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Therapy wars: the revenge of Freud | Oliver Burkeman | Science | The Guardian
Via John Helm "CBT doesn’t exactly claim that happiness is easy, but it does imply that it’s relatively simple: your distress is caused by your irrational beliefs, and it’s within your power to seize hold of those beliefs and change them. Psychoanalysts contend that things are much more complicated. For one thing, psychological pain needs first not to be eliminated, but understood." "... a basic assumption of CBT – that, with training, we can learn to catch most of our unhelpful mental responses in the act." "Yet even this conclusion – that we simply don’t know which therapies work best – might be seen as a point in favour of Freud and his successors. Psychoanalysis, after all, embodies just this awed humility about how little we can ever grasp about the workings of our minds."
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