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It’s True: Cape Town’s Water Supply Is Three Months Away from a Shutdown by Bob Henson | Category 6 | Weather Underground
"The smaller reservoirs serving the Western Cape Water Supply System rely mainly on winter rains, and they’ve taken a huge hit from the past three years of drought. Complicating the situation further, about half of the system’s water is allocated to agriculture. As in the United States and elsewhere, it can be a political challenge to shift the rural/urban water balance, especially in the midst of a drought crisis."

"And apart from the typical year-to-year ups and downs in rainfall, there’s an ominous trend: a gradual decline in rainfall in the Cape Town area over the last 60 year"

"If Day Zero does arrive, Cape Town residents could face an exhausting set of challenges, even in just getting enough water to stay hydrated and bathed."
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