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Adam Phillips · The Magical Act of a Desperate Person: Tantrums · LRB 7 March 2013
"No one recovers from the sadomasochism of their childhood. We may not want to think of the relations between parents and children as power relations: indeed it may sound like a perversion of parenting to do so. And we don’t want to think of parents and children being in any way sexually gratified by their status in relation to each other. But, to put it as cutely as possible, feeling big always depends on someone else being made to feel small."
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january 2016 by pierredv
Adam Phillips · Against Self-Criticism · LRB 5 March 2015
"Lacan said that there was surely something ironic about Christ’s injunction to love thy neighbour as thyself – because actually, of course, people hate themselves. Or you could say that, given the way people treat one another, perhaps they had always loved their neighbours in the way they loved themselves: that is, with a good deal of cruelty and disregard."
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february 2015 by pierredv

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