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Human Anatomy Online
good rendering, with animation to identify parts
anatomy  shoulder 
june 2014 by pierredv
See-through brains clarify connections : Nature News & Comment
"The technique, published online in Nature on 10 April, turns the brain transparent using the detergent SDS, which strips away lipids that normally block the passage of light  (K. Chung et al. Nature; 2013). Other groups have tried to clarify brains in the past, but many lipid-extraction techniques dissolve proteins and thus make it harder to identify different types of neurons. Deisseroth’s group solved this problem by first infusing the brain with acryl­amide, which binds proteins, nucleic acids and other biomolecules. When the acrylamide is heated, it polymerizes and forms a tissue-wide mesh that secures the molecules. The resulting brain–hydrogel hybrid showed only 8% protein loss after lipid extraction, compared to 41% with existing methods."
anatomy  brain  NatureJournal 
may 2013 by pierredv
Depression’s Upside - Feb 2010
by Jonah Lehrer built around the "analytic-rumination hypothesis"" for depression advanced by Andrews and Thompson but lots of quotes and bits about brain anatomy, eg. focus in the ventrolateral prefrontal cortex VLPFC
NYTimes  depression  psychology  neuroscience  cognition  brain-VLPFC  anatomy  brain 
march 2010 by pierredv

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