that students pay too much for degrees that mean too little."
"Instead, it lets politicians and accreditors ignore these problems as long as bureaucratic mechanisms appear to be holding someone — usually a professor — accountable for student performance."

"Faced with outrage over the high cost of higher education, universities responded by encouraging expensive administrative bloat.
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'Achieving the Dream' Produces Little Change at Community Colleges - The Chronicle of Higher Education
build a "culture of evidence" by using data to track students' performance over time and to identify barriers to academic progress.
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Itersection/Summer 2017 - AAHLE_Fall_2017_Intersection.pdf
"Identification of every SLO, PLO, and ILO imaginable is followed by mapping. Curriculum mapping of these student, program, and institutional learning outcomes is another priority for accreditation. Are the outcomes stitched together to form a coherent education? A worthy goal, but, once again, the wrong question. A cohesive education reflects a cohesive academic community, and this begins with the people involved, not the forms they fill out. . . .A fancy map decorated with credible I, R, M, and X (noting embedded assessment) clears the mapping requirement for reaccreditation, but it rarely does much to strengthen the college as a community."
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january 2018 by pagecarr
An Insider’s Take on Assessment: It May Be Worse Than You Thought - The Chronicle of Higher Education
"As Upton Sinclair said, "It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.""
and "It’s no accident that the rise of learning-outcomes assessment has coincided with a significant expansion in the use of adjunct faculty, the growth of dual enrollment, and the spread of online education. Each of these allows administrators to deliver educational product to their customers with little or no involvement from the traditional faculty. If they are challenged on the quality of these programs, they can always point out that assessment results indicate that the customers are learning just as much as the students in traditional courses."
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january 2018 by pagecarr

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