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I'm building a machine that breaks the rules of reality | New Scientist, Apr 2018, Vlatko Vedral
"Tobias Schaetz ... he described an experiment looking at ions inside a crystal. He gave them some energy and watched how they cooled. Unlike a cup of coffee, which cools gradually, the ions seemed to lose energy for a while, but then the energy suddenly bounced back. It is proof of what we had suspected: the rules of classical thermodynamics don’t always apply in the quantum world."

"I thought I would make a quantum version of a heat engine ... The idea was to set up pairs of organic molecules and raise them to a high energy level by shining light on them. Left alone, the molecules will return to a slightly lower energy level, re-emitting light of a different frequency as they do so. ... If we set up the experiment just right, the emitted light won’t carry any information that could tell us which of the two molecules it came from. According to quantum theory, this forces them to become entangled, so that when one drops to the lower energy level, the other one automatically does too, with both emitting light in unison in a process called superradiance."

"... we were scooped ... Walmsley and his team saw that light was produced quicker than the classical rules of thermodynamics predict"

"Felix Binder, now at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, has shown that quantum batteries can charge more quickly than normal ones"
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