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5G - Real Satcom Opportunity or Trojan Horse? - NSR May 2019
"Can satellites participate in the 5G ecosystem? Are there tangible market opportunities for satcom in 5G, or is it just a continuation of an endless fight for spectrum?"

"5G can certainly become the next driver of growth for satcom and, according to NSR’s Wireless Backhaul and 5G via Satellite, 13th Edition report, 1 out of every 3 new $ in capacity revenues for Backhaul in the next 10 years will be directly attributed to 5G."

"All in all, satellite can meet 5G requirements. In fact, 5G won’t realize its full potential without satellite as it will be a key enabling technology in use cases like mobility or ubiquitous connectivity. The true benefit of 5G for satellite is that it opens the opportunity to seamlessly integrate with ground networks."

"C-Band reassignment is a double-edged sword. While the windfall can be very generous (if governments really let it happen), there is certain contagion risk and, more importantly, it can add further instabilities to a market with enormous pressure already."
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