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Vipassana Meditation: A Unique Contribution to Mental Health -- by Paul R. Fleischman (PDF)
This article is taken from the book of Dr Fleischman’s collected essays: Karma and Chaos
“The most important difference between Vipassana and psychotherapy is the place that these two activities are intended to occupy within a person’s life. Vipassana and psychotherapy undoubtedly have some overlap in that both are designed to help people live better lives; other than that, they diverge in intention and practice. Psychotherapy is intended as a temporary intervention within the context of a paid, professional relationship, to heal psychological wounds. Vipassana is a free spiritiual transmission, a way of life, and a vector beyond life itself. Thought it may also bring relief to mundane problems, Vipassana is the path to nibbana… Its time-scale is long – “lifetimes,” in the language of the East – and its goals august and embracing. Although our own use of Vipassana in this current lifetime may be much more modest and limited, it still imparts to our lives a momentum beyond our own time and self.”
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