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LightSquared Triggers Agreement With Inmarsat to Expand Spectrum - Via Satellite -
LightSquared has triggered a cooperation agreement signed with Inmarsat more than two years ago to acquire spectrum for LightSquared’s planned 4G-LTE satellite and mobile broadband network, the companies announced Aug. 18 [2010]
LightSquared  Inmarsat  Viasatellite 
august 2018 by pierredv
Hedge Fund Files $2B Suit Over Failed Wireless Network - Dec 2017
Hedge fund Harbinger Capital claims Apollo Global Management concealed major problems with its plan to build a multibillion-dollar mobile network, inducing Harbinger to invest $2 billion and buy out Apollo’s interest in a company doomed to fail.
GPS  Harbinger  SkyTerra  LightSquared  law  litigation 
february 2018 by pierredv
SkyTerra Form 8-K, Dec 2007, Mexico City MOU in L-band
On December 20, 2007, SkyTerra Communications, Inc. (the “Company”), Mobile Satellite Ventures LP (“MSV”), Mobile Satellite Ventures (Canada) Inc. (“MSV Canada”, and together with the Company and MSV, the “MSV Parties”) and Inmarsat Global Limited (“Inmarsat”) entered into a Cooperation Agreement (the “Cooperation Agreement”) relating to the use of L-band spectrum (i.e., 1.5 GHz/1.6 GHz) for both mobile satellite services (MSS) and ancillary terrestrial component (ATC) services in and around North America. MSV, MSV Canada and Inmarsat represent three of the five L-band mobile satellite system operators in North America that are included in the 1996 Mexico City Memorandum of Understanding (the “Mexico City MOU”), entered into by the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Russia governing L-band satellite network coordination in North America.

The Cooperation Agreement addresses a number of regulatory, technology and spectrum coordination matters involving L-band spectrum, including: ...
satellite  LightSquared  multi-stakeholder  L-band 
january 2018 by pierredv
Surprise GPS Receiver Tests Involving Ligado Spectrum Effort | Inside GNSS Jul 2016
rehearses arguments for C/No vs. location accuracy criteria for LTE/GPS interference
InsideGNSS  GPS  Ligado  LightSquared  NASCTN 
february 2017 by pierredv
Mobile-phone expansion could disrupt key weather satellites : Nature News & Comment - Jul 2016
"As Hurricane Patricia barrelled down on Mexico last October, forecasters at the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) grabbed as many ­satellite images as they could to track its progress. But at least one crucial shot failed to download. A 22 October image from the ­Geostationary Operational Environ­mental Satellite (GOES) system showed a black swathe — no data — across most of the Pacific Ocean. . . . The culprit was radio interference from mobile-phone companies. And the problem may soon get worse."
"In a representative sample of GOES imagery taken between May and September 2015, the agency found that 3.6% of the data ­during that stream had been subject to interference. And in May of this year, NOAA clocked 30 events in which satellite transmissions had dropped out, either streaking or nearly obliterating the images. “We consider that to be unacceptable,” Wissman says."
cellular  satellite  weather  weathersatellite  interference  LightSquared  Ligado  NOAA  GOES  NatureJournal 
july 2016 by pierredv
Rebranded LightSquared still faces barriers to wholesale network rollout - PolicyTracker Feb 2016
The new version of LightSquared, now called Ligado Networks, has settled its dispute with several GPS providers and is seeking spectrum licence modifications from the US regulator. But the company's effort to reinvent itself still needs buy-in from an array of federal agencies, leaving its future uncertain.
LightSquared  Ligado  PolicyTracker  FCC 
february 2016 by pierredv
LightSquared wants FCC to solicit comments on spectrum sharing proposal - FierceWirelessTech Nov 2015
"LightSquared wants the FCC to start a formal comment proceeding on a proposal to share the 1675-1680 MHz band between the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and a commercial wireless network."
FierceWireless  LightSquared  1675-1680MHz  NOAA  FCC 
november 2015 by pierredv
Judge rejects most of LightSquared claims against Deere, GPS firms | Reuters Feb 2015
"Feb 5 A U.S. judge dismissed the bulk of two lawsuits by bankrupt wireless venture LightSquared and equity owner Harbinger Capital Partners accusing Deere & Co and other GPS firms of misleading them about interference concerns and hastening the company's insolvency." "Judge Berman dismissed many claims from both plaintiffs, including breach of contract and civil conspiracy, leaving alive only LightSquared's claims for negligent misrepresentation and constructive fraud."
LightSquared  GPS  Deere  litigation  Reuters 
september 2015 by pierredv
Bankrupt LightSquared sues Deere & Co, GPS industry titans | Reuters
"ankrupt LightSquared on Friday sued leaders in the GPS industry, including Deere & Co and Garmin International Inc, saying they kept mum about interference concerns stemming from LightSquared's wireless network until the company had already pumped $4 billion into building it. In a 65-page lawsuit in U.S. Bankruptcy Court in New York, where LightSquared is fighting to keep control of its spectrum, the company alleged that farm equipment maker Deere, and GPS companies Garmin and Trimble Navigation Ltd led it to believe its network would not interfere with global positioning system devices."
LightSquared  GPS  Deere  Garmin  Trimble  litigation  Reuters 
september 2015 by pierredv
LightSquared and GPS sector lock horns over interference tests -- PolicyTracker Sep 2015
Argument over test plans by Roberson and DoT "It's “highly unlikely” that the FCC will allow LightSquared's testing to pre-empt the DoT's, TMF Associates consultant Tim Farrar told us. Moreover, the two studies approach interference from different points of view. The DoT ABC test looks at what other nearby uses are compatible with GPS, while LightSquared's approach has been to use a harms-claim threshold – that is, how much interference services in an adjacent band must suffer before complaining. The FCC generally favours that stance but hasn't applied it to the controversial LightSquared case so far, he said."
PolicyTracker  GPS  LightSquared  harm-claim-thresholds  interference-limits 
september 2015 by pierredv
LightSquared, GPS Innovation Alliance spar over spectrum, power levels, interference and more - FierceWirelessTech Jul 2015
"Network startup LightSquared blasted a recent report from the GPS Innovation Alliance, arguing that the group made "several significant errors or incomplete engineering and technical points" in its recent presentation to the FCC. The dustup between the two players stems from LightSquared's continued efforts to get the FCC to allow it to conduct wireless operations in spectrum that is adjacent to GPS operations--a plan widely opposed by the GPS industry."
LightSquared  GPS  FierceWireless 
july 2015 by pierredv
UPDATE 4-U.S. judge rejects LightSquared plan, orders new talks | Reuters
"LightSquared premised its plan to exit Chapter 11 bankruptcy on subordinating the $1 billion it owes to Ergen, the chairman of Dish Network Corp to the claims of other creditors. Chapman found his debt should be subordinated to remedy Ergen's underhanded dealings, but she also found LightSquared was not treating him fairly. The ruling essentially hit both sides..."
LightSquared  DISH  bancruptcy  Falcone  Ergen 
may 2014 by pierredv
Falcone’s LightSquared Bankruptcy Plan Rejected as ‘Shell Game’ - Businessweek May2009
Quote: “Ergen and Falcone did some fancy footwork but didn’t fool the judge,” Erik Gordon, a professor at the University of Michigan’s business and law schools, said in an e-mail. “Two bad eggs and a crummy recipe don’t make an omelet.”
LightSquared  DISH  Falcone  Ergen  bancruptcy 
may 2014 by pierredv LightSquared and GPS
NOTE: In 2016, LightSquared became Ligado Networks. This page contains out-of-date information that is no longer correct. We are retaining it for historical purposes without further updates.
GPS  LightSquared  resources 
january 2014 by pierredv
Report: LightSquared plan to exit bankruptcy rests on unwilling regulators - FierceWireless
LightSquared entered bankruptcy protection in May 2012 after the FCC revoked its conditional license to operate because of unresolved concerns that its planned LTE-based network would interfere with GPS receivers. To mitigate those interference concerns, LightSquared in the fall of 2012 submitted to the FCC a request to combine the 5 MHz it uses for satellite service at 1670-1675 MHz with frequencies in the 1675-1680 MHz band, currently used by National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration weather balloons. The company would share the NOAA spectrum rather than gain exclusive rights to it. LightSquared would then agree not to deploy a terrestrial network in the 1545-55MHz downlink part of the L-Band.
FierceWireless  LightSquared  DISH  Charlie  Ergen  bancruptcy  FCC 
january 2014 by pierredv
Falcone Fights Ergen for Airwave Assets in LightSquared Trial - Businessweek
Philip Falcone’s LightSquared Inc. is set to open a trial accusing Charlie Ergen of improperly snapped up debt in the company to hijack its reorganization and get airwaves worth billions of dollars for Dish Network Corp. (DISH:US), even as Dish has said it may withdraw its bid.
LightSquared  Falcone  Harbinger  DISH  Charlie  Ergen  ex  BusinessWeek 
january 2014 by pierredv
Mobile operators push for liberalisation of 2 GHz MSS spectrum — PolicyTracker: the spectrum management newsletter
"In the search for more spectrum for wireless broadband services, some European mobile operators have focused on the as-yet-unused 2.1 GHz mobile satellite spectrum (MSS) band. Regulators have so far only considered the possibility of withdrawing current MSS licences and reallocating the band to terrestrial uses, but that neglects the potential market-oriented approach of liberalising the band and letting MSS operators deal directly with terrestrial providers, as the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has done, some operators say. One satellite operator disagrees. " From SFR chief frequency officer Thomas Welter: “It's a question of timing,” said Welter. “We just came out of the 800 MHz and 2.6 GHz auctions, refarming of 1800 MHz spectrum is possible, plus the 700 MHz band is being discussed. There is no immediate need to acquire new spectrum."
SES  RSPG  satellite  Solaris  Mobile  Inmarsat  PolicyTracker  DISH  LightSquared  MSS  SFR 
august 2013 by pierredv
Inmarsat's LightSquared deal activated | Reuters Aug 2010
"British satellite firm Inmarsat (ISA.L) said on Wednesday its U.S. peer LightSquared had activated a spectrum co-operation agreement ... Inmarsat, whose satellites provide voice, data and broadband services to shipping and aircraft, said the agreement would enable the companies to carve up their satellite spectrum over North America more efficiently and allow LightSquared to start 4G services. "
ex  Reuters  Inmarsat  LightSquared 
july 2013 by pierredv
EDGAR Filing Documents for 0001144204-07-068694
Skyterra filings - Inmarsat coordination agreement was filed as an exhibit to an 8K by SkyTerra on Dec 21, 2007. See Exhibit 10.1 (via Tim Farrar)
MSV  SEC  via  Tim  Farrar  Inmarsat  SkyTerra  Edgar  filing  LightSquared 
july 2013 by pierredv
Decisions, decisions… TMF Blog April 2012
The news this morning that LightSquared has made the $56.25M payment to Inmarsat that was due in February and in exchange gained two years “breathing space” before any additional payments need to be made, is in line with the deal that I noted was on the table two weeks ago, and shows that Harbinger is still attaching importance to its spectrum rights under the agreement with Inmarsat as it tries to argue for a “spectrum swap”.
satellite  contract  agreement  Inmarsat  LightSquared  receivers 
july 2013 by pierredv
LightSquared's Latest Troubles Are with Satellite Partner Inmarsat - Mobile and Wireless - News & Reviews -
"Sprint LTE ally LightSquared and satellite company Inmarsat are publically airing a dispute, the latest trouble that the hopeful 4G network has come into. Inmarsat announced in a Feb. 20 press release that LightSquared has failed to make a $56.25 million payment, due upon completion of a "Phase 1 transition." Consequently, Inmarsat has issued a notice of default to LightSquared, in keeping with the terms of the pair's agreement."
satellite  contract  interference  Inmarsat  MSS  LightSquared 
july 2013 by pierredv
Its the ecosystem, stupid… TMF Associates MSS blog July 2013
LightSquared wants to extend exclusivity to give it more time to secure approvals from the FCC, because Jefferies is currently trying to get commitments for a $3B exit financing loan (which should be confirmed one way or the other this week). That loan...would pay off all of LightSquared debts and give Harbinger another year or more to find a buyer for LightSquared’s spectrum, while allowing the company to meet all of its obligations (including a resumption of lease payments to Inmarsat in April 2014). However, LightSquared would not be permitted to draw down the loan unless and until the FCC has granted LightSquared rights to use the 1675-80MHz spectrum band. LightSquared has assured potential investors that it expects approval from the FCC this fall, shortly after Tom Wheeler takes over the chairmanship of the FCC, and that there will be no auction of the 1675-80MHz band
Tim  Farrar  1670-80MHz  Phil  Falcone  interference  GPS  TMF  Associates  Harbinger  Sprint  DISH  LightSquared  Charlie  Ergen  blogs 
july 2013 by pierredv
Is licensing to blame for LightSquared’s struggle to survive? — PolicyTracker: the spectrum management newsletter
"The US regulator has given ailing LightSquared temporary permission to test 4G LTE terrestrial wireless operations in the 1675-1680 MHz range, but that may not stop the company from going under. Could a different approach to licensing have saved the situation?" Comments from William Webb and Tim Farrar on SURs and harm claim thresholds
LTE  PolicyTracker  harm-claim-thresholds  SURs  LightSquared  interference-limits 
june 2013 by pierredv
2007 Inmarsat LightSquared Cooperation Agreement
Cooperation Agreement dated as of December 20, 2007 by and among Mobile Satellite Ventures LP, Mobile Satellite Ventures (Canada) Inc., Skyterra Communications, Inc. and Inmarsat Global Limited
satellite  MSV  Inmarsat  LightSquared 
may 2013 by pierredv
Technology Policy Institute - MSS Spectrum is "Most Available" Spectrum for Broadband Plan Goals
"The mobile satellite service (MSS) spectrum is the spectrum most immediately available for meeting the Federal Communications Commission’s National Broadband Plan goals, explain Thomas Lenard and Lawrence White in "The Spectrum Crunch, MSS Spectrum and LightSquared," released today by the Technology Policy Institute."
TPI  opinion  LightSquared 
april 2013 by pierredv
he default outcome… TMF Associates MSS blog = Feb 2012
"Today news has emerged that LightSquared have failed to make the $56.25M payment to Inmarsat that was due upon completion of the Phase 1 spectrum transition, which Inmarsat certified was complete on Saturday February 18. . . . Intriguingly, Inmarsat apparently believe that it is not necessary to actually fit filters to their terminals in order to fulfil the Phase 1 conditions, simply that they must be willing to accept any interference generated by LightSquared’s terrestrial operations"
Tim  Farrar  satellite  interference  Inmarsat  LightSquared 
april 2013 by pierredv
The LightSquared Network: An Investigation of the FCC's Role | Energy & Commerce Committee Sep 2012
Friday, September 21, 2012 - 9:30am
This hearing examined the process and decision-making leading up to the FCC’s grant of a conditional waiver to LightSquared on January 26, 2011. The hearing will focus on whether the FCC’s handling of LightSquared was consistent with prevailing FCC policies, procedures, and precedents.
GPS  FCC  LightSquared  hearings  spectrum  Congress  HouseOfRepresentatives 
november 2012 by pierredv
LightSquared, FCC Appear to Align on GPS Receiver Standards in Continuing Spectrum Battle | Inside GNSS Sep 2012
"In one of three separate filings on Friday (September 28, 2012) would-be broadband provider LightSquared asked the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to set “operating parameters” leading to “revised technical rules” to enable it to operate in the lower of the two frequency bands where tests last year showed its operations would interfere with GPS.

Those rules and parameters should, the filing intimated, include standards for GPS receivers.

The firm, which wants to repurpose its pair of satellite-to-ground bands for a terrestrial wireless network using high-powered ground stations, also offered to permanently relinquish use of the upper band. The deal is conditioned on it being allowed to share five megahertz of the RF spectrum (1675–1680 MHz) now being used by the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for weather-balloon radiosondes and satellite downlinks."
Per ECFS, filings received 9/26, post 9/27/2012 in WT 04-356, ET 10-142, WT 12-70, IB 11-109, IB 08-184
GPS  LightSquared  satellite  FCC 
september 2012 by pierredv
NTIA LightSquared Recommendation to the FCC | NTIA -14 Feb 2012
list of documents, incl. letter, device report, EXCOM letter, FAA cover memo and report, NPEF cover memo and report
GPS  LightSquared  NTIA  FCC  interference  * 
february 2012 by pierredv
LightSquared: By Hook or Crook « Jan 2012
Seybold quoting Lightsquared “It does not matter whether the Commission characterizes commercial GPS receivers as unlicensed receive-only earth stations that operate under Part 25 of the Commission’s rules, or as unlicensed devices that operate under Part 15 of the Commission’s rules. The relevant precedent under either analysis reaches the same inescapable result: unlicensed commercial GPS receivers simply are not entitled to interference protection from LightSquared’s licensed operations in the MSS band.”
gps  LightSquared  interference  x:andrewseybold  opinion 
january 2012 by pierredv
Federal agencies say LightSquared's operations interfere with GPS - FierceBroadbandWireless
"in a filing with the FCC, LightSquared proposed that its upper 10 MHz of downlink spectrum (1545-1515 MHz) closest to GPS frequencies not be under the FCC's jurisdiction but rather the PNT ExComm, an executive branch body that helps advise policy makers on issues around GPS. LightSquared previously said it intends to deploy its terrestrial network only on its lower 10 MHz of downlink spectrum (1526-1535 MHz) after tests earlier this year showed crippling interference to GPS receivers in the upper 10 MHz."
LightSquared  gps  aviation  interference  navigation  FierceWireless 
december 2011 by pierredv
LightSquared struggles to save network after leaked GPS report — Broadband News and Analysis 12 Dec 2011
The report, which was leaked to Bloomberg on Friday, found that LightSquared’s network would knock out the majority of general location GPS receivers if brought within 100 meters of a cell site
x:gigaom  interference  LightSquared  GPS 
december 2011 by pierredv
LightSquared: GPS interference fix could cost industry $400M - FierceBroadbandWireless
LightSquared Chief Marketing Officer Frank Boulben has indicated that gear to solve the interference problem between the company's proposed wholesale LTE network in the S-band and high-precision GPS receivers could cost the commercial GPS industry as much as $400 million.
RF  interference  GPS  lightsquared  commerce  receivers 
october 2011 by pierredv
LightSquared announces GPS interference fix, agrees to pay for government retrofits - FierceBroadbandWireless Sep 2011
"LightSquared declared it has come up with a simple, affordable solution to the high-precision GPS interference problems posed by its planned wholesale LTE network--and it's willing to foot the bill to retrofit certain government GPS devices." --- the Javad deal
FierceWireless  GPS  LightSquared 
september 2011 by pierredv
GOP decries FCC’s conditional approval of LightSquared wireless plan - The Washington Post Sep 2011
political ramifications: "Republicans questioned Thurs­day why the Federal Communications Commission fast-tracked an initial approval for a company — well-connected among Democrats — to provide cellphone service through satellites, a technology that other agencies say disrupts Global Positioning System devices, hurricane-tracking systems, and military and commercial airlines." "Agency officials, including Chairman Julius Genachowski, have touted the ambitions of LightSquared, a $14 billion venture financed by billionaire Philip Falcone, saying the company will create thousands of jobs. . . The venture also seemed to support the Obama administration’s goals to spread mobile broadband service to more Americans. While the FCC considered LightSquared’s plans, Falcone donated huge sums to the Democratic Party and met with White House officials — facts reported in July by the Center for Public Integrity’s iWatch News."
LightSquared  GPS  fcc  politics  Congress  WashingtonPost 
september 2011 by pierredv
FAA Estimates $70+ Billion in Costs, Nearly 800 Deaths, Due to LightSquared Interference to GPS | Inside GNSS
"A Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) “conservative” assessment of changes in civil aviation that would result from the effect of LightSquared’s wireless broadband transmissions on GPS would exceed $70 billion dollars, largely because of delays and changes in the planned rollout of the Next Generation (NextGen) air traffic control (ATC) system."
insidegnss  LightSquared  GPS  interference  cost  trade-offs  RF  Examples 
september 2011 by pierredv
Beware the Ides of September…= 13 Sep 2011 = TMF Associates MSS blog »
FCC throws LightSquared under the bus?
"So this afternoon the FCC has joined with the NTIA in mandating further tests for LightSquared. Though the need for further testing was hardly a surprise after yesterday’s NTIA letter, what comes as a huge shock is that the FCC has offered LightSquared absolutely nothing to indicate it is minded to approve LightSquared’s terrestrial operations in the future."
LightSquared  FCC 
september 2011 by pierredv
Testing, 1..2..3 testing… (Lightsquared) = TMF Associates MSS blog
"On Friday Sept 9, a letter was sent by the NTIA Administrator Lawrence Strickling to the deputy secretaries at the DoD and DoT, setting out the proposed way forward on LightSquared testing."
LightSquared  NTIA  FCC  interference  GPS 
september 2011 by pierredv
LightSquared and GPS - reference information from
This page provides information about potential interference to GPS receivers from the LightSquared communications network.
LightSquared  GPS  interference  reference  RF  Examples 
september 2011 by pierredv
FCC May Require Further Tests on LightSquared Interference to GPS (or Maybe Not) | Inside GNSS
"Amid White House efforts to keep a lid on the process and congressional hearings on the subject, the controversy surrounding LightSquared’s interference to GPS could compel the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to require another round of testing — this time of the wireless broadband company’s lower L-band frequencies."
wireless  interference  FCC  GPS  LightSquared  via:stevecrowley 
september 2011 by pierredv
New America Foundation ex parte re LightSquared, Signal Boosters
"On August 12, 2011, the undersigned met with FCC General Counsel Austin Schlick and discussed issues pertaining to the above-referenced proceedings."
newamericafoundation  FCC  FCCDocket11-109  FCCDocket10-142  FCCDocket10-4  LightSquared  SignalBoosters 
august 2011 by pierredv
LightSquared says GPS makers ignored filtering rules - Computerworld Aug 2011
IDG News Service - "GPS vendors have not complied with a 2008 Department of Defense recommendation that called for much better filtering of signals from adjacent spectrum bands, mobile startup LightSquared told the U.S. Federal Communications Commission on Thursday."
LightSquared  GPS  wireless  interference  x:computerworld  RF  Examples 
august 2011 by pierredv
FCC: We won't let LightSquared hurt GPS - Computerworld
"FCC officials said Tuesday they had no timetable for finishing their review of the interference questions"
fcc  LightSquared  interference  GPS  x:computerworld 
august 2011 by pierredv
LightSquared: 1, High-Precision GPS: 0 | GPS World
opinion piece representing perspective of users, railing that they're not represented by anyone
LightSquared  GPS  GPSWorld 
july 2011 by pierredv
Analysis: Sorting out the LightSquared GPS interference mess
“It was clear there were very different interpretations of the data from the GPS group and from LightSquared,” Spirent’s Butler said. “What it came down to was the definition of harmful interference. The test methodology was pretty well worked out. We got good data. But without a meaningful common definition for interference, both sides reached different conclusions.”
Middle page of report - page back to start for whole story
LightSquared  GPS  harmful-interference  interference 
july 2011 by pierredv
LightSquared files with FCC, pushes some interference blame onto GPS device makers - RCR Wireless News June 2011
"LightSquared filed a modified spectrum plan with the Federal Communications Commission that the company said would solve interference issues with approximately 99.5% of all commercial GPS devices, including 100% of GPS-equipped mobile phones"
LightSquared  wireless  interference  GPS  RCRWireless 
june 2011 by pierredv
LightSquared GPS Working Group Sends FCC Its First Report on Interference Assessment | Inside GNSS
"Yesterday (March 15, 2011), a working group mandated by the FCC waiver to address the potential LightSquared/GPS interference issue delivered its first monthly report required by the FCC."
LightSquared  GPS  interference 
march 2011 by pierredv

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