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Never before have I seen blind anger like this on the streets of Paris | John Lichfield | Opinion | The Guardian Dec 2018
"Even if a programme of negotiations emerges, it is unlikely to be accepted by the blindly angry people I saw on the streets of Paris last Saturday. Will Paris burn again? Quite probably."
TheGuardian  politics  Europe  France 
december 2018 by pierredv
France to trial blockchain for spectrum management | PolicyTracker: the spectrum management newsletter
"In what may be the first use of blockchain for spectrum management, the Agence National des Fréquences (ANFR) and start-up Blockchain Partner are preparing a limited trial of the technology using frequencies at 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz and in other bands."

"The technology will help manage frequencies among different parties without the need for a trusted third party such as a spectrum administrator, Maigron added. The system can be viewed as an agreement among users to work with the blockchain to ensure quality of service without the need for any spectrum management."

"It will use a private version of the Ethereum blockchain app platform and will deploy in only two or three nodes at first."
PolicyTracker  blockchain  France  ANFR  PMSE  Ethereum 
may 2018 by pierredv
Coverage, not revenue, is increasingly the goal of spectrum assignments | PolicyTracker Feb 2018
"After 20 years and three or four generations of mobile technology, governments and regulators are starting to recognise that there is a contradiction between extracting large amounts of money from mobile operators for spectrum licences and then demanding costly network deployments to cover 100 per cent of a country. That’s according to Gérard Pogorel, Emeritus Professor of Economics at top French graduate engineering school Télécom ParisTech."

"It took the French government six months to arrive at a comprehensive contract with operators to renew 4G licences without new auctions but with strong commitments from them to deploy new networks quickly, Pogorel said. . . . By contrast, the Japanese government, which has never held a spectrum auction, is planning one for March, said Pogorel. "
PolicyTracker  Gerard-Pogorel  cellular  spectrum-auctions  ARCEP  France  BNA  Germany  Japan  Mischa-Dohler 
february 2018 by pierredv
ArianeGroup stands up GEOTracker service to watch geostationary arc -
"France’s Joint Space Command on Dec. 14 became ArianeGroup’s first customer for GEOTracker, a network of ground-based telescopes monitoring the geostationary arc some 36,000 kilometers above the Earth, the orbit where most large satellites reside."

"Commercial space situational awareness (SSA) companies, notably Analytical Graphics (AGI) and ExoAnalytic Solutions, have gained market traction providing satellite operators with information about the space environment, including issue warnings when objects in space are on a possible collision course."

"Another commercial SSA company, LeoLabs, is using ground-based radars to track satellites and debris exclusively in low Earth orbit. Lockheed Martin, meanwhile, is building the Space Fence radar system for the Air Force capable of monitoring GEO and low Earth orbit, with full service slated to start in 2019."
SpaceNews  Ariane  SSA  SpaceSituationalAwareness  France  AGI  satellite 
january 2018 by pierredv
More LTE-DTT interference reported in France than UK - PolicyTracker Jan 2015
"Ben Roome, the chief executive of At800, explains why the UK’s 800 MHz interference problem is less significant than expected and how the majority of interference cases the organisation deals with have nothing to do with LTE." "Of the 2.3 million households that could be affected by LTE, only forty per cent of them (900,000) relied on DTT for TV. In 2013, the figure for the households that could be affected was revised down from 900,000 to 90,000." "In the first 18 months of operating there were 200,000 phone calls and 12,000 home visits to deal with complaints of interference. In three quarters of these cases, a separate cause – usually badly installed equipment – is found to be the main cause of poor reception." "On a per base station basis, there are 10 times fewer cases of interference in the UK than in France. France’s spectrum agency ANFR sees 10-12 cases per mast, while At800 sees a cumulative average of 0.9 cases per mast."
PolicyTracker  LTE  DTT  DTV  At800  interference  UK  France  800MHz 
january 2015 by pierredv
Is Skype a Telephone Operator? France to Investigate -
"French regulators said Tuesday that they had asked prosecutors to investigate Microsoft’s Skype unit over its failure to register as a telecommunications operator in accordance with local law, raising the question of what constitutes a telephone company in the age of Internet-based communications."
telephony  France  telecoms  Skype  regulation  Microsoft 
march 2013 by pierredv
In a France suspicious of religion, evangelicalism's message strikes a chord -
In fact, French scholars say, evangelicalism is likely the fastest-growing religion in France – defying all stereotypes about Europe’s most secular nation.
culture  evangelicalism  CSMonitor  france  religion 
august 2012 by pierredv
IMF chief Lagarde: Woman of the year in 2012? - Monitor editorial
"Her strong suit is in bringing the players together, nudging them to act, and then letting them take the lead and the credit. “I want to be desperately optimistic,” she told CBS. “And I want to believe that countries will understand that they can actually change the course of things.”"
people  profile  France  finance  CSMonitor  opinion  credit  quotations 
march 2012 by pierredv
Tech Firm Implements Employee ‘Zero Email’ Policy - Yahoo! News Nov 2011
"Employees of tech company Atos will be banned from sending [internal] emails under the company’s new “zero email” policy." To use IM and a FB-like interface instead
email  communications  france 
december 2011 by pierredv
BikeSnobNYC's Tour de France: Stage 3 | Bicycling Magazine
via David Longdon
"... the only thing more alien to Americans than bicycles and France is the concept of universal health care"
"Really, if you think about it, the Tour embodies what America is all about. Consider the following:
"It’s Totally Corporate ...
"It’s Extremely Un-Green ...
"It’s Full of Americans ..."
bicycles  cycling  France  USA  America  humor  quotations 
july 2011 by pierredv
Books of the Times - ‘Parisians - An Adventure History of Paris,’ by Graham Robb -
British historian Graham Robb’s admiring “Parisians: An Adventure History of Paris.”
Sounds like a wonderful writer
books  France  paris  **  writing 
april 2010 by pierredv
In Age of Globalism, Pardon My French -
"Which raises the question: So what does French culture signify these days when there are some 200 million French speakers in the world but only 65 million are actually French? " Quote: “The end of French political power has brought the end of French,” Mr. Zemmour said. “Now even the French elite have given up. They don’t care anymore. They all speak English. And the working class, I’m not talking just about immigrants, they don’t care about preserving the integrity of the language either.”
France  language  french  NYTimes 
april 2010 by pierredv
French beach toxic enough to kill a horse | Seattle Times Newspaper
"There had been signs of a crisis for years in this idyllic corner of Brittany. But scaring away tourists was in no one's interest, including the farming industry — the region's economic backbone — whose nitrate-packed fertilizers power algae blooms."
ecosystems  complexity  politics  France  EU 
august 2009 by pierredv

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