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UK road travel falls to 1955 levels as Covid-19 lockdown takes hold | UK news | The Guardian
Cabinet Office data shows motor traffic dropped by 73% on 29 March compared with pre-outbreak levels. Guardian analysis shows the number of road miles travelled has not been this low since 1955, when far fewer people owned cars and there were no motorways. The government data also shows rail travel down 90%, and tube and bus journeys in London down by 94% and 83% respectively.
cv  dj  transport  guardian 
10 hours ago by paulbradshaw
Location Data Says It All: Staying at Home During Coronavirus Is a Luxury - The New York Times
RT @froomkin: Location Data Says It All: Staying at Home During Coronavirus Is a Luxury nice work by…
cv  dj  nytimes  transport  wealth  poverty  inequality 
10 hours ago by paulbradshaw
Coronavirus trajectory tracker explained | FT - YouTube
The FT's senior data-visualisation journalist John Burn-Murdoch explains the must-see daily graphs, which show how cases and deaths are growing around the world. #covid #pandemic #datajournalism #coronavirus #covid19 #financialtimes
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yesterday by paulbradshaw
Coronavirus: Thousands of landlords offer free homes to NHS workers - BBC News
"As a family we have well and truly used up our NHS quota," the 46-year-old said. "As the virus started, ping went my phone and all the cancellations came in.

"I thought, rather than it sit empty, I can help somebody."

She said the opportunity would allow staff members to take on extra shifts, knowing they had a place to stay away from their families.
cv  dj  bbcsdu  health  housing 
yesterday by paulbradshaw
Where America Didn’t Stay Home Even as the Virus Spread - The New York Times
Note: Cuebiq calculated distance traveled by measuring a line between opposite corners of a box drawn around the locations observed for each person on each day. The travel for each county is the median of these per-person distances. Many states and counties have taken control measures, such as closing restaurants or beaches, that were not included in this analysis.
cv  dj  nytimes 
2 days ago by paulbradshaw
Why It’s So Freaking Hard To Make A Good COVID-19 Model  | FiveThirtyEight
There’s also the issue of uncollected or inaccurate data. To determine the fatality rate, you have to divide the number of people who have died from the disease by the number of people infected with the disease. In this case, we don’t really have a reliable count for the number of people infected — so, to put it mathematically, we don’t know the denominator. (If we’re being honest, we probably don’t know exactly what the first number — the numerator — is, either, but we’re assuming it’s closer to correct.)
dj  methodology  cv  fivethirtyeight  statistics 
3 days ago by paulbradshaw
Infographics in the Time of Cholera — ProPublica
A bigger obstacle than the production difficulties was the Tribune’s readers themselves. It is unlikely that everyday New Yorkers in the 1840s would have been familiar with statistical graphics, and they likely wouldn’t have had any idea how to read or interpret them.

The editors must have worried about this too. Attached to the graphic is a 300-word annotation explaining how to read a line chart, including basics like Cartesian coordinates (“Each half-inch along the bottom line represents a week”), axis labels (“The dates are placed under each”) and that the slope of the line represented the change between data points (“The zig-zag lines, which join the ends of these lines, show, by their upward or downward slopes, whether the deaths during those weeks have increased or decreased, rapidly or slowly.”)
cv  vis  history  dj  cholera  health 
10 days ago by paulbradshaw
Coronavirus pandemic leading to huge drop in air pollution | Environment | The Guardian
Although the UK is more than a week behind Italy in terms of the spread of the disease and the government’s response, roadside monitors already show significantly reduced levels of pollution at hotspots such as Marylebone in London.
cv  dj  pollution  environment 
10 days ago by paulbradshaw
Daily chart - Many Britons are not taking social distancing for covid-19 seriously | Graphic detail | The Economist
Data from Citymapper, a route-planning app, show they are moving around more than other Europeans
dj  cv 
12 days ago by paulbradshaw
Ten Considerations Before You Create Another Chart About COVID-19
There are nuances in the definitions of different kinds of cases (including COVID-19 definitions) which affect whether they can be aggregated or not. In public health, there are calculated metrics — such as case fatality rate — with very specific definitions that are used to understand and monitor disease spread and human impact. Just because you can perform a mathematical function on a set of health statistics doesn’t mean you should.
cv  vis  dj 
17 days ago by paulbradshaw
The Workers Who Face the Greatest Coronavirus Risk - The New York Times
The risk levels of various jobs were calculated using O*NET, a database maintained by the Department of Labor that describes various physical aspects of different occupations. The database assigns dozens of scores to each occupation for things like how often a telephone is used to how often a job requires you to bend your body. (Housekeepers rank highest in this metric.)
dj  scrollytell  cv  nytimes  bubblechart 
18 days ago by paulbradshaw
Data and Interactive Journalist - News UK Ltd
This is a journalistic position as much as a technical one and you will be expected to find and pitch your own ideas to both titles. Data analysis and programming skills are a must, but we are also looking for someone who communicates clearly, enjoys collaborating and thrives in a fast-paced environment.

You will work with editors, reporters, designers and developers across the newsroom and decide on the best way to tell stories on our digital platforms. You will be helping to define the future of digital storytelling for two newspapers with more than 200 years’ experience reporting the news.
ojjobs  times  dj 
24 days ago by paulbradshaw
datasette-search-all: a new plugin for searching multiple Datasette tables at once
I just released a new plugin for Datasette, and it’s pretty fun. datasette-search-all is a plugin written mostly in JavaScript that executes the same search query against every searchable table in every database connected to your Datasette instance.
tools  dj  datasette  searchengine  databases 
26 days ago by paulbradshaw
Danger And Despair Inside Private Children’s Care Homes
One quarter of Cambian homes in England have been graded as “inadequate” or “requires improvement” by the regulator Ofsted, a rate higher than homes run by local authorities, nonprofits, or the rest of the private sector.
cqc  buzzfeed  dj  care  ofsted  scrapingeg 
28 days ago by paulbradshaw
This is how many homeless people were found sleeping rough on city streets - Birmingham Live
The true number of rough sleepers is likely to be much higher but the snapshot is seen as a good way to measure trends. Critics say it is too simplistic a way to represent a hugely complex issue, particularly in the face of new research suggesting real figures are likely to be up to five times higher.
homelessness  dj  Birmingham 
5 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
BAME foster care shortage in two-thirds of English councils - BBC News
The BBC has analysed figures from Ofsted, which has data from 146 of the 153 local authorities that provide fostering services in England.

As of 31 March 2019 there were 54,870 children in foster care in England - 76% were white, 23% were BAME.

The analysis found 99 authorities - 68% of the 146 - had a shortage or undersupply of foster carers from a BAME background.
dj  victoriaprest  bbcyorkshire  video  education  fostercare 
5 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Homelessness: Rough sleeping five times higher than official figure - BBC News
However council responses to the BBC showed nearly 25,000 people were recorded sleeping rough at least once in England during the latest year on record.

The BBC asked councils for the number of individuals amid concerns raised last year that the official one-night snapshot did not give the full picture.

Mr Healey said he had written to the UK Statistics Authority to ask them to investigate the accuracy of the government's statistics.
dj  bbcdu  homelessness  foieg  baddata 
5 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Data showing 9% fall in England rough sleeping 'not fit for purpose' | Society | The Guardian
Out of 317 local authorities who revealed their method of counting, just 25% conducted a count-based estimate of visible rough sleeping. A further 104 (33%) made an evidence-based estimate meeting including a spotlight count in specific areas. And 43% conducted an evidence-based estimate meeting with local partners, without going outside to perform a count.
baddata  dj  homelessness  Guardian 
5 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Tories raised three times as much as Labour in pre-election donations | Politics | The Guardian
Data disclosed by the Electoral Commission shows that the Tories reported donations of £37.74m in the last three months of 2019, compared with £10.69m raised by Jeremy Corbyn’s party.
dj  donations  politics  elections 
5 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Suckers List: How Allstate’s Secret Auto Insurance Algorithm Squeezes Big Spenders – The Markup
We also found Allstate’s algorithm would have denied meaningful decreases to thousands of Allstate customers who the company’s new risk profile showed were paying too much. That 36-year-old from Prince George’s County would not have saved $3,772 on his policy as he deserved, documents show, but rather gotten a measly discount of $26. Discounts were capped at a half percent across the board
dj  algorithms  insurance  transport  cars 
5 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
FUNES · Un algoritmo contra la corrupción
Jury's comment: As more and more potentially newsworthy documents become routinely available online as digital data, classifying this deluge and prioritising reporters’ attention is becoming one of data journalism’s major challenges. The “Funes” tool from Peru’s OjoPúblico shows that even relatively small organisations can develop algorithms to help tackle this problem for specific types of documents. Funes adapts a model a contracting risk model developed in Europe to the Peruvian context. Using data scraped from five public databases, the algorithm analysed hundreds of thousands of Peruvian public procurement documents. Using a linear model, it combines 20 risk indicators — such as recently founded contractors or uncontested bids — to flag potentially corrupt contracts. It resulted in a large volume of cases for OjoPúblico and regional media partners to investigate as well as an interactive interface for readers, providing an excellent pioneering example of the sort of automated story discovery tools several judges said they expect to become an increasingly important area of investigative computational journalism.
algorithms  automation  dj  espanol  ij  text  contracts 
6 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Zonas de silencio / EL UNIVERSAL
Impact: Something akin to a code of silence has emerged across the country. We suspected that there were entire regions where journalists were not reporting on the violence, threats, intimidation and murder that were well known to be part of daily life. This was confirmed by journalists who sought for us after the story was released, to tell us they have been facing this problems. In collaboration with them, now we are preparing a second part of this story, to focus on the patterns that lead to agressions. Hopefully this will lead us to some kind of alert when certain conditions (of news coverage and crimen) are present in regions of our country.
baddata  NODAta  dj  espanol 
6 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Revealed: the areas in the UK with one Airbnb for every four homes | Airbnb | The Guardian
The Guardian cross-referenced a database of more than 250,000 Airbnb listings with government housing stock figures to calculate the “penetration rate” of Airbnbs in 8,000 areas across England, Wales and Scotland. Across the whole of Great Britain, there were 0.8 Airbnb listings for every 100 homes.
Listings data – covering the six months to January – was provided by Inside Airbnb, a non-commercial project that aims to highlight the impact of the service on residential housing markets.
dj  airbnb  Guardian  housing  tourism  gigeconomy 
6 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
BAME publications join Local News Partnership as scheme hits 125,000 stories mark
Eastern Eye and Asian Sunday are now signed up to the scheme, in what a senior BBC leader has called a “big step in ensuring important local stories are read, heard and seen by as many people in as many communities as possible”.
diversity  dj  bbcsdu  bame  ethnicity  lnp 
6 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Age diversity push does not stop young models ruling the runway | Vogue Business
Albeit slow, there is progress. The same Fashion Spot figures show there were 39 models in their 50s at the SS20 shows last autumn, up from five during the same season in 2016. The median age of models at runway shows recognised by the Fashion Model Directory was 23 in 2019, up from 21 in 2014, with similar increases in age diversity for the catalogue, lookbook and advertising shoots they have on file.
dj  fashion  vogue  age 
6 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Are medical schools turning a blind eye to racism? | The BMJ
Only half of medical schools collect data on students’ complaints about racism and racial harassment, a freedom of information request has shown. (Of 40 medical schools in the UK, 32 responded to The BMJ’s request, of which 16 said they collected the data.) And since 2010 they’ve recorded just 11 complaints.
nodata  dj  Health  race  racism  education  bmj  foieg 
6 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Create an interactive map of the live music venues in your city with the Songkick API | Pop Music Research
Over the last week - and following quite a bit of trial and error! - I have managed to create a workflow using R that pulls data from that API and creates interactive map of music venues. Before starting that process, I had looked around online to see if anyone else had tried something similar (and - I hoped - had then been inclined to create a walkthrough tutorial). Since I was unable to find much at all around Songkick and R, I have created a walkthrough tutorial of my own.
r  tutorial  apis  music  dj  mapping  songkick 
8 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
(99+) (PDF) Adapting investigative and data journalism to new players: How are actors working globally? | Mathias Felipe and Ramón Salaverría -
Media organizations have been struggling to survive in the digital age. In order to get a chance to pull through while facing the threat of a post-truth era, data and investigative journalism seem to be more important than ever. The old model of highly competitive single newsroom environment evolve to a ‘new model’ of sharing information, sometimes on a global scale, dealing with new players. Thus, third-party organizations come in handy to help to overcome the lack of resources and skills within the newsrooms. This study conducted six (n=6) in-depth interviews with professionals working within thirdparty organizations, such as startups, studios or agencies in the five continents (Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania). The results show that the number of news outlets requesting their services have been reducing, with many organizations bringing these skills inside the newsrooms. The political context and media crisis also affect outsourcing by publishers. However, these organizations still believe they will be useful in the future with new technological capacities being requested, such as automation.
Research  ij  dj 
8 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
What It's Like to Run a Church in the UK's Least Religious City - VICE
Well, some would disagree that Norwich's Christian population has dwindled. Bishop of Norwich Graham James contested a census back in 2011, telling the BBC that Norwich is "a centre of vibrant Christianity today". Richard George, of Norwich's Cornerstone Church, backs the Bishop. "Many churches, not necessarily the traditional churches, are growing rather than shrinking", he says. "I don't really know what happened with that survey... I don't think that's a true resemblance of reality." Richards' church rejects tradition; they have no set meeting day or time, choosing to move elusively throughout the city. Similarly, a representative from Burn 24-7 Norwich, a movement that meets for six, 12 or 24 hours for non-stop worship and prayer, shares Richard's scepticism.
census  dj  religion  feature  interview 
8 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
From nine mentions a year to 9,000: How MPs caught the ‘Brexit’ bug -
RT @ian_a_jones: I've tracked down and counted up every mention of the word 'Brexit' in the House of Commons.
brexit  dj  pa  ianjones  text  eu  politics 
9 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
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