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Full Metal Jacket
homoiconic graphical language
programming  languages  lisp 
11 weeks ago
ULOC – unique lines of code
cat *.h *.c | awk '{$1=$1};1' | sort -u | wc -l

(to trim whitespace)
programming  shell  tools 
december 2018
Red Rock Eater Digest - Institutions and the Entrepreneurial Self
some words about institutions and their relationships to individuals
october 2018
siderea | [me, psych, techjob, Patreon] Cookies for Claris
There are things people will not do for money but will do for play.
august 2018
Construct — Construct 2.9 documentation
another byte/bit encoding format language
data  programming 
june 2018
Number Spirals
prime number spirals
math  numbers 
may 2018
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