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Editor’s Corner—CES recap: 5G steals some of the spotlight | FierceWireless
"the wireless industry has a lot more work ahead if it’s truly going to bring other industries into the 5G fold"

"5G, at least in my mind, will require far greater strides and tighter integration than ever before, and that’s going to require some innovative ways to get these other folks into the discussion"

"The industry must come together and make sure 5G provides valuable and unique opportunities for industries."

"I wouldn’t be surprised if the next big 5G panels include not only wireless companies but also their partners in other industries to show just how great an impact 5G is having on them. But until the industry builds some serious bridges with these other industries, it’s still just going to be a dog and pony show. If there’s anything that could go wrong with 5G, it might be the failure to bring these other industries fully on board."
FierceWireless  Monica-Alleven  5G  ETSI  3GPP  IoT  M2M 
january 2018 by pierredv
Editor’s Corner—So Verizon’s launching ‘5G’ in Sacramento? Big deal | FierceWireless Mov 2017
Verizon made headlines yesterday with the news that it will launch 5G residential broadband services in up to five markets in 2018, starting with Sacramento, California. I say: ho hum.
FierceWireless  Monica-Alleven  5G  Verizon  opinion 
november 2017 by pierredv

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