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Telesat signs New Glenn multi-launch agreement with Blue Origin for LEO missions - Jan 2019
"Canadian fleet operator Telesat has agreed to launch satellites for its future low-Earth-orbit broadband constellation on multiple New Glenn missions, Blue Origin announced Jan. 31.

The agreement, for an unspecified number of launches and satellites, makes Telesat the fifth customer to sign up to use the reusable launcher, which is slated for a maiden flight in 2021. "

"Blue Origin already has eight other New Glenn missions in backlog: one each for Paris-based Eutelsat, Sky Perfect JSAT of Japan and Thai startup Mu Space, plus five launches for low-Earth-orbit megaconstellation company OneWeb. "

"Telesat is preparing a constellation of roughly 300 communications satellites for global internet connectivity services. The satellite operator plans to select a manufacturer — either Airbus Defence and Space or a team comprised of Thales Alenia Space and Space Systems Loral — later this year. "

"In a separate Jan. 31 announcement, Telesat said Loon has agreed to deliver a network operating system design that Telesat can use to support its LEO constellation. Loon, a subsidiary of Google parent company Alphabet, said last fall it sees non-geostationary satellite operators as customers for a variation of the software-defined network it uses to deliver mobile connectivity via high-altitude balloons."

"The rocket can carry 45 metric tons to low Earth orbit, and features a payload fairing twice the size of any other rocket on the market, according to Blue Origin."
space  satellite  SpaceNews  launch  BlueOrigin  Telesat  Loon  Alphabet  Google 
january 2019 by pierredv
Google's Loon brings internet-by-balloon to Kenya - BBC News, Jul 2018
Google's sister-company Loon has announced its first commercial deal: partnering with Telkom Kenya to deliver connectivity to the region.
HAPS  broadband  Google  Loon  Kenya  BBC 
july 2018 by pierredv
Project Loon provides connectivity in Puerto Rico | PolicyTracker: Oct 2017
"The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has awarded Google a licence to operate its stratospheric helium balloons in Puerto Rico, but connectivity on the 4G system is limited to text messages and some internet access. "

" The original plan for Loon was to have a chain of balloons across the globe but the focus has now shifted to targeted deployments such as those seen in Puerto Rico, as this requires fewer balloons and allows Google to focus on areas not already served by terrestrial networks."

"UK mobile network operator BT/EE is working with a Texan company called Phazr on its own high-altitude platforms (HAPs) project, testing tethered balloons or “helikites”. Drones and outdoor use cases similar to the crisis coverage situations currently addressed by Project Loon are high on BT/EE’s agenda. . . . The trial used 26 GHz for downlink and 3.5 GHz and unlicensed spectrum in 5 GHz for uplink. "
Alphabet  Google  Loon  PolicyTracker  HAPS  BT  Phazr 
october 2017 by pierredv
Google Loon gets OK to help provide emergency cell service in Puerto Rico | FierceWireless, Oct 2017
Project Loon, led by Google’s parent company Alphabet, will get a chance to show how its network of balloons can provide connectivity to the people of Puerto Rico thanks to the FCC’s approval on Friday.
Alphabet  Loon  HAPS  PuertoRico  FCC 
october 2017 by pierredv
Look, up in the sky! Is that a Google Wi-Fi balloon? -
"It turns out that providing Internet access to a busy city is hard because there are already many other radio signals around, and the balloons’ antennas pick up a lot of that extra noise," the company said. In order for a signal to be transmitted in that kind of situation, Project Loon had to transmit multiple times, which decreased its bandwidth. "This is like trying to talk to a friend at a loud concert," Google explained. "The music interferes with your voice, so your friend might have to ask you to repeat what you said a few times in order to make sure she heard it correctly."
interference  ongestion  Loon  Wi-Fi  Google 
august 2013 by pierredv

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