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How to flatten sharpening stones
Over time, sharpening stones wear more in the middle than along the edges. If you continue to sharpen in the dished area of a stone, your tools' cutting edges will have slightly rounded edges. That's why it's critical to remove the high sides.
knife  sharpening 
Why software projects take longer than you think – a statistical model · Erik Bernhardsson
Tasks with the most uncertainty (rather the biggest size) can often dominate the mean time it takes to complete all tasks.
programming  software  statistics 
8 days ago
Photos from Crude Sketches: NVIDIA's GauGAN Explained Visually -
The app builds off the deep learning–based technology of generative adversarial networks (GAN). In a pun inspired by painter Paul Gauguin, NVIDIA has named it GauGAN. Underlying GauGAN’s functionality is a new algorithm called SPADE.
ai  machinelearning  ml  gan 
12 days ago
Using 6 Page and 2 Page Documents To Make Organizational Decisions
A challenge of organizations is the aggregation of local information to a point where a globally optimal decision can be made in a way all stakeholders have seen their feedback heard and so can “disagree and commit on the result. This document describes Amazon's famous “6 pager” and “2 pager” document and review meeting process, as a mechanism to address this challenge.
amazon  business  management 
13 days ago
Best Multi-Tool for Engineering | Squirt ES4® by Leatherman
A compact keychain tool with standard wire strippers, a 420HC knife blade, a wood/metal file and more.
knife  tools 
14 days ago
Leadership Principles
We use our Leadership Principles every day, whether we're discussing ideas for new projects or deciding on the best approach to solving a problem. It is just one of the things that makes Amazon peculiar.
amazon  leadership  management 
14 days ago
Org-Mode Is One of the Most Reasonable Markup Languages to Use for Text
The author argues that org-mode is better than markdown. He has a point.
emacs  org-mode  markdown 
14 days ago
Knorr WWF 50 foods for healthier people and a healthier planet
Most of us might believe it’s our energy or transport choices that cause the most serious environmental damage. In fact,it’s our food system that creates the biggest impact.
cooking  environment  food 
17 days ago
GitHub - Wandmalfarbe/pandoc-latex-template: A pandoc LaTeX template to convert markdown files to PDF or LaTeX.
A clean pandoc LaTeX template to convert markdown to PDF or LaTeX. It is designed for lecture notes and exercises with a focus on computer science.
latex  markdown  template 
18 days ago
Pressure Eats | Pressure cooker Tonkotsu ramen recipe
Cools the broth and then blends in 1/2 an egg yolk to emulsify the extracted solids. This gives it the creamy richness needed.
ramen  pressurecooker 
18 days ago
The 5 Basic Statistics Concepts Data Scientists Need to Know
From a high-level view, statistics is the use of mathematics to perform technical analysis of data. A basic visualisation such as a bar chart might give you some high-level information, but with statistics we get to operate on the data in a much more information-driven and targeted way. The math involved helps us form concrete conclusions about our data rather than just guesstimating.
26 days ago
The Illustrated Word2vec – Jay Alammar – Visualizing machine learning one concept at a time
Visually describes the concept of embedding, and the mechanics of generating embeddings with word2vec.
nlp  machinelearning 
28 days ago
Food Discovery with Uber Eats: Recommending for the Marketplace | Uber Engineering Blog
Recommendations are based on both our modeling of each user’s taste preference through machine learning and our semantic understanding of food types. These recommendations also serve to support the overall health of the Uber Eats marketplace. Through multi-objective optimization, we can help eaters discover a diverse array of restaurants and ensure that our restaurant-partners receive a fair amount of exposure in the app based on eater interest.
uber  machinelearning  ml 
29 days ago
Scaling Machine Learning at Uber with Michelangelo | Uber Engineering Blog
In this article, we reflect on the evolution of ML at Uber from the platform perspective over the last three years.
machinelearning  ml  uber 
4 weeks ago
Why Fastly loves QUIC and HTTP/3
QUIC (that’s not an acronym) is a brand-new internet transport protocol, replacing the most commonly used transport today, TCP. HTTP/3 is designed to take advantage of QUIC’s features. It does not change HTTP semantics (URLs and HTTP header definitions) from HTTP/2. By using QUIC, HTTP/3 should address HTTP/2’s performance issues, while avoiding application changes.
networking  quic  http3 
4 weeks ago
KaTeX – The fastest math typesetting library for the web
Simple API, no dependencies – yet super-fast on all major browsers.
4 weeks ago
5 Accessories to Get More Out of Your Cast-Iron Skillet • Gear Patrol
These five cast-iron skillet accessories aren’t groundbreaking, but they make cooking in a cast-iron skillet better.
5 weeks ago
Having Problems Seasoning a Cast-Iron Skillet? Try This. • Gear Patrol
“In my opinion, when you’re seasoning in the oven you’re just protecting the skillet from rust and the elements,” Morton said, “other than cooking in it over and over again, what we call stovetop seasoning is the better method of seasoning."
5 weeks ago
Which Oil Should You Use to Season a Cast-Iron Skillet? • Gear Patrol
What is the best way to season a cast-iron skillet? We asked four people who know more about cast-iron skillets than your average internet commenter.
5 weeks ago
Vertically Scaling PostgreSQL - pgDash
PostgreSQL can scale rather well vertically. The more resources (CPU, memory, disk) that you can make available to your PostgreSQL server, the better it can perform. However, while some parts of Postgres can automatically make use of the increased resources, other parts need configuration changes before improvements can be noticed.
postgres  optimization 
5 weeks ago
Best practice and tips & tricks to write scientific papers in LaTeX, with figures generated in Python or Matlab.
This repository contains a list of tools, best practices, tips and other guidelines we found useful/important when writing scientific papers. Some are a matter of style (we tend to follow the guidelines of the Chicago Manual of Style), and we are well aware that other people prefer to do things differently, but we list them anyway to have a consistent guide.
latex  python 
5 weeks ago
Contextualizing Airbnb by Building Knowledge Graph – Airbnb Engineering & Data Science – Medium
An introduction to Airbnb’s knowledge graph, which helps us categorize our inventory and deliver useful travel context to our users.
graph  airbnb  datascience  machinelearning 
5 weeks ago
How to version control your production Machine Learning models | Algorithmia Blog
Versioning let’s you keep track of all of your models, how well they’ve done, and what hyperparameters you used to get there.
git  machinelearning  vc 
8 weeks ago
CORALS: who are my potential new customers? Tapping into the wisdom of customers’ decisions | the morning paper
The goal is to find new target customers for local businesses by mining location-based checkins of users, user preferences, and online reviews.
machinelearning  visualization 
8 weeks ago
Gradient Boosting explained [demonstration]
Provides a visualization of gradient boosting algorithms.
machinelearning  visualization 
9 weeks ago
Better Language Models and Their Implications
We’ve trained a large-scale unsupervised language model which generates coherent paragraphs of text, achieves state-of-the-art performance on many language modeling benchmarks, and performs rudimentary reading comprehension, machine translation, question answering, and summarization — all without task-specific training.
ai  nlp  machinelearning 
9 weeks ago
Nginx Quick Reference: This notes describes how to improve Nginx performance, security and other important things.
Quick reference guide focusing more on security than performance. Not all recommendations are good (e.g. turning off gzip or casually enabling HSTS). Use caution.
nginx  tips  security 
10 weeks ago
Hacker Tools · hacker tools
MIT Hacker Tools - a 6 part lecture series on hacker tools from MIT. Topics include: shell & scription; cli; data wrangling; editors; version control; dot files; automation; program introspection; OS customization; remote machines; web & browsers; security and privacy.
cli  hacking  tools  programming 
11 weeks ago
An Interactive Introduction to Fourier Transforms
A graphical & interactive approach to learning Fourier Transforms.
fourier  algorithm  math  education 
11 weeks ago - How to teach programming to your loved ones
Teaching beginners how to program is often hard. Showing them how to copy-paste a few example programs and change a few parameters is easy, but bridging from there to building substantial programs is a different game entirely. This talk is about how to teach programming successfully, through comprehensible design recipes, which anyone can follow, using languages and tools designed for beginners.
education  programming  coding  teaching 
11 weeks ago
The Man in Seat Sixty-One - the train travel guide...
Great train travel site. Useful to help determine how to travel from point a to point b using rail. Very up to date.
train  travel  expedia 
january 2019
How computers got shockingly good at recognizing images | Ars Technica
A good high level paper explaining image applications of CNN's.
ml  ai  cnn 
january 2019
Command-Line Options
The -a to -z of unix command line options. Over time, frequently-used options in well-known Unix programs have established a loose sort of semantic standard for what various flags might be expected to mean. The following is a list of options and meanings that should prove usefully unsurprising to an experienced Unix user.
cli  unix  history  linux 
december 2018
Rest-Assured with Cucumber: Using BDD for Web Services Automation – Angie Jones
The Rest-Assured java testing framework can be used as a standalone automation solution without Cucumber, but it also uses the Gherkin-style Given-When-Then structure so it lends itself quite nicely to being coupled with Cucumber.
cucumber  bdd  rest  java  testing 
november 2018
Performance Under Load – Netflix Technology Blog – Medium
Adaptive concurrency limits fundamentally improve how an application behaves under extreme load, and allow us to avoid cascading service failures. We have eliminated the arduous task of trying to determine the concurrency limit of a system, while ensuring that latencies remain low. With this announcement, we’re also open-sourcing a simple Java library with integrations for servlets, executors and GRPC.
concurrency  networking  performance  netflix 
november 2018
What I Talk About When I Talk About Platforms
Good discussion on Martin Fowler's blog about what is a "platform".
architecture  platform 
november 2018
Protobuffers Are Wrong :: Reasonably Polymorphic
Protobuffers are clearly written by amateurs, unbelievably ad-hoc, mired in gotchas, tricky to compile, and solve a problem that nobody but Google really has. The bad design of protobuffers is so persuasive that these problems manage to leak their way into your code as well.
protobuf  google  rant  design 
october 2018
Project Python
Project Python is a free interactive book that will teach you to code in Python, using graphics, animations, and games. You’ll also learn ways to solve classical computer science problems, principles of software design, and how to analyze algorithm performance. No prior experience required; you’ll write code to draw a smiley face by the end of the first chapter.
python  book  education  learning 
september 2018
Free sound samples - OLPC
The Berklee College of Music Sampling Archive
music  audio 
august 2018
Composing Programs: SCIP's Cousin in Python
In the tradition of SICP, this text focuses on methods for abstraction, programming paradigms, and techniques for managing the complexity of large programs. These concepts are illustrated primarily using the Python 3 programming language.
python  sicp  programming 
july 2018
The Free Stack - Running your application for free on AWS
This post outlines an AWS based architecture which can run for free during the first 12 months and then for a few dollars per month while building traction.
aws  amazon  s3  api  dynamodb  Lambda 
july 2018
BPG Image format
BPG (Better Portable Graphics) is a new image format. Its purpose is to replace the JPEG image format when quality or file size is an issue.
image  optimization  jpeg  compression 
july 2018
REST was NEVER about CRUD - Tyk API Gateway and API Management
A popular myth is that REST-based APIs must be CRUD-based – that couldn’t be further from the truth. It is simply one pattern in our API design toolbox.

This article outlines a variety of additional patterns available for REST-based APIs. The intent isn’t to be fully exhaustive, but to open the options for API designers uncertain about how to apply designs beyond CRUD to REST-based APIs.
rest  design 
july 2018
El Fuego Viviente Chili Sauce (fermented chili sauce recipe on github)
Inspired by Marie Sharp's, I decided to make my own version based on fermented chilis, carrot and parsnip. It turned out really well and I am putting the recipe online to make it easy to share and improve on.
chili  recipe  sauce  fermentation 
july 2018
Learn how to design large-scale systems. Prep for the system design interview. Includes Anki flashcards.
Good overview of different design patterns for large scale system design. It is intended for job interview questions, but is generally useful. Examples include system design for pastebin, twitter timeline,, design structures for a social network, amazon's sales ranking, etc.
architecture  programming  design 
july 2018
10 hours of extremely relaxing ocean scenes
From BBC Earth, the team behind Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II, a 10-hour video of soothing oceanscapes: whales swimming, jellyfish pulsing, fish swarming, sharks circling, and rays swooping.

This is super chill, but if I were an EDM DJ, I’d put this up on the screen behind me during my shows and just go nuts with the music.
video  fish 
june 2018
5 Practical Ways to Engage a Geographically Distributed Workforce
Below are the five steps that we believe companies must take to ensure that their teams can thrive and have a sense of belonging despite being geographically distributed.
june 2018
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