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72 Must-Have Ecommerce Website Features [Infographic] | WebAlive
Useful as primer for what features to include for product site
ecommerce  UXD  user  experience  design  feature  list 
13 days ago
How to run an heuristic evaluation – UX Mastery
Very detailed article on H Eval with examples of alternate heuristics
UX  UXD  user  experience  design  heuristic  evaluation  "heuristic  evaluation"  DIG20005  DIG70001  "UX  Mastery" 
17 days ago
(307) Why Personas Fail - YouTube
semi-useful NNG video on some issues using personas in practice
Nielsen  video  persona  personae  NNG 
22 days ago
Keyword-Driven Personas - Whiteboard Friday - Moz
Video (with transcript) on developing personas based on keywords. Idea of search intent
persona  personas  keyword  driven  moz  video  search  intent  "search  intent"  search_intent  DIG20005  DIG70001  DIG60015  DIG70002 
22 days ago
Conversation mapping: The new rules to win in search and content marketing Search Engine Watch
New idea "conversation mapping" and how it can help a content marketing strategy. Conversational search. Good links relevant to content marketing and keyword research and personas
content  marketing  "content  marketing"  content_marketing  conversation  mapping  customer  experience  conversational  search  conversational_search  "conversational  search"  keyword  research  persona 
22 days ago
An SEO's guide to Google Analytics terms - Search Engine Watch Search Engine Watch
Useful de-jargoniser explaining Analytics terminology in context of SEO. Good reference for DIG60015 and DIG20010
SEO  search  engine  optimisation  analytics  google  terminology  DIG60015  DIG20010 
22 days ago
Convert Prezi Classic to Next | Prezibase
Resources to convert from classic to next
prezi  next  classic  convert 
23 days ago
How Google Ads is fighting click fraud - Search Engine Watch Search Engine Watch
Search Engine Watch article - Goole fighting clickfraud - not read but looks like good overview of types of click fraud
Google  Ads  digital  marketing  clickfraud  click  fraud  "click  fraud"  search  "search  marketing" 
5 weeks ago
Geo-Data Is No Longer Just A Targeting Tool; It's An 'Understanding' Instrument |
Initially the focus in the market was very much around the basic concept of proximity based targeting, but we have been constantly pushing the envelope with our clients, to move more towards mobile and location as keys to understanding consumer behavior and building high fidelity flexible audience types. This means using location and location history to build behavioral profiles (we were the first company to do this at scale)
location  geolocation  digital  marketing  customer  journey  audience  profile  segmentation 
5 weeks ago
GeoMarketing 101: What Is Geoconquesting? |
Put simply, the idea behind the practice is that a consumer who is shopping (or has been shopping) at an auto dealership or clothing store is already in the market for that particular product — and a competitor that can serve a compelling ad based on that location has a decent chance at attracting business.
Geoconquesting  "geo  conquesting"  digital  marketing  location  geolocation 
5 weeks ago
AccuWeather caught sending user location data, even when location sharing is off | ZDNet
A security researcher has found that the popular weather app sends private location data without the user's explicit permission to a firm designed to monetize user locations.
geolocation  location  accuweather  digital  marketing  ZDNET 
5 weeks ago
(286) Cambridge Analytica - The Power of Big Data and Psychographics - YouTube
Youtube video of Nix trumpeting use of psychographic profiling to help Cruz in republican primary campaign
cambridge  analytica  alexander  nix  "alexander  nix"  "ted  cruz"  cruz  video  psychographic  profiling 
5 weeks ago
Mobile search and video in 2019: How visible are you? - Search Engine Watch Search Engine Watch
VIDEO SEO video content is a great way to achieve and maintain visibility online, as well as being a successful means for providing engaging content for followers and prospective customers.
video  mobile  search  marketing  digital  SEO  engine  optimisation 
5 weeks ago
Melbourne Suburbs Map
Overlay of suburban borders onto Google maps
map  melbourne  suburb  suburbs 
9 weeks ago
Beware of consolidating your super
possible reason not to consolidate super - tax advantage
9 weeks ago
A user’s guide to advanced TV jargon - Digiday
Good discussion of programmatic TV, addressable TV, connected TV concepts
programmatic  TV  addressable  connected 
december 2018
The Anchoring Principle
The Principle in Design People tend to focus on a single, initial piece of i…
december 2018
The Principle in Design People tend to focus on a single, initial piece of i…
december 2018
Southwest Airlines Review - Amenities, Fees, Seats, Service & More
Good overview of how SouthWest Airlines works - and explanation of their boarding procedures
airline  airlines  SouthWest  travel  USA  review 
december 2018
Radiant Cooling | Department of Energy
Brief article from US Dept of Energy about radiant cooling (ie hydronic cooling of slab or radiators). Potential problem is condensation.
radiant  cooling  hydronic  slab 
december 2018
What is Altherma? | Daikin
Heat pump based heating/cooling unit compatible with hydronic including underfloor
energy  reverse  cycle  heating  cooling  altherma  hydronic  heatpump  heat  pump 
december 2018
What makes someone believe or reject information? - ANU
ANU research stating quality of audio has big influence on believability of speaker on radio - relevance = digital marketing quality of production
audio  project  quality  presentation  production 
november 2018
Photos make people believe: ANU study - ANU
ANU study pointing out that even simple use of an image makes something more believable - "For example, when we present a claim about politician or celebrity, people were more likely to believe it when it is paired with a photo of them - even if it is just a stock photo that provides no evidence.
pitch  pitching  document  photo  image  incidental  presentation  project 
november 2018
The SEO Competitive Analysis Checklist - Moz
Fairly comprehensive article on the importance of doing competitor analysis for thorough SEO
SEO  search  competitor  competitive  analysis  engine  optimisation 
november 2018
Hubspot: The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing
Quite comprehensive article on video marketing - including several types of marketing videos and tips on the creation process
Demo videos, Brand videos, Event videos, Expert videos, Educational (how to) videos, Explainer videos, case-study (customer testimonial) videos, personalised videos, live videos, 360 videos, AR/VR
video  marketing  brand  expert  explainer  event  demo  educational  videos 
november 2018
Jobs to be done
List of jobs-to-be-done related articles
persona  personas  jobs-to-be-done  UX  UXD  user  experience  design  JTBD 
november 2018
Jobs-to-be-done UX toolbox
“People want a quarter-inch hole, not a quarter inch drill”. analogy
persona  personas  jobs-to-be-done  UX  UXD  user  experience  design  JTBD  needs  wants 
november 2018
53 Digital Marketing Tools You Should Master in 2017
Paragraph or two describing a bunch of applications - some of which worth looking at
digital  marketing  app  apps  applications  tool  tools 
november 2018
Why Chunking Content is Important
Nielsen video 2ish minutes good for schema discussion
chunk  chunking  schema  schemata  UXD  UX  user  experience  video 
october 2018
Demystifying the concept of ‘attribution’ in digital marketing | TechCrunch
Good example explaining "contribution to conversion" along lines of sporting goal assists - reasonably complex but comprehensive
attribution  techcrunch  digital  marketing 
september 2018
(207) Adobe Device Co-op Explained | How We Measure Multi-Screen Audience Activity - YouTube
Short video with brief explanation of Adobe Device Co-op in context of multi-screen activity
adobe  audience  manager  video  device  co-op 
september 2018
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