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First independent 5G results: Hundreds of megabits, not gigabits - Sep 2018
"Pal Zarandy, an always interesting analyst, tested Elisa's "world's first" 5G network from inside his office and outside with line of sight. The results were as expected: 5G at 3.5 GHz and Massive MIMO performs about the same as a good 4G network."

"This is the dirty secret of "5G." Almost all the claimed new uses can be met with 4G. Anyone who doesn't know that should ask an engineer."
Dave-Burstein  5G  3.5GHz  4G 
september 2018 by pierredv
4 To 3 Wireless Mergers Doubled Relative Prices: Rewheel - Apr 2018
"Pal Zarandy at Rewheel offers four years of data comparing 8 European companies. I believe at least 10-15% relative increase is highly likely.

His conclusion: Gigabyte prices in 4 to 3 consolidated German and Austrian markets have fallen considerably behind the Netherlands and other 4-MNO European markets. "

"But on the difference between 3 & 4 networks, there simply isn't enough available data to "prove" anything to a statistician."
Dave-Burstein  cellular  competition  economics 
may 2018 by pierredv
Naked Emperors At MWC Barcelona - Dave Burstein Feb 2018
"[Timotheus Höttges of Deutsche Telekom], the first MWC Emperor without Clothes, wants $10’s of billions in subsidies and other favors. To get them, he wildly exaggerates the cost of building 5G."

"But must the [Indian] government subsidize a $9B man [Sunil Mittal of Bharti] because his costs go up by 3% of the $25B market cap. Bharti is convincing analysts and reporters rich companies should be subsidized even if they don’t invest more."

"[Gavin] Patterson of BT has said it’s financially impossible to bring fiber to most English homes. I don't believe BT engineers are any less competent than those at Telefonica and Orange, which have already fibered most of France and Spain."

"Pai of the U.S. (and Democrat Rosenworcel) think mmWave 5G will offer 1 ms latency while Verizon and AT&T are building for 5 ms to 10 ms. I don’t believe any telco in the world has announced 1 ms. networks."

"[Steven] Mollenkopf was busy trying to get a higher price for Qualcomm’s soul. He claims 5G will add $11 trillion to the economy in 2035, but almost everything attributed to 5G in his IHS “study” can be achieved with 4G, including by Qualcomm's excellent new 4G chip. ... Qualcomm engineers are the best but his lobbyists are as trustworthy as Bill Clinton discussing Monica Lewinsky."

"[Andrus] Ansip and [Roberto] Viola of the EU are smart, hard-working and I believe honorable. They are either blinded by ideology or just don't understand telecom. ... They are badly mistaken that 5G requires 25-year spectrum licenses at a "bare minimum." Not one of the telco CEOs who make that claim has said they will build more."

"I'm sure there were dozens more than the six I noticed."
Dave-Burstein  5G  critique 
february 2018 by pierredv
Cuts at Google Fiber: No one switching, wireless and cable going to a gig -- Aug 2016
overbuild is hard
"Google's gigabit isn't worth switching for. Reported result: Cost per new customer blows out the economics. Fiber needs to win ?30% to 50% of the market. That's hard if the existing carriers aren't so bad."
Dave-Burstein  Google  fiber  overbuild  broadband 
september 2016 by pierredv
Cisco: Historic fall in Internet growth to (as low as) 15%
The 2016 growth in U.S. & Canada mobile data looks to be 49%; the 2020 prediction is 38%. The VNI sees a major slowdown in both fixed and wireless growth around the world. Cisco estimates 2016 worldwide mobile growth to be 68%. They expect that to fall to 41% in 2020 when most people will have smartphones.
Dave-Burstein  Cisco  VNI  trends  data 
july 2016 by pierredv
Going Live: Free Gigabit Wi-Fi to Millions of New Yorkers
" 7,500 free Gigabit Wi-Fi kiosks here in New York. They are thin, fast, and attractive. Capacity is now 10x what it was a few years ago."
Dave-Burstein  Wi-Fi  Muni-Wi-Fi  NYC 
july 2016 by pierredv
Cisco Confirms Slower Mobile Traffic Growth
"Growth in the U.S. is down to 50%/year and predicted to fall below 40%."
" Speeds are increasing rapidly, probably doubling by 2020. Everyone except lobbyists and the uninformed now realizes the "spectrum crisis" was hype in the U.S., most of Europe and in Australia. Speeds couldn't go up rapidly if spectrum were seriously short."
Dave-Burstein  5GWirelessNews  Cisco  growth  VNI  spectrum-crunch 
may 2016 by pierredv

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