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Operators starting to plug LTE backhaul's security gap - FierceBroadbandWireless
"LTE transmissions have a massive security vulnerability in that backhaul traffic from the eNodeB to the IP core is unencrypted. Some operators have begun implementing IPsec to address this issue, but many have not because IPsec use is optional."
cellular  IPSec  LTE  security  backhaul  design  eNodeB  FierceWireless 
september 2013 by pierredv
Pomp & Surkanstance: Microsoft: the bold, yet timid, giant
"Contrary to popular belief, Microsoft is an innovator. Unfortunately, many of those innovations are in areas that never matter in the grand scheme of things, or are undermined by a simultaneous streak of timidity that courses through the organization."
"Brute force innovation"
"Field of dreams... there are many significant technologies, and platforms, that are built into Microsoft’s products that are only ever used at the margins, and never see wide adoption"
"Microsoft’s entire IPSec strategy ignored the needs and wishes of key players in the networking space"
"Most of these problems were foreseeable early on, but institutional momentum, and a grand vision that is too compelling to die, has kept Microsoft plugging away at it for a decade."
"There are numerous grand initiatives [which] become orphans almost from the day they are released."
"in many cases Microsoft would be far better served if it was less innovative, and really dug into the hard work of incremental improvements."
stories  microsoft  innovation  networking  security  IPSec  ** 
august 2009 by pierredv

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