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tara river canyon montenegro - Bing images, Sat 7/27/2019
Đurđevića Tara Bridge in northern Montenegro
Reaching nearly 2,000 feet across the Tara River Canyon, the Đurđevića Tara Bridge spans both geography and history. Popular now with tourists, photographers, and (gulp!) bungee jumpers, when this five-arch span was built in 1940 it was Europe's largest vehicular concrete bridge. The first version didn't last long: In 1942, with World War II raging, local partisans blew it up, hoping to stall the advance of Italian and German forces. Chief among those destroying the bridge was Lazar Jauković, one of the engineers who helped create it. He would later be executed by the occupying Italians, and when the bridge was rebuilt after the war, a plaque was added hailing his heroism.
Bing  travel  Montenegro  stories  WWII 
11 weeks ago by pierredv
Boltzmann's Grave
"Physicist’s epitaph provides final confirmation to a career of turmoil."
Vienna  physics  history  travel  Austria  people  stories 
july 2019 by pierredv
Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam - Bing
Rice terraces of Mù Cang Chải District, Vietnam
To reach the vast system of rice terraces in Mù Cang Chải, travelers first make their way to the remote, mountainous region of northwest Vietnam. Here, in the foothills of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, more than 5,000 acres of rice terraces are carved into the hillsides, creating both an ingenious agricultural bounty for this high-altitude area and an astonishing panorama.

The Hmong people manage the tricky terrain by using a combination of bamboo gates and the force of gravity to keep their steep rice fields irrigated and productive. In recent years, Mù Cang Chải has become something of a tourist destination due to the beauty of these carved hills.
Bing  Vietnam  travel  photography 
july 2019 by pierredv
goblin valley state park utah - Bing images
"A portion of the San Rafael Swell in Utah
If we want to be entirely precise, this massive landform in Utah is called an anticline. We rather like the term 'swell,' though, as it captures the way the formation rises from its surrounding desert flatlands. At roughly 75 miles long and 40 miles wide, the San Rafael Swell is a dome-like structure made of limestone, sandstone, and shale. Uplifted during the Paleocene, in the millennia since the rock has eroded into a geological jumble of sculpted canyons, mesas, and buttes. Different rock strata show off contrasting colors, making some sides of the swell a humungous cross-section of geological time.

The landscape turns to spooky fun on the southeastern edge of the swell, where soft sandstone has eroded to form thousands of mushroom-shaped ‘hoodoos’ that locals refer to as goblins. The area is protected as Goblin Valley State Park."
Bing  places  photography  travel  Utah  Geography 
june 2019 by pierredv
Amsterdam fights overtourism: Go see rest of the Netherlands | CNN Travel, May2019
Netherlands tourist officials recently took the bold decision to stop advertising the country as a tourist destination. Their "Perspective 2030″ report, published earlier this year, stated that the focus will now be on "destination management" rather than "destination promotion."
CNN  travel  tourism  Netherlands  Amsterdam 
may 2019 by pierredv
The Tatev Monastery - EPOD - Apr 2019
"The photo above shows the Tatev Monastery in Armenia. This 9th-century Apostolic monastery resides on a vast basalt plateau near the village of Tatev in the Syunik Province. Named to honor St. Eustathius, a disciple of the Apostle Thaddeus, it's situated on a high cliff that overlooks the Vorotan River. Being the religious center as well as the political center of Syunik Principality, it needed to be protected from invaders. It's remote and extremely difficult to reach location of course made it easier to defend and is one reason this stronghold is still standing today. Photo taken on May 24, 2018."
places  Geography  photography  Travel  EPOD  Armenia 
april 2019 by pierredv
Art: The Science Gallery opens in London | New Scientist Sep 2018
"From heroin to Playstation, we are all users argues Hooked, a captivating show to launch a gallery with ambitions to demolish the boundaries around science"
NewScientist  London  art  travel  museums  galleries 
january 2019 by pierredv
triglav national park slovenia - Bing images
Bing Spotlight, Dec 17, 2018

led Island in Lake Bled, Slovenia
It's hard to imagine a more fairytale-like scene than the snow-dusted rooftops of the Church of the Assumption on Bled Island. The island sits in Slovenia’s Lake Bled, a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Visitors can ride across the lake to the island in traditional 'pletna' boats, equipped with colorful awnings and powered by oarsmen. Many folks journey over the water to ring the bell in the 17th-century church for good luck.

On a high clifftop above the lake sits Bled Castle, a medieval fortress said to be Slovenia's oldest. And there's more to explore just a few hours drive from this scenic spot: Triglav National Park includes the roughhewn spires of the Julian Alps.
Bing  Spotlight  travel  photography  Slovenia 
december 2018 by pierredv
Monument Valley Mittens shadow - Bing images
Bing Spotlight photo 12 Dec 2018 - (not of shadow, though)
Bing  photography  landscape  Spotlight  travel  desert  geology 
december 2018 by pierredv
Egypt Visa On Arrival 2018 | Getting Stamped
most travelers including American and British passport holders. You can obtain an Egypt visa on arrival at the Cairo International airport at the bank kiosks
travel  passports  Egypt 
december 2018 by pierredv
Sagano Bamboo Forest, Arashiyama, Japan - Bing
Windows 10 desktop image of the day, Fri/Sat 7/8 Sep 2018

"Although visitors to this place may feel like they’re a world away, they’re actually only a stone’s throw from urban hustle and bustle. Just beyond the western edge of Kyoto, Japan, lies the district of Arashiyama. The area is well known for beautiful natural scenery and attractions, including the Sagano Bamboo Forest. A walk along the paths of the forest is not just a visual treat—with daylight filtering through the thousands of green bamboo trunks—but a delight for the ears as well. As the wind blows through the forest, it creates a distinctive sound that is often cited as one of the most memorable aspects of the forest."
Bing  Japan  Travel 
september 2018 by pierredv
Biometric facial recognition boarding changing airport experience | Aviation Week, Feb 2018
The biometric facial recognition trial at Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) has proven so successful and popular that US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is actively exploring how widely facial recognition can be used at airports, a senior CBP official said.
AviationWeek  biometrics  surveillance  identification  aviation  travel 
february 2018 by pierredv
Off the Grid - Archaeology Magazine
In the early 2000s, the artworks were taken out of storage and placed in a permanent outdoor display called Tamani Pesh-Wa, or “Written on the Rock,” in Washington’s Columbia Hills Historical State Park, formerly known as Horsethief Lake. There are also some petroglyphs higher on the cliff face in situ.
ArchaeologyMagazine  petroglyphs  travel  Washington-state 
july 2017 by pierredv
VIA REGIA - Cultural Route of the Council of Europe
VIA REGIA is the name of the oldest and longest road link between the East and the West of Europe. The route exists since more than 2.000 years and connects 8 European countries through a length of 4.500 km. Its modern form is the European Development Corridor III at present. An international network uses the potential of the VIA REGIA as symbol for European unification and has been awarded as “Major Cultural Route of the Council of Europe” in 2005.
travel  Aachen  Europe  pilgrimage 
june 2016 by pierredv
Bodie, California - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
via Richard Bennett on Facebook, June 2016: "ghost town Bodie, California ... Everybody just up and left in the 1910s, leaving tons of stuff behind"
travel  architecture  California 
june 2016 by pierredv
Exchanging Your Money Abroad: 10 Simple Tips | Fodor's Travel
1. ATMs are still the best choice for day-to-day funds.

Although some banks have high fees to use foreign ATMs, not to mention adding on high foreign-transaction fees (Bank of America, for example, charges $5 per withdrawal plus 3% premium on top of each withdrawal at a non-partner ATM), the ATM is still almost always the cheapest option for changing your money. And if your bank has international ATMs or partner banks abroad, you can sometimes save a little on your cash withdrawals; that's true even at BOA, which charges just 1% at member banks and no other fees.
finance  Travel  currency 
may 2016 by pierredv
Shōganji Zen Retreat | Experience authentic Zen temple life in rural Japan
"Shōganji Zen Retreat opened it’s doors to the public in 2004 in order to allow foreigners to experience authentic Zen temple life in Japan. The modest Shōganji temple is located in the tiny village of Ojuki, part of the Saganoseki village cluster, only 30 minutes from Oita city."
travel  zen  meditation  Japan 
may 2016 by pierredv
Which airlines should you travel with – and which should you avoid? -- Economist 1843
"Asia’s airlines are mostly excellent; Europe’s are competent; America’s are awful."
travel  TheEconomist  1843magazine 
april 2016 by pierredv
ButtonMasher: The gamers who only want to explore virtual worlds - New Scientist
Question: If someone takes a stunning photograph in an algorithmically created virtual world, who owns the copyright?
NewScientist  photography  travel  games  videogames  VR  virtualworlds 
september 2015 by pierredv
Craig Marshall Smith: Colorado Abstract Expressionist Painter
Seen paintings Sat 7 Feb at Denver Airport, arriving for Flatirons DMB
painting  colorado  travel  art 
february 2015 by pierredv
To Hit the Road, Driverless Cars Must Be Safe, Not Perfect | RAND
"Once driverless cars are safer than the average human driver, we should let them hit the road. Indeed, waiting for autonomous vehicles to be perfect would be its own safety concern because it would mean the needless perpetuation of the risks posed by human drivers. In the United States alone, some 30,000 people are killed and more than 2 million injured in crashes every year (PDF), and the vast majority (PDF) of them are caused by human error."
RAND  risk-assessment  travel  driving 
january 2015 by pierredv
Snowshoeing/crosscountry skiing near Cle Elum,WA
Cle Elum area winter snowshoeing and crosscountry ski trails
travel  washington-state  skiing  hiking 
november 2011 by pierredv
Who Knew? - Yahoo! News
Highway numbers aren't random -- and mean more than you might expect. Learn the government's road code, and drivers can often figure out where a highway's headed just from knowing the number.""
video  travel  government  numbers  via:gmsv 
may 2011 by pierredv
Hotel Discount Reservations - Hotel Discounts up to 65% OFF!
reco from Dale Hatfield Sep 09 - he used it to find a room at Club Quarters in DC
travel  shopping  tools 
october 2009 by pierredv
Small Airports Drop Off Carriers' Radar - BusinessWeek
examples of subsidies:
"Intense lobbying in Washington has led to a measure, now awaiting a Senate vote, that boosts funding to subsidize service in small markets by 30%, to $175 million."
"Ely, Nev., with a population of 4,041, received $1.8 million in federal subsidies last year. That's $4,500 for each of the 414 passengers who flew in and out of the city's airport."
subsidies  x:businessweek  airlines  travel 
september 2009 by pierredv
Airlines' Expert on Missing Bags Fights Lost Cause -
"Last year, more than 31 million bags -- around 1.4% of all checked luggage -- arrived late, industry officials say. Roughly 1.8 million bags never arrived. Some take unexplained detours."
factoids  travel  airlines  x:wsj 
august 2009 by pierredv
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