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AI for Weather Forecasting – In Retail, Agriculture, Disaster Prediction, and More
"This article will look at how big data and machine learning are transforming weather forecasting and what it means for businesses and governments. In this article we’ll explore:

How companies and government agencies are using AI to improve weather forecasting (including IBM, Panasonic, and the US Government)
Sector-specific machine learning applications for improving business performance (including Retail, Agriculture, Transportation)

Weather forecasting is a strong fit for machine learning. The incredible volume of relevant information — historical data and real-time data — that can be analyzed is simply too great for any group of unaided humans to even begin to process on their own. "

"GE Current has installed smart street lights in several cities that can monitor things like light, humidity, and air quality."

"Panasonic has been working on its own weather forecasting model for years, and it stepped up its effort with the purchase of AirDat in 2013. The company makes TAMDAR, a speciality weather sensor installed on commercial airplanes. "

"According to IBM, 90 percent of crop losses are due to weather events and 25 percent of weather-related crop losses could be prevented by using predictive weather modeling."
TechEmergence  AI  ML  weather  forecasting  IBM  Panasonic  satellite  GE  IoT  NOAA  Monsanto  agriculturevideo 
november 2018 by pierredv
GE backs localized area licensing at 3550–3700 MHz in US for industrial IoT | PolicyTracker: the spectrum management newsletter
"There are over 74,000 census tracts in the US and its territories. This would make nationwide spectrum access more complex than by PEA, of which there are 416. The added complexity had irked some mobile operators."

"GE says that entities wishing to provide geographically-targeted deployments would not be able to compete against mobile operators for PEA-based PALs"

"General Electric (GE) has the spectrum in mind for broadband-intensive (such as video) remote monitoring and the inspection of industrial equipment by drones, crawlers or submersibles. It would prefer to provide its own networks for these applications, rather than rely on wireless carrier services."
PolicyTracker  3.5GHz  GE 
january 2018 by pierredv
Verizon 700 MHz LTE cell site is latest victim of interference from fluorescent lights - FierceWirelessTech
"High-frequency radio emissions from fluorescent lights installed in a Los Angeles office building are allegedly interfering with a Verizon Wireless (NYSE:VZ) cell site, prompting the FCC to referee the dispute between Verizon and the building owner. In a citation and order released on Feb. 7, the FCC cited Brookfield Office Properties for operating industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) equipment that causes harmful interference at the Ernst & Young Plaza building, an L.A. high rise." According to Christopher Augustine, spokesman for GE Lighting: "Once we determined the cause of the interference, we immediately decided to recall all unsold, uninstalled ballasts to correct this potential issue. For those already sold and installed, GE provided steps to identify the affected ballasts by product and date code, and we provided instructions on how to exchange the units at no cost to the customer."
interference  LTE  Verizon  fluorescents  GE  Lighting 
february 2014 by pierredv

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