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Apache Solr: Get Started, Get Excited! | Javalobby
When designing an index keep in mind the advice from Mauricio: "The document is what you will search for." For example, if you have tweets and you want to search for similar users, you'll need to setup a user index - created from the tweets. Then every document is a user. If you want to search for tweets, then setup a tweet index; then every document is a tweet. Of course, you can setup both indices with the multi index options of Solr.
Solr  tutorial  search 
august 2014 by petej
Things to remember about Google and the right to be forgotten | Technology |
"Cleverer people than me have framed the background to Google’s behaviour already, but it’s worth stating again that all of the obvious idiocy in the implementation suggests at the least that Google is far from whole-heartedly embracing the ECJ ruling.

The notices so many of us received yesterday and the blanket notice that all name-based searches in the EU are now subject to censorship make it look more like a mischievous attempt to point up the impossibility of policing content on the internet within physical territories, enraging publishers and encouraging them to write about it."
Google  search  EU  regulation  forgetting  dataProtection  journalism  Guardian 
july 2014 by petej
On MetaFilter Being Penalized By Google: An Explainer
Oh FFS. Google are ****s with vast power and zero accountability. Stop trying to play them at a game in which they make up the rules as they go along as if you're playing a game of chess with a friend.
Google  search  SEO  algorithms  ranking 
may 2014 by petej
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