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How SMS is alleviating hunger in Zimbabwe | Oxfam Australia
"We are in Zimbabwe using mobile technology to tackle the country’s crippling food and cash crisis. We’ve equipped the most vulnerable families with mobile phones to receive emergency cash transfers via text to pay for basic food items."
Oxfam  cellular  mobile  finance 
february 2019 by pierredv
Technology changes everything | Oxfam Ireland
"Our innovative Pink Phones project gives mobile phones to women like Vansy (pictured) living in rural areas which they use to get the latest farming information, such as market prices for their crops and weather patterns, helping to plan the best time to harvest. Having access to this technology has transformed their lives, enabling them to sell more vegetables and build a sustainable livelihood. "
Oxfam  mobile  cellular 
february 2019 by pierredv
The impact intrapraneurs: How Swiss Re and Oxfam joined forces to help African farmers | Ethical Corporation, Oct 2017
"In this guest blog, Karen Deignan of Net-Works interviews Christina Ulardic of Swiss Re and Marjorie Brans, formerly of Oxfam America, to find out how they worked together to create the R4 Rural Resilience Initiative to tackle climate risk in Africa"

"The R4 Rural Resilience Initiative is a comprehensive risk-management initiative that helps smallholder farmers in Africa cope with the impacts of climate change. ...
R4 currently reaches over 40,000 farmers (about 200,000 people) in Ethiopia, Senegal, Malawi and Zambia through a combination of four risk-management strategies: improved resource-management through asset creation (risk reduction), insurance (risk transfer), livelihoods diversification and microcredit (prudent risk taking) and savings (risk reserves)."

"Swiss Re provided the insurance component, but there were other components designed to ensure farmers could grow their crops successfully, get access to micro-credit to buy more seeds, and build up some savings."
Oxfam  SwissRe  climate  resilience  interviews  climate-change  insurance  risk 
february 2019 by pierredv
Organic Rice Farmers to Use Technology for Fair Prices | Oxfam in Cambodia
"This year, Oxfam launched Blockchain for Livelihood from Organic Cambodian Rice​ (BlocRice), the first pilot project in Cambodia using blockchain technology to connect a network of people in the rice supply chain to ensure farmers are better and more fairly paid."

"The goal is to promote a “smart contract”, a three-way digital contract farming agreement between organic farmers, rice exporter and buyers in the Netherlands."
Oxfam  farming  blockchain  Cambodia 
february 2019 by pierredv
Oxfam announces Sipho Mthathi as head of new Oxfam South Africa affiliate | Oxfam International
"Oxfam South Africa will become the first-ever Oxfam affiliate in Africa. Its Board was established in November 2013. Oxfam South Africa will have observer status until 2016 when it will assume full operational responsibility for Oxfam’s work in the country as an independent South African NGO, and formally part of Oxfam’s international confederation."
Oxfam  South-Africa 
july 2014 by pierredv
Ten biggest food and beverage companies failing millions of people who grow their ingredients | Oxfam International Feb 2013
"New Oxfam campaign ranks social policies of food and beverage companies "The social and environmental policies of the world’s ten biggest food and beverage giants are not fit for modern purpose and need a major shake-up, says international agency Oxfam."
development-assistance  Oxfam  food  companies  campaign 
february 2013 by pierredv
What have the MDGs achieved? We don’t really know… Heretical thoughts from Matthew Lockwood
on: From Poverty to Power by Duncan Green » Blog Archive » What have the MDGs achieved? We don’t really know… Heretical thoughts from Matthew Lockwood
MDG  oxfam  development-assistance  poverty 
september 2012 by pierredv

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