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A Price War Coming for Satcom IoT? - NSR Nov 2018
"on the horizon are many competing IoT network deployments that promise to significantly lower the cost of hardware and airtime costs associated with IoT and to open new markets. Given these new cut-price alternatives, where does that leave existing M2M operators, which have a higher cost base and higher service price?"

"New competition in this space includes the rise of small satellite constellations for IoT (despite some questionable business cases), Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) networks, and 5G connectivity, which is just around the corner. These new smallsat operators and LPWA networks intend to offer ARPUs of $1 per month, or even just a few euros per year. Low prices are also available on the terrestrial side, with Unabiz also announcing offerings as low as $1 per year. Sigfox even demonstrated a 20 cent terminal, which could bring in a new large market of disposable devices and tracking packages."

"By comparison, Iridium’s commercial IoT service ARPU was an order of magnitude higher at $13 per month in 2017, compared to $18 in 2012, indicating a decline in ARPU. "

"Will mass price cuts be unveiled once smallsat IoT constellations and LPWA networks are fully rolled out? The short answer: No"

"Like-for-like ARPUs will remain significantly higher than smallsats and terrestrial competitors, but taking into account MoUs and dual mode connectivity, overall satcom ARPUs will be lower."
NSR  satellite  IoT  Sigfox  Iridium  M2M  Globalstar  Orbcomm 
november 2018 by pierredv
MWC 2017: IoT has no compelling need for 5G, so the focus was on competition between LTE variants - Comments - Content | EPiServer Site
"5G is failing to provide any compelling vision for IoT services, so the competition between LTE-M and NB-IoT to be the dominant IoT technology for LTE-based solutions became the focus of attention."
AnalysysMason  MWC  IoT  5G  LTE  LTE-M  NB-IoT  SigFox  LoRa  Nokia  Verizon 
march 2017 by pierredv
12 Wireless Options for IoT/M2M: Diversity or Dilemma? | IoT content from Electronic Design
via Dale Hatfield
"A plethora of standards populate the wireless-communications field, all offering unique twists to fit specific connection needs."
IoT  M2M  802.15.4  ZigBee  LTE  Weightless  Bluetooth  Wi-Fi  SigFox 
june 2016 by pierredv
SigFox Installing a Cellular Network for the Internet of Things in San Francisco and Silicon Valley | MIT Technology Review
"The French company SigFox says it picked the Bay Area to demonstrate a wireless network intended to make it cheap and practical to link anything to the Internet, from smoke detectors to dog collars, bicycle locks, and water pipes." "The Silicon Valley network will use the unlicensed 915-megahertz spectrum band commonly used by cordless phones. " "A SigFox base station can serve a radius of tens of kilometers in the countryside and five kilometers in urban areas. To connect to the network, a device will need a $1 or $2 wireless chip that’s compatible, and customers will pay about $1 in service charges per year per device."
SigFox  900MHz  IoT 
may 2014 by pierredv

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