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November/December 2017 - RSCC Exec Doubts Success of New Constellations | Via Satellite Oct 2017
[RSCC Director General Yuri] Prokhorov is concerned that the industry is dashing headlong into an unknown market where the Return on Investment (ROI) could be far from guaranteed. “When I talk personally to these executives who are developing these new systems and I ask questions related to frequency coordination, and ask about the customer equipment and business plans, I do not receive clear answers to some simple questions. But these are critical questions. So now I start to doubt the profitability and viability of these systems. Are they commercially viable or not? For us it seems like the LEO system cannot provide an ROI in the short term,” he comments.


Given these comments and talk of “unhealthy hype” around these new constellations, I ask Prokhorov directly whether he thinks a company like OneWeb will succeed. “We still don’t know where the market is, and that is the main issue,” he says. “I might say there are many executives of satellite operators which have a lot of capacity in GEO, and they can provide services right now, and much cheaper than LEO or MEO constellations. OneWeb may be relevant in two years, but it isn’t now?”
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