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[1311.5253] An Introduction to QBism with an Application to the Locality of Quantum Mechanics
also via Christopher A. Fuchs, N. David Mermin, Ruediger Schack (Submitted on 20 Nov 2013) "We give an introduction to the QBist interpretation of quantum mechanics. We note that it removes the paradoxes, conundra, and pseudo-problems that have plagued quantum foundations for the past nine decades. As an example, we show in detail how it eliminates quantum "nonlocality"."
quantum-mechanics  David  Mermin  QBism  arXiv 
july 2014 by pierredv
Washington's Sleeping Sickness - Foreign Policy May 2014
Dispiriting assessment of US inability to address existential challenges - not least because the only remedy proposed is "courage". The problem is not partisanship, but inertia. Two causes: "money is speech", and "superpower smugness". Re Brimley & Scharre's proposal to reboot the US military: "Yet the one thing that we know about this idea is that it's never going to happen. That is because it would require the kind of far-reaching change that the government is terrible at achieving. It would involve confronting moneyed, entrenched interests in the private sector as well as the Pentagon, which kills ideas that threaten its core programs more efficiently than it does any foreign enemy." "In Washington, however, strength lies with the opponents rather than the proponents of change." "Washington's debilitating strain of sleeping sickness [regarding the military] affects other parts of the government too. Indeed, the political system hates action more than nature abhors a vacuum. "
Foreign  Policy  David  Rothkopf  comment  opinion  US  government  Congress 
june 2014 by pierredv
Physics: QBism puts the scientist back into science : Nature News & Comment
A participatory view of science resolves quantum paradoxes and finds room in classical physics for 'the Now', says N. David Mermin.
quantum-mechanics  David  Mermin  Bayesian  QBism  NatureJournal 
april 2014 by pierredv

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