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DoD PNT Task Force Charter: ‘Best investments may be non-GPS’ - GPS World : GPS World, Dana Goward, Jan 2020
Augmenting GPS with other systems was suggested as the most promising area of improvement in a recently released memo establishing a Defense Science Board task force on positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT).
GPS  PNT  GPSWorld  Dana-Goward  DoD 
5 weeks ago by pierredv
US Department of Defense PNT strategy: 'GPS is not enough' - GPS World : GPS World Oct 2019
= GPS might be interfered with globally
= Multiple, diverse PNT sources, modular open system needed for receivers
= Civil use hampering military efforts to leverage GPS for military advantage
= DoD PNT efforts to be increasingly classified, not shared with civil users
GPS  GPSWorld  DoD  PNT 
october 2019 by pierredv
NASA report: Passenger aircraft nearly crashes due GPS disruption - GPS World | RNTF - Aug 2019
A report filed with NASA’s Aviation Safety Reporting System and published in June outlines how a passenger aircraft flew off course during a period of GPS jamming and nearly crashed into a mountain. Fortunately, an alert radar controller intervened, and the accident was averted.
GPS  RNTF  GPSWorld  jamming  cyber-spectrum  spectrum-vulnerability 
august 2019 by pierredv
Highway gantries identify jammers - GPS World : GPS World Apr 2019
Via Dale Hatfield

"An ION GNSS+ 2018 presentation by Wim de Wilde and Jean-Marie Sleewaegen presentation showed how a multi-antenna GNSS receiver with built-in RF spectrum monitor and adequate processing tool can efficiently detect and classify jamming events and identify the offending car or truck. They conducted a five-day test with two Septentrio AsteRx-U dual-antenna receivers installed on an overhead structure above a busy highway."

"Over the five days of the experiment, 45 jamming events were recorded and analyzed, most of them intentional: continuous wave, chirp or even less-known pulse jammers."
GNSS  GPS  jamming  GPSWorld 
april 2019 by pierredv
Army pseudolites: What, why and how? : GPS World
Via Galen Pospisil

"Take some GPS satellites, and put them on or near the ground. Now you have a navigation system where you have full control over the locations and power of the transmissions. You can ensure that the transmissions reach places that GPS normally struggles with, such as deep urban canyons, forests and valleys. . . Now the U.S. Army is pursuing the use of pseudolites as part of its initiative to maintain operation in GPS-denied environments."
GPSWorld  pseudolites  GNSS 
august 2017 by pierredv
Double trouble: GNSS over-reliance and its costs : GPS World, June 2017
This month’s column deals with two troublesome topics: the U.S. government’s over-reliance on GPS, and the potential costs of GPS disruption toward which such a policy may be leading us.
GPSWorld  GPS  GNSS  risk-assessment  resilience 
july 2017 by pierredv
Bill seeks to crack down on warrantless government tracking : GPS World - Mar 2017
"As government agencies expand their use of cell-site simulators or “stingrays” and other digital tracking technology, Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, and Rep. John Conyers, Jr., D-Mich., introduced the Geolocation Privacy and Surveillance Act (known as the GPS act) to create clear rules for when agencies can access and track an individual’s geolocation information."

"Wyden and Chaffitiz have now introduced versions of the GPS Act four times since 2011. Though hearings have been held, the Act has yet to make it out of committee for a vote."
GPS  GPSWorld  surveillance 
march 2017 by pierredv
Innovation: GNSS Spoofing Detection : GPS World
"From the outset, the GPS P code, intended for use by military and other so-called authorized users, was designed to be encrypted to prevent straightforward spoofing. The anti-spoofing is implemented using a secret “W” encryption code, resulting in the P(Y) code. The C/A code and the newer L2C and L5 codes do not have such protection; nor, for the most part, do the civil codes of other GNSS. But, it turns out, even the P(Y) code is not fully protected from sophisticated meaconing attacks."

(meacon = m(islead)+(b)eacon)

"The radionavigation community has known about the dangers of GNSS spoofing for a long time, as highlighted in the 2001 Volpe Report (see Further Reading). "

"it is expected that this system will be able to detect spoofing using antenna motions as small as 4.8 centimeters, that is, a quarter wavelength of the GPS L1 signal."

Via Dale hatfield
GPSWorld  GPS  spoofing 
january 2017 by pierredv
US Naval Observatory chooses NovAtel GPS anti-jam technology : GPS World
The United States Naval Observatory (USNO) has selected NovAtel’s GPS Anti-Jam Technology (GAJT) to satisfy a requirement for a controlled reception pattern antenna capability at sites throughout the Department of Defense Information Network (DoDIN).
GPSWorld  GPS  jamming 
october 2016 by pierredv
Drone Hack: Spoofing Attack Demonstration on a Civilian Unmanned Aerial Vehicle : GPS World Aug 2012
By Daniel Shepard, Jahshan A. Bhatti, and Todd E. Humphreys

"A radio signal sent from a half-mile away deceived the GPS receiver of a UAV into thinking that it was rising straight up. In this way, the UAV’s dependence on civil GPS allowed the spoofer operator to force the UAV vertically downward in dramatic fashion as part of multiple capture demonstrations."
"The spoofer is implemented on a portable software-defined radio platform with a digital signal processor (DSP) at its core"
"These tests have demonstrated that civilian UAVs will be vulnerable to control by malefactors with a civil GPS spoofer looking to hijack or crash these UAVs unless their vulnerability to GPS spoofing is addressed. "
"Constructing from scratch a sophisticated GPS spoofer like the one developed by UT is not easy, nor is it within the capability of the average anonymous hacker."
GPSWorld  GPS  drones  spoofing  SDR 
september 2016 by pierredv
How worried are you hackers will discover our locations? : GPS World June 2016
"Hackers using common software-defined radio tools have discovered a cheap way to make a GPS emulator to falsify the GPS location of smartphones and in-car navigation systems."
"As for a hacker corrupting a location, this is a serious problem that needs addressing if connected cars are ever to trust one another’s data."
GPS  GPSWorld  location  spoofing 
july 2016 by pierredv
World dodges GPS bullet : GPS World - Feb 2016
“On 26 January at 12:49 a.m. MST, the 2nd Space Operations Squadron at the 50th Space Wing, Schriever Air Force Base, Colo., verified users were experiencing GPS timing issues. Further investigation revealed an issue in the Global Positioning System ground software which only affected the time on legacy L-band signals. This change occurred when the oldest vehicle, SVN 23, was removed from the constellation."
Ends with plea for eLoran as backup.
GPS  eLoran  GPSWorld 
march 2016 by pierredv
Anti-drone system for airports passes tests : GPS World Feb 2016
"Each month, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) receives more than 100 reports from pilots and others who spot what appears to be an unmanned aircraft (UAS) flying close to an airport or a manned airplane. It’s become a serious safety concern for the agency, and a potential security issue for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). In addition to the FAA’s ongoing outreach and education efforts, an additional step toward a solution is to detect and identify these “rogue drones” and their operators. Recently, the FAA partnered with DHS and CACI International to explore how the company’s prototype detection technology may help detect UAS in the vicinity of airports."
GPSWorld  drones  aviation  airports  FAA  DHS 
february 2016 by pierredv
Jammer Hunting with a UAV - GPS World Feb 2016
"A fully autonomous, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)-based system for locating GPS jammers, currently under development, seeks to localize a jammer to within 30 meters in less than 15 minutes in an area comparable to that of an airport. Ultimately, the design team targets the ability to locate multiple, simultaneous jammers, and navigate in intermittent GPS and GPS-denied environments using a combination of GPS and alternate navigation aids. The system should be inexpensive and built from commercially available or open-source parts and software"
GPSWorld  jamming  UAV  drones 
february 2016 by pierredv
US Coast Guard issues GPS jamming alert : GPS World
"The Coast Guard states that this past summer, multiple outbound vessels from a non-U.S. port suddenly lost GPS signal reception. The net effect was various alarms and a loss of GPS input to the ship’s surface search radar, gyro units and ECDIS, resulting in no GPS data for position fixing, radar over ground speed inputs, gyro speed input and loss of collision avoidance capabilities on the radar display."
GPS  jamming  GPSWorld  CoastGuard  navigation  shipping 
january 2016 by pierredv
Innovation: Enhanced Loran : GPS World Nov 2015
Detailed survey by a vendor of eLoran equipment, UrsaNav I was intrigued by the parameters used in the perf requirements (Table 1): accuracy, availability, integrity, continuity. It’s a neat measure of baseline performance one could use in risk analysis, e.g. for GPS. I was struck by the “0.999 to 0.9999” availability requirement for aviation. Four nines is an outage of an hour a year, which seems quite a lot.
GPS  GNSS  GPSWorld  navigation  eLoran  performance-requirements  baseline 
december 2015 by pierredv
Opening Up Indoors: Japan’s Indoor Messaging System, IMES : GPS World 2011
"An indoor messaging system (IMES) has been developed to meet the challenges of indoor and deep indoor positioning, as a system that can be implemented in any device that has a GPS/GNSS receiver without hardware modification. IMES can provide reliable 3D position data with a single transmitter device without performing range calculation."
GPSWorld  GPS  indoor  positioning  location  IMES 
december 2014 by pierredv
FCC to Fine Chinese Jammer Retailer $34.9M for Online U.S. Sales : GPS World
"The Federal Communications Commission plans to issue the largest fine in its history against C.T.S. Technology Co., Limited, a Chinese electronics manufacturer and online retailer, for allegedly marketing 285 models of signal jamming devices to U.S. consumers for more than two years. The FCC applied the maximum fine allowed to each jammer model allegedly marketed by C.T.S., resulting in a planned fine of $34,912,500."
GPSWorld  FCC  jamming  GPS  enforcement 
july 2014 by pierredv
Expert Advice: The Low Cost of Protecting America : GPS World
"The U.S. National Space-Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) Advisory Board published a seminal white paper in 2010 on the topic, strongly recommending the establishment of an eLoran system." "A well-configured eLoran system can provide navigation accuracy to within 8 to 10 meters and timing accuracy to within 30 nanoseconds. This meets the needs of an estimated 95 percent of users in the United States." "There are also signs that the U.S. intelligence, cyber, and defense communities are becoming more and more concerned. North Korea’s repeated jamming of satellite navigation and timing signals has delivered a particularly powerful lesson. South Korea has reacted by committing to establishment of a robust eLoran system. The UK has established an eLoran system and is expanding it. Russia and China have retained their versions "
GPS  GPSWorld  eLoran  navigation  public  private  partnership  jamming  aviation  spoofing  NPEC  DHS  DoD  South  Korea 
february 2014 by pierredv
Indoor Location Highlighted at Famous Vehicle Research Center | GPS World July 2013
Via Jim Litton "The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) has contracted Locata to provide local, ground-based precision positioning signals for vehicle testing in a new $30-million expansion at the famous Vehicle Research Center, focused on vehicle automation testing. A novel indoor section of the expansion will allow replication of parking garages and urban canyons — where GPS will be largely masked — and will enable evaluation of technologies such as forward collision-avoidance systems in adverse conditions." "LocataNet, which will provide the VRC with high-precision positioning to enable rigorous, consistent and repeatable scientific evaluation of new vehicle crash avoidance systems." "ocata’s autonomous positioning technology uses terrestrial networks that function as a “local ground-based replica” of GPS-style positioning. Locata works with GPS, but can also operate independently when GPS is not robust or is completely unavailable."
IIHS  navigation  LocataNet  GPSWorld  Vehicle  Research  Center  (VRC)  GPS  Locata  positioning 
july 2013 by pierredv
Straight Talk on Anti-Spoofing | GPS World Jan 2012
"Disruption created by intentional generation of fake GPS signals could have serious economic consequences. This article discusses how typical civil GPS receivers respond to an advanced civil GPS spoofing attack, and four techniques to counter such attacks: spread-spectrum security codes, navigation message authentication, dual-receiver correlation of military signals, and vestigial signal defense. Unfortunately, any kind of anti-spoofing, however necessary, is a tough sell." "Effective techniques exist to defend receivers against spoofing attacks. This article summarizes state-of-the-art anti-spoofing techniques and suggests a path forward to equip civil GPS receivers with these defenses. "
cybersecurity  GPS  hacking  navigation  GPSWorld  spoofing  jamming 
january 2012 by pierredv
LightSquared: 1, High-Precision GPS: 0 | GPS World
opinion piece representing perspective of users, railing that they're not represented by anyone
LightSquared  GPS  GPSWorld 
july 2011 by pierredv

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