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Amazon lists more than 70 jobs for Project Kuiper satellite operation – GeekWire
"Boy, that escalated quickly: Just hours after GeekWire revealed that Amazon is planning a 3,236-satellite constellation to provide global broadband access, code-named Project Kuiper, the company posted scores of job openings for the new space venture."

"Meanwhile, the Secure World Foundation’s Brian Weeden voiced concern over Project Kuiper’s potential impact on orbital debris."
Virtually all of the 73 Kuiper-related jobs listed on Amazon’s website are in Bellevue, Wash. One exception is a Seattle opening for a senior corporate counsel specializing in international trade and export control.

The timing is notable given Amazon’s decision to relocate its worldwide operations team from Seattle to Bellevue — a decision that seems to signal that the tech giant is cooling on its hometown.
GeekWire  space  Amazon  satellite  Seattle  Bellevue  employment  space-debris  orbital-debris 
april 2019 by pierredv
Internal Socialist Alternative documents show it runs Sawant's office and controls her vote
"SCC Insight has obtained a collection of internal documents from Socialist Alternative that were written over the past three years. Those documents provide a unique view into the organization’s internal — and sometimes acrimonious — debates on a wide range of topics, including Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), the Democratic Party, Donald Trump, the Black Lives Matter movement, its own organizational structure, and Seattle politics. But they also reveal the extent to which Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant, a leading member of the organization, has handed over her Council responsibilities to Socialist Alternative – including deciding how to vote on items before the Council, and even the hiring and firing of government employees working in her office in City Hall. Beyond the fact that she has never disclosed to her constituents in District 3 that she has ceded these duties to Socialist Alternative, having done so likely violates several provisions of the city’s Ethics Code for government officials."
politics  Seattle  socialism  Kevin-Schofield 
january 2019 by pierredv
AI tool scours all the science on the web to find new knowledge - New Scientist 7 Nov 2015
"Semantic Scholar, which launches today from the Seattle-based Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2), can automatically read, digest and categorise findings from the estimated 2 million scientific papers published each year"
NewScientist  AI  search  Seattle  semantics  AI2 
december 2015 by pierredv
Susan brought me a poem made by him at the Farmer's Market, Sat 19 July 2014
poetry  seattle  gifts 
july 2014 by pierredv
AT&T makes inroads with DAS, tops 400 LTE markets - FierceBroadbandWireless
"Installation of DAS antennas throughout CenturyLink field is part of AT&T's Project Velocity IP (VIP), the three-year IP broadband investment plan announced last November. As part of Project VIP, the carrier pledged to to add more than 1,000 DAS nationwide by year-end 2015. It is also deploying 10,000 macro cell sites and more than 40,000 small cells under the program."
Seattle  stadiums  DAS  AT&T  FierceWireless 
september 2013 by pierredv
No money, no insurance, no mercy | Seattle Times Newspaper
"Hospitals in Washington are legally required to provide free charity care for patients with incomes below the poverty level. Even middle-income patients, in some cases, are entitled to breaks in their hospital bills. But advocates for patients contend that too often, eligible patients are denied charity care or not told that it's available."
poverty  medical  insurance  ex  Seattle  Times  healthcare 
june 2013 by pierredv
Not a Badass, a Baker | City Arts Magazine, Oct 30, 2012
Wonderful piece of writing about Seattle bakers, by Jonathan Zwickel
*  cooking  baking  Seattle  writing 
january 2013 by pierredv
King County Home Prices: 1946-2007 | Seattle Bubble
good data on growth spurts, back to pre-70's.2008 median King County around 445k$
seattle  housing 
december 2008 by pierredv

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