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To believe there’ll be world war three is to swallow US propaganda | Nesrine Malik | Opinion | The Guardian
The problem with engaging in war by assassination in the region is that the effort never goes all the way to ending the fighting. The problem is not foreign intervention in itself but the way America goes about foreign intervention. Striking and withdrawing, removing heads of government or other perceived enemy chiefs then packing up tools and leaving (or in drone warfare, turning off a screen and going home), achieves little – no fundamental resolution. Suleimani’s killing may solve a temporary problem, real or confected for White House PR purposes, but the blowback will not be felt by those who are making “world war three” trend on social media.
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6 weeks ago by petej
By killing Qassem Suleimani, Trump has achieved the impossible: uniting Iran | Dina Esfandiary | Opinion | The Guardian
With the killing of Suleimani, Trump has accomplished what no one in the Iranian elite thought possible: he has united a fractured, exhausted and desperate Iranian public in a show of unity.

And while these scenes are very far from an equivocal statement of support for the Islamic Republic, they are a resounding message to the world: Iranians will stand with their government in the face of external threats.
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Making of a martyr: how Qassem Suleimani was hunted down | World news | The Guardian
Ali Vaez, an Iran expert with Crisis Group, is also sceptical of the assumptions in the Trump administration over the hoped-for outcomes from Suleimani’s killing.

“The biggest problem here,” he told the Observer, “is that the Americans believe their own rhetoric. The fact that the US designated the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps [of which Suleimani’s Quds Force was a key part] as a terrorist organisation doesn’t mean that it functions like a terrorist organisation.

“It doesn’t mean if you decapitate it, it will be paralysed. It’s a state institution of the armed forces of Iran. I think he will be difficult to replace but not impossible. The Quds Force has lots of people with similar profiles with a similar degree of experience and expertise who would be able to push forward Iran’s regional policy.

Vaez cautions too: “It’s often the case that the man standing behind steps in, even if he lacks the vision and tactical skills, and risks being more of a hardliner, which will only exacerbate the stresses.”
SuleimaniQassem  Iran  assassination  USA  IRGC  Quds  Iraq  Muhandis  Shia  militia  drones  TrumpDonald  PetraeusDavid  Baghdad  embassy  protest  Syria  Badr  MiddleEast 
6 weeks ago by petej
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