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Hey Siri
Feedback Give us your feedback about Report mistakes in the commands, submit new commands or suggest features for the site. Just write an email to or give us your
hacks  apple 
august 2016 by pauljwilliams
Your Mac Logs Everything You Download, Here's How to Clear It Out
Your Mac keeps a running log of everything you download. Here's how to clear it out:
hacks  mac 
november 2014 by pauljwilliams
How to make your tables less terrible - Imgur
powerpoint improvements, using tables in presentations
design  hacks 
april 2014 by pauljwilliams
Fold and Pack Your Suits Like a Dry Cleaner for Wrinkle-Free...
Fold and Pack Your Suits Like a Dry Cleaner for Wrinkle-Free Portability. Via Lifehacker
packing  hacks 
november 2013 by pauljwilliams
Baldur's Gate 2 essential mods, page 1 - Forum -
Mods for Baldur's gate series and their sequence of installation from versions.
gaming  hacks 
june 2013 by pauljwilliams
Panic Blog » Status Board Mania!
Resources for Status Board methods/processes
apps  hacks 
april 2013 by pauljwilliams
The Action Page. — The Axx
Hacks for URL actions across iOS apps
apps  ios  hacks 
march 2013 by pauljwilliams
Everport — infiniteNIL Software
export backpack pages to evernote with everything
hacks  37signals 
october 2011 by pauljwilliams
AirFlick Utilities
Utilities for the alpha build of AirFlick, designed to send non-mp4 files to AppleTV
hacks  mac 
december 2010 by pauljwilliams

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