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Is bitcoin money? Are Airbnbs hotels? Why courts have trouble deciding. -
The United States is divided on the issue. In 2014, the Internal Revenue Service defined virtual currency as property, for federal tax purposes. The Securities and Exchange Commission, on the other hand, has deemed it as currency, and the Federal Trade Commission says it’s a commodity.

“Bitcoin is not a currency, it’s not a commodity, it’s a computer protocol,” Marco A. Santori, a partner specializing digital currency at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman in New York City, tells the Monitor.
CSMonitor  law  money  finance  IRS  SEC  FTC  bitcoin 
july 2016 by pierredv
The State of Cost-Benefit Analysis at the S.E.C. - The New York Times - David Zaring, Jul 2015
"The cost-benefit analysis is controversial. . . The S.E.C.’s recent proposal of a compensation clawback rule can tell us something about the state of cost-benefit analysis in financial rule-making today. . . The court’s interest in cost-benefit analysis might be said to have two degrees in intensity. The first, a requirement that the S.E.C. do one, and do it carefully, appears to have been internalized by the agency. A second, more intensive, cost-benefit analysis would require a quantification of the costs and benefits."
opinion  NYTimes  cost-benefit-analysis  SEC  government 
july 2015 by pierredv
EDGAR Filing Documents for 0001144204-07-068694
Skyterra filings - Inmarsat coordination agreement was filed as an exhibit to an 8K by SkyTerra on Dec 21, 2007. See Exhibit 10.1 (via Tim Farrar)
MSV  SEC  via  Tim  Farrar  Inmarsat  SkyTerra  Edgar  filing  LightSquared 
july 2013 by pierredv

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