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AGI establishes commercial deep space radar tracking system -
"AGI and Thoth Technology said they have set up a radar system on a 46-meter antenna at the Algonquin Radio Observatory in Ontario. The system is capable of tracking objects out to distances of 50,000 kilometers, and can detect objects about two meters across on GEO."

“We want to get down to 20 centimeters or less.”

"Johnson said that combining the radar observations with existing optical observations of GEO belt objects improves the accuracy of positions of those objects to 150 meters, compared to 250 meters using optical observations alone"
SpaceNews  AGI  SSA  space  radar  GEO  orbital-debris 
may 2018 by pierredv
ArianeGroup stands up GEOTracker service to watch geostationary arc -
"France’s Joint Space Command on Dec. 14 became ArianeGroup’s first customer for GEOTracker, a network of ground-based telescopes monitoring the geostationary arc some 36,000 kilometers above the Earth, the orbit where most large satellites reside."

"Commercial space situational awareness (SSA) companies, notably Analytical Graphics (AGI) and ExoAnalytic Solutions, have gained market traction providing satellite operators with information about the space environment, including issue warnings when objects in space are on a possible collision course."

"Another commercial SSA company, LeoLabs, is using ground-based radars to track satellites and debris exclusively in low Earth orbit. Lockheed Martin, meanwhile, is building the Space Fence radar system for the Air Force capable of monitoring GEO and low Earth orbit, with full service slated to start in 2019."
SpaceNews  Ariane  SSA  SpaceSituationalAwareness  France  AGI  satellite 
january 2018 by pierredv
New AGI Business to Focus on UAS Traffic Management for BVLOS - Unmanned Aerial Online, Jul 2016
"Analytical Graphics Inc. (AGI) – a developer of commercial modeling and analysis software for land, sea, air and space systems – has established a new business unit, SKYVUE LLC, which will deliver unmanned aircraft system (UAS) traffic management (UTM) software services for operations taking place beyond the visual line of sight (BVLOS). . . . The business will use AGI’s commercial situational awareness technology to provide air navigation services such as airspace management, real-time flight monitoring and deconfliction."
UAS  UTM  AGI  drones  traffic-management 
september 2017 by pierredv

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