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(46) How useful is network slicing? | Wiilam Webb, LinkedIn, Oct 2019
Via Gabor, Oct 2019

"So is slicing as important as proponents suggest? Until we know what extra charge will apply for higher QoS, how extensive 5G coverage is, and how effective throttling and radio channel reservation can be, then it is hard to tell."
LinkedIn  William-Webb  5G  QoS 
8 days ago by pierredv
TheBridge profile: Richard Whitt — TheBridge
"I have endeavored to function as a translator between two disparate communities, of online technologies and public policy"

"Move fast and break things" is not a mantra that plays well with policymakers

"Always cultivate the illusion of indispensability." I haven't necessarily taken his words to heart in my career...
people  LinkedIn  profile  quot 
june 2019 by pierredv
Privacy and Data Security Violations: What’s the Harm? - Daniel Solove, Jun 2014
"Courts have struggled greatly with the issue of harms for data violations, and not much progress has been made. We desperately need a better understanding and approach to these harms.

I am going to explore the issue and explain why it is so difficult. Both theoretical and practical considerations are intertwined here, and there is tremendous incoherence in the law as well as fogginess in thinking about the issue of data harms."
LinkedIn  law  privacy 
february 2019 by pierredv
Driverless cars and trucks don’t mean mass unemployment—they mean new kinds of jobs | Cathy Engelbert | Pulse | LinkedIn
"We ultimately need to help today’s workers—drivers, factory workers, and beyond—discover where demand for skills will be in five to 10 years and help them gain the necessary expertise and experience to do them well. Historically, wholesale job retraining has been challenging to scale, but the inexorable nature of this transition demands that we try to help them be productive in an even more digitized world economy. We already have a skills gap; we need to figure out how to digitize and skill those workers to match them with the demand for available jobs. There is a collective dialogue that should be engaged now so we can create meaningful, fulfilling, and productive opportunities for all."
automation  employment  LinkedIn 
august 2017 by pierredv
What the U.S. can learn from India’s move toward a cashless society | Vivek Wadhwa | Pulse | LinkedIn
"India may have leapfrogged the U.S. technology industry with simple and practical innovations and massive grunt work. It has built a digital infrastructure that will soon process billions more transactions than bitcoin ever has. With this, India will skip two generations of financial technologies and build something as monumental as China’s Great Wall and America’s interstate highways."
India  Vivek-Wadhwa  LinkedIn  Aadhar 
february 2017 by pierredv
AWS Just Made It A Whole Lot Easier For Anyone To Create A Virtual Private Cloud Showing Again How Enterprise Tech Is Obsolete | TechCrunch
"Amazon Web Services will now offer the option for everyone to have their own virtual private cloud (VPC), another sign of the company’s intent to push into the enterprise market. The service means that every customer using EC2 will see the option for a VPC as an instance type. Until now, the VPC was a separate service."
via  LinkedIn  virtualization  TechCrunch  cloud  Amazon  storage 
march 2013 by pierredv

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