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Unlocking digital competition, Report of the Digital Competition Expert Panel - GOV.UK March 2019
"An independent report on the state of competition in digital markets, with proposals to boost competition and innovation for the benefit of consumers and businesses. "



This is the final report of the Digital Competition Expert Panel. Appointed by the Chancellor in 2018, and chaired by former Chief Economist to President Obama, Professor Jason Furman, the Panel makes recommendations for changes to the UK’s competition framework that are needed to face the economic challenges posed by digital markets, in the UK and internationally. Their report recommends updating the rules governing merger and antitrust enforcement, as well as proposing a bold set of pro-competition measures to open up digital markets.
competition  UK  Internet  antitrust 
april 2019 by pierredv
Consumers can ‘pay’ for better broadband with higher prices or reduced choice - analysys mason Oct 2018
"Consumers can ‘pay’ for better broadband with higher prices or reduced choice"

“Investment, regulation and competition investigations are shifting to focus on full-fibre broadband networks, but consumer revenue is what is needed to pay for fibre”

"Consumer revenue is the essential part of the business case for FTTP/B networks ... the full-fibre take-up in Western European countries with a relatively high spend on broadband services has increased significantly"

"(De)regulation and relaxation of competition/merger rules may support higher prices and reduce the intensity of price competition, but can this revenue be used to benefit fibre network investment?"
AnalysysMason  broadband  competition  antitrust 
october 2018 by pierredv
A Serf on Google’s Farm – Talking Points Memo
Via Dale Hatfield

"Google’s monopoly control is almost comically great. It’s a monopoly at every conceivable turn and consistently uses that market power to deepen its hold and increase its profits. Just the interplay between DoubleClick and Adexchange is textbook anti-competitive practices."
TPM  journalism  monopoly  advertising  Google  antitrust  * 
september 2017 by pierredv
ChemChina-Syngenta: Why This Round Of Ag-Chem Industry Consolidation Worries Me
via Phil Weiser "I am concerned that we may be on the verge of a major loss of knowledge and experience in the agricultural sector" due to layoffs as a result of mergers
resilience  agriculture  science  employment  antitrust 
february 2016 by pierredv
Guest Post on Patent Pools and Competition | Patently-O Editorial DAvid Balto, Brendan Coffman
"Patent pools pose a unique challenge to antitrust enforcement. On the one hand they solve collective action problems and allow participants to achieve economies of scale that would otherwise be impossible. Patent pools enable market participants to join complementary intellectual property to better manage those IP rights. As the Department of Justice noted, patent pools may “provide competitive benefits by integrating complementary technologies, reducing transaction costs, clearing blocking positions, and avoiding costly infringement litigation.” On the other hand, patent pools can create competitive problems by conferring market power on a group (in the case of member-owned patent pools) or entity (in the case of stand-alone patent pools). Thus, the antitrust enforcement agencies have always been concerned if the pools are over-inclusive and include competing technologies. "
opinion  editorial  patent-pools  antitrust  competition 
july 2014 by pierredv
Antitrust Enforcement and Intellectual Property Rights: Promoting Innovation and Competition (04/2007)
Antitrust Enforcement and Intellectual Property Rights: Promoting Innovation and Competition Issued by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission April 2007
antitrust  DoJ  IPR  patents 
february 2014 by pierredv
FTC Challenges Intel's Dominance of Worldwide Microprocessor Markets 12/16/2009
"e Federal Trade Commission today sued Intel Corp., the world’s leading computer chip maker, charging that the company has illegally used its dominant market position for a decade to stifle competition and strengthen its monopoly."
ftc  intel  antitrust 
march 2010 by pierredv
High-tech cars are trouble for some mechanics - Small business-
"Access to repair information is at the heart of a debate over a congressional bill called the Right to Repair Act. Supporters of the proposal say automakers are trying to monopolize the parts and repair industry by only sharing crucial tools and data with their dealership shops"
antitrust  commerce  automobile  via:peterhaynes 
december 2009 by pierredv
Broadband monopoly is Telstra's game | The Australian - Terry McCrann
"TELSTRA has one simple, very precise and coldly calculated ambition. To migrate its still lush but decaying 20th century fixed-line monopoly to a 21st century broadband platform."
Not marked as an editorial, but clearly reads that way. An indictment of Telstra's cold-blooded grab for power.
It seems that we have here a neat microcosm of the network neutrality dynamic which is playing out in more complicated ways in the US and EU. In Australia there’s an unabashed monopolist that’s dictating terms to the government (according to this columnist) to ensure that it invests. However, there is no mention of network neutrality conditions – which may well be swept away in the new access terms that Telstra is contemplating.
telecoms  antitrust  australia  ** 
november 2008 by pierredv
Retailers, banks battle over credit-card fees |
"Lawmakers weigh legislation allowing them to negotiate fees." Example of market dominated by two companies, Visa and Mastercards. Merchants argue that the two are keeping merchant fees up artificially. The US Congress is considering approval of congressional oversight of a fee-negotiation process
duopoly  commerce  antitrust  CSMonitor 
september 2008 by pierredv
Regulating in the Past - Ronald Cass = Business Europe -
module question: "Requirements that products of dominant tech firms not include some features that could be offered on a stand-alone basis, and that product designs facilitate "interoperability," are both mainstays of Europe's current competition regime."
antitrust  europe  microsoft  google 
may 2008 by pierredv
Lawrence White = Antitrust Policy and Industrial Policy: A View from the U.S. = AEI Reg-Markets Center
"This paper discusses the tensions between antitrust policy and industrial policy from a U.S. perspective ... definitions of antitrust and of industrial policy ... offers details on the types of governmental intervention that are at odds with antitrust."
antitrust  regulation 
april 2008 by pierredv
China could play a role in Microsoft-Yahoo deal | Seattle Times Newspaper
"the measure gives Chinese regulators authority to examine foreign mergers when they involve acquisitions of Chinese companies or foreign companies investing in Chinese companies' operations. Beijing could also consider national-security issues"
microsoft  china  antitrust 
march 2008 by pierredv
Innovation and Market Definition under the EU Regulatory Framework for Electronic Communications
Tambiama Madiega, European University Institute, Florence
analysis of market definition under the EU regulatory framework
EU  regulation  policy  communications  antitrust 
march 2008 by pierredv
What Microsoft's EU Ruling Means to
analysis of the implications for MS and it's competitors of the EU court ruling - bottom line: bye-bye integration, hello modularity
Microsoft  EU  antitrust 
september 2007 by pierredv

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