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Nokia warns that Trump’s China tariffs could impede U.S. 5G rollouts | FierceWireless
Nokia filed a warning with the FCC that President Trump's moves to levy tariffs on a wide variety of components from China could impede operators’ rollout of 5G network technology in the United States.

“Of particular concern to Nokia are the recent tariffs imposed on trade with China, which specifically target a wide range of components that are critical to 5G,” Nokia wrote in a recent filing to the FCC.
FierceWireless  Nokia  FCC  5G  China  trade  tariffs 
september 2018 by pierredv
Nokia and EE test drones armed with mini mobile base stations to revolutionise rural 4G coverage - Aug 2016
Nokia and EE test putting small cells on drones to provide temporary 4G coverage in hard-to-reach areas.
drones  cellular  4G  Nokia  EE 
april 2017 by pierredv
MWC 2017: IoT has no compelling need for 5G, so the focus was on competition between LTE variants - Comments - Content | EPiServer Site
"5G is failing to provide any compelling vision for IoT services, so the competition between LTE-M and NB-IoT to be the dominant IoT technology for LTE-based solutions became the focus of attention."
AnalysysMason  MWC  IoT  5G  LTE  LTE-M  NB-IoT  SigFox  LoRa  Nokia  Verizon 
march 2017 by pierredv
EE and Nokia testing drones for extra coverage in "crisis" situations — PolicyTracker: the spectrum management newsletter
Sounds like drones will be deployed as pico-cells
"The UK operator told PolicyTracker that drones would not be part of the day-to-day operation of the emergency services network (ESN) it will begin running next year, but they could be used to establish impromptu networks when there is "crisis"."
PolicyTracker  drones  public-safety  EE  Nokia  PPDR 
august 2016 by pierredv
Nokia, SK Telecom tout portable LTE network for public safety | FierceWireless
"SK Telecom and Nokia announced they have successfully developed a mission-critical LTE system for first responders, a portable all-in-one Public Safety-LTE (PS-LTE) network system that’s small enough to fit into a backpack."
LTE  public-safety  Nokia  FierceWireless 
august 2016 by pierredv
Tech firms expect 5 GHz carrier aggregation deployments by 2017 — PolicyTracker: the spectrum management newsletter June 2016
"Nokia and Qualcomm have been testing MulteFire in Wi-Fi's home frequency and say deployment will take place next year. The system does not use licensed spectrum like licence-assisted access (LAA) and could play a role in launching 5G services, particularly for businesses."
“They don’t want Wi-Fi getting in there because that will imply a Broadcom chip, rather than a Qualcomm chip," [Peter White of the consultancy Rethink Technologies] said
PolicyTracker  LTE-U  Nokia  Qualcomm  MulteFire 
june 2016 by pierredv
Jury still out on reserving 2 x 3 MHz for M2M in 700 MHz band - PolicyTracker Feb 2015
"At a September 2014 meeting of an ECC (Electronic Communications Committee) sub-group that is trying to forge consensus on a future 700 MHz band plan, Ofcom submitted a proposal that sets out the rationale behind the initiative. According to the proposal, the downlink channel will be located in an accidentally occurring 3 MHz gap between the downlink channels in the 700 MHz, and 800 MHz bands (788–791 MHz). The uplink channel could be located in the 700 MHz band's large centre gap (733–736 MHz). . . Alternatively, the uplink channel could be located in the 800 MHz centre gap (829–832 MHz)."
ECC  IoT  M2M  LTE  700MHz  800MHz  Europe  Ofcom  Neul  Qualcomm  Ericsson  Nokia  PolicyTracker 
february 2015 by pierredv
GSM Evolution can benefit from GSM 900 MHz installed base - PolicyTracker Nov 2014
"There are several pieces of work being studied for the Internet of Things (IoT) within the cellular standardisation body, the 3GPP. A few months ago, PolicyTracker reported on competition between the LTE-M approach, which is now a work item in 3GPP TSG RAN, and the "clean slate" approaches to IoT, which are currently being studied in 3GPP's GERAN specification group." "In order to become a 3GPP standard, an initiative has to graduate from being a study item to a work item. Traditionally, 3GPP requires four companies to support an initiative for it to become a work item. PolicyTracker understands that Nokia Networks supports GSM Evolution but is focussing its cellular IoT efforts on the LTE-M programme. Whether GSM Evolution can become a work item in time for 3GPP Release 13 is unclear." "There was consolidation among advocates for a clean slate approach to the IoT in September as telecoms giant Huawei acquired UK-based Neul for a sum that PolicyTracker understands to be in the r"
OtT  GSM  Ericsson  900MHz  LTE-M  3GPP  GERAN  Nokia  Qualcomm  Neul  Huawei 
november 2014 by pierredv
Infrastructure vendors battle over cellular Internet of Things standard - Aug 2014
"Leading public mobile network operators want to enter the Internet of Things (IoT) market, but they vehemently disagree over how this can be done. Nokia Networks and Ericsson argue that the IoT can be accommodated by LTE's evolving standards, whereas Huawei and Neul insist that a “clean-slate” approach would be more appropriate."
IoT  M2M  LTE  3GPP  LTE-M  Neul  Huawei  Ericsson  Nokia 
august 2014 by pierredv
Nokia's rfView could put an end to drive testing - FierceWirelessTech May 2014
"Nokia (NYSE:NOK) aims to get engineers out of the driver's seat by putting spectrum analyzers into base stations, eliminating the need for costly, labor-intensive and time-consuming drive testing to identify and solve radio-frequency interference. The vendor's rfView project has already undergone prototyping and validation through field tests with South Korean operators SK Telecom and KT in the cities of Kwangju and Daejeon. In a company newsletter, Nokia said rfView "allows for automated radio frequency monitoring and interference detection, remotely and non-intrusively, without performance degradation." This approach can eliminate the need for site visits, where a portable spectrum analyzer is connected to the antenna to perform a manual scan of the radio band for components causing interference, as well as drive tests, whereby a vehicle equipped with an antenna and a spectrum analyzer monitors RF spectrum around the cell site."
Nokia  interference  spectrum  measurement  cellular  drive  test 
may 2014 by pierredv
Sniff out and fix interference … without drive testing | Nokia Solutions and Networks May 2014
"A Nokia innovation showcase under the FutureWorks initiative is aiming to make drive testing and site visits history when it comes to dealing with radio frequency performance issues. Called rfVIEW, the project has undergone prototyping and validation through field tests with leading South Korean operators."
Nokia  interference  spectrum  measurement  cellular  drive  test 
may 2014 by pierredv
Network builders tackle cell vs. Wi-Fi choices - Computerworld
"both Ericsson and Nokia Siemens Networks announced technologies at CTIA Wireless last week for so-called real-time traffic steering. But the collection of standards that the industry is currently adopting for easy cell-to-Wi-Fi handoffs doesn't yet include this capability, so it may take a while for carriers to make it available"
Nokia  Siemens  cellular  ex  ComputerWorld  Ericsson  Wi-Fi 
may 2013 by pierredv

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