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Smallsat developers focus on improving reliability - aug 2018
"As cubesats and other smallsats transition from technology demonstration and student projects to operational missions supporting a growing array of applications, companies large and small are working to improve their reliability. ... The on-orbit performance of cubesats has long been a sore point."

[Jeroen Cappaert, a co-founder] said Spire is now considering providing mission services to companies, who they would fly their payloads on Spire satellites. “We think of Spire today as a data provider, but we’re also a mission provider,” he said. “We’ve built all this infrastructure and we think we can provide value to other companies that don’t necessarily want to spend the time and capital building all this from scratch.”

"[NanoRacks] has, to date, deployed 223 satellites from the ISS"
SpaceNews  satellite  Spire  business  smallsats  NanoRacks 
august 2018 by pierredv
Print your own satellite in orbiting space factory - New Scientist Aug 2015
Kohlenberg thinks others will find similar benefits once their satellite deployment platform is complete. “You can imagine spaceships and satellites the likes of which we have never seen, because you’ve always had to build for the launch vehicle,” he says. “Now we can build whatever we want.”
NewScientist  satellite  cubesats  cubesates  3Dprinting  SpaceVR  NanoRacks 
october 2015 by pierredv

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