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An allegory is not the same as a metaphor. In praise of the medieval literary tradition. -- Slate, Laura Miller , May 2016
Reminds me a lot of Jungian dream interpretation
"An entire literary tradition is being forgotten because writers use the term allegory to mean, like, whatever they want."
"An allegory, in short, is not just another word for a metaphor. In essence, it’s a form of fiction that represents immaterial things as images."
<praise of CS Lewis as literary critic>
"The characters in allegories like the 13th-century poem Roman de la Rose, or Edmund Spenser’s 16th-century masterpiece, The Faerie Queene, are “flat” by contemporary standards, possessed of only a few traits and behaving with inhuman consistency. But, as Lewis demonstrates in a long, virtuosic reading of Roman de la Rose, this is because they aren’t actually meant to be characters. Instead these people, the objects they handle, and the spaces they occupy all represent aspects of the self."
"The literate people of the Middle Ages were experts at comprehending art in this way. They routinely compounded vast amounts of meaning into certain ideas or motifs, partly because they were always attempting to integrate the cultural legacy of classical paganism into Christian theology."
"In a great allegory, the imagery is not a code for the underlying theme; it is every bit as important as theme."
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Allegorical Paintings of Animals by Kevin Sloan | Faith is Torment | Art and Design Blog
"Paintings of animals interacting awkwardly with man-made objects by Denver-based artist Kevin Sloan. Known for his “allegorical realism,” the core of Sloan’s work is a deep concern for the animals and plants that inhabit this world. He seeks to create a compelling body of work filled with wonder and mystery, that presents images of natural balance and unexpected beauty, while simultaneously speaking about our relationship with nature in this modern, technological and quickly changing era."
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