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47 U.S. Code § 765f - Satellite auctions | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute
Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Commission shall not have the authority to assign by competitive bidding orbital locations or spectrum used for the provision of international or global satellite communications services. The President shall oppose in the International Telecommunication Union and in other bilateral and multilateral fora any assignment by competitive bidding of orbital locations or spectrum used for the provision of such services.
satellite  auctions  legislation 
september 2018 by pierredv
Why not auction off low-altitude airspace for exclusive use?
"Tech-optimists predict that drones and small aircraft may soon crowd US skies. An FAA administrator predicted that by 2020 tens of thousands of drones would be in US airspace at any one time. Further, over a dozen companies, including Uber, are building vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft that could one day shuttle people point-to-point in urban areas. Today, low-altitude airspace use is episodic (helicopters, ultralights, drones) and with such light use, the low-altitude airspace is shared on an ad hoc basis with little air traffic management. Coordinating thousands of aircraft in low-altitude flight, however, demands a new regulatory framework.

Why not auction off low-altitude airspace for exclusive use?"

JP notes:

There's an intriguing analogy between low vs. high altitude airspace, and licensed vs. unlicensed spectrum. Both distinctions are underpinned by different collision risk levels.

Given the experience in spectrum, I'm not sanguine about the prospects of secondary markets and subleasing.

A more fundamental objection might be exclusion. Unlike spectrum, one can't have parallel equivalent parcels in the same geographical area. If Amazon controlled a parcel, it's unlikely that it would allow Wal-Mart to use it. Airspace parcels seem to have natural monopoly characteristics that radio frequency blocks don't.
TechnologyLiberationFront  Brent-Skorup  drones  auctions  spectrum-auctions  UAS 
june 2017 by pierredv
Update on Annual licence fees for 900 MHz and 1800 MHz spectrum: German 2015 auction | Ofcom
"This document provides an update on the German auction for the award of licences for the 700 MHz, 900 MHz, 1500 MHz, 1800 MHz and 2100 MHz bands, which concluded on 19 June 2015. Ofcom considers that this auction provides relevant evidence for the purposes of estimating the market value of the 900 MHz and 1800 MHz licences in the UK."
Ofcom  Germany  spectrum-auctions  auctions 
july 2015 by pierredv
Why the US AWS-3 spectrum auction result exceeded all expectations and what it means for future auctions - Insight - News | Analysys Mason - Feb 2015
"Aggressive bidding by DISH appears to be the main reason why the auction raised so much money. Figure 1 shows the winning bidders for each block in the ten cities where most money was raised.3 It can be seen that DISH won the G block in all ten cities, the A1 block in nine cities, the B1 block in seven cities and the H and I blocks in the three of the top four cities. In total it won 32 out of the 60 blocks available, compared to 15 for AT&T, 7 for Verizon and 2 for T-Mobile."
AnalysysMason  auctions  AWS-3  spectrum-auctions 
february 2015 by pierredv
No Merger? How About Helping Us With Spectrum Read more: - BTIG Research › Nov 2014
" Important Disclosure and Analyst’s Certification Email This Post Print No Merger? How About Helping Us With Spectrum Posted on Thu, Aug 14th, 2014 at 1:30 pm by Walter Piecyk — POSTS | DISCLAIMER RSSEmail Phone: 646-450-9258Chat with wpiecykbtig Categories: Wireless, Equity Research Tags: S, VZ , T , DISH , TMUS Sprint and T-Mobile are making another push for help from the FCC to obtain low-band spectrum. If successful, it could drive up prices for what little spectrum is still available in the secondary market, a positive for Dish which owns the largest chunk. If not successful, Sprint and T-Mobile will be further disadvantaged to cost-effectively build network coverage, a clear positive for their dominant competitors, AT&T and Verizon."
BTIG  T-Mobile  Sprint  auctions  FCC  spectrum-screen  incentive-auction 
november 2014 by pierredv
Auction Season at the FCC | blog Sep 2014, John Leibovitz
"Wednesday, we announced the release by NTIA of a new Workbook and Workbook Information File, prepared by the Department of Defense (DoD). DoD developed the Workbook to provide guidance to potential bidders about their obligation to coordinate with DoD systems in 1755-1780 MHz. This release is unprecedented in terms of the scope and granularity of government data provided to help applicants prepare for an auction."
AWS-3  auctions  FCC 
september 2014 by pierredv
AWS-3 auction: DoD pledges to enable greater access to shared spectrum = FierceWireless Sep 2014
"The next major U.S. spectrum auction, for AWS-3 frequencies, is slated to begin in less than two months, and the Department of Defense (DoD) is pledging to do what it can to reduce the size of coordination zones in the 1755-1780 MHz band to enable greater access to shared spectrum by commercial operations.""
AWS-3  auctions  DoD  NTIA  FCC 
september 2014 by pierredv
Verizon, AT&T oppose Dish, T-Mobile's plans to split AWS-3 auction - FierceWirelessTech July 2014
"Verizon Wireless (NYSE: VZ) and AT&T (NYSE: T) have signaled their opposition to proposals from T-Mobile US (NYSE:TMUS) and Dish Network (NASDAQ: DISH) to effectively split the upcoming auction of AWS-3 spectrum between paired and unpaired airwaves. The auction is scheduled to start on Nov. 13 and will be the most consequential since the 2008 auction of 700 MHz spectrum. The FCC plans to auction the 1695-1710 MHz, 1755-1780 MHz and 2155-2180 MHz bands, which are collectively known as AWS-3. The FCC is currently working on technical rules for the auction."
AWS-3  FCC  Verizon  AT&T  Dish  T-Mobile  auctions  FierceWireless 
july 2014 by pierredv
FCC's latest proposal for 3.5 GHz band includes auctioned licenses - FierceWirelessTech japril 2014
"As expected, the FCC issued updated proposals regarding a three-tiered access and spectrum-sharing model for the 3.5 GHz band, with a flexible approach now being proposed for the priority access tier that could include auctioned licenses under certain conditions."
3.5GHz  FCC  auctions  spectrum-sharing  FierceWireless 
april 2014 by pierredv
Analysis: Chilean 700 MHz auction provides first step in South America - PolicyTracker Mar 2014
"The Chilean 700 MHz auction was the first in the band in South America but does not yet appear to be the drop that starts the waterfall."
700MHz  APT-bandplan  Subtel  auctions  PolicyTracker 
march 2014 by pierredv
Spectrum incentive auction task force to issue recommendations in spring
"Wide-ranging policy recommendations for the US broadcast spectrum incentive auction will be handed to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the spring, the head of its incentive auction task force said at a 30 January meeting" "The FCC has asked for input on a way to predict potential interference between broadcast TV and wireless services, [Gary] Epstein said. This is key to market variation because it could lead to co- and adjacent-channel interference between TV and mobile services in some markets."
incentive-auction  auctions  FCC  PolicyTracker  interference 
february 2014 by pierredv
Analysts: Dish likely to waltz away with H Block soon, with bids only topping $698M so far - FierceWireless
Tim Farrar: "There may be a few people who thought, 'I'll pick up the odd licenses here or there,' but it's very clear Dish has got to bid $1.5 billion and there's no one else in there that is going to invest $500 million or $1 billion," he said. "You'd have to have multiple alternative bidders with deep pockets to make an auction of it."
AWS-1  H  block  FCC  auctions  DISH  FierceWireless  AWS-4 
january 2014 by pierredv
Leaked document suggests Brussels spectrum power grab — PolicyTracker: Jul 2013
"The European Commission wants pan-EU licences, more policy harmonisation and control over member states' assignment procedures according to a document available on the internet. "Leaked draft legislation that was planned to be published in September reveals the Commission's ambitions for a substantial competence grab. "The document calls for licences that cover several member states; the synchronisation of spectrum auctions; similar licence conditions across the European Union; and a mechanism enabling the European Commission to prevent member states holding spectrum auctions improperly. The document fleshed out details of ideas that Kroes laid out in a speech to the European Parliament on 9 July."
auctions  harmonization  spectrum  EuropeanCommission  EU  PolicyTracker 
july 2013 by pierredv
Opinion: The end of spectrum auctions? — PolicyTracker: the spectrum management newsletter
"Several recent developments have led many to question the assumption that auctions are always the best way of assigning spectrum to mobile operators. . . . Auctions are said to be economically efficient if they allocate spectrum to the bidder who places the highest private value on the spectrum. Economic efficiency assumes that the bidder who generates the highest private value also generates the highest social value. . . . A combinatorial auction has many benefits, but also limitations, particularly in a mature mobile market. An unfettered CCA favours large bidders and, depending on the rules, may allow vexatious bidding purely to impose costs on others. This means regulators introduce all manner of rules to undo what a combinatorial auction is all about, namely to allocate spectrum to the highest bidder. Such “auction limitation rules” include band specific or overall caps, band specific obligations, limitations to bid based on market share, high reserve prices, roaming rules...
auctions  spectrum  opinion  PolicyTracker 
may 2013 by pierredv
When Spectrum Auctions Fail - IEEE Spectrum, Mitchell Lazarus
"Now, however, the tradition of letting those engineers work together to squeeze in links is under assault. More and more, government regulators in the United States and the United Kingdom have been awarding licenses for fixed-microwave communications to the highest bidder, auctioning off the spectrum as they have done for many other wireless services. In short, auctioning point-to-point microwave licenses just doesn’t make much sense—except perhaps for a few very competitive corridors. Otherwise, it’s better to let engineers coordinate these point-to-point operations, a system that has used the radio spectrum very efficiently ever since the radar engineers of World War II began turning their dishes into extremely reliable cables of air."
auctions  Mitchell-Lazarus  point-to-point  microwave  microwave  IEEE-Spectrum  opinion  FCC  licenses 
april 2013 by pierredv
Norway agrees framework for 800 MHz auction — PolicyTracker: the spectrum management newsletter
The [Norwegian Post and Telecommunications Authority] NPT has also published the standards that will apply to 800 MHz spectrum licensees when handling the coexistence of LTE mobile broadband with digital terrestrial TV (DTT). Like in other countries, those who win the rights to use the spectrum will have to create a joint organisation to deal with interference between LTE and DTT. Broadcasters will be involved in the organisation, but the 800 MHz licensees will have to fund it. ‘The main mitigation technique is filtering on the receiver side,’ says [John-Eivind Velure, assistant director of the frequency management at NPT]. ‘Every DTT customer can receive a filter free of charge to mitigate interference. If the filter doesn’t help, then the viewer needs to check that their installation is in line with what the broadcasters recommend. If their installation is OK and they are still experiencing interference, they have to get further help.’ Although the experience of countries like S...
auctions  DTV  800MHz  Norway  receivers 
april 2013 by pierredv
Bidding halted in Czech Republic’s LTE auction: can spectrum auctions raise too much money? - Insight - News | Analysys Mason
"On 8 March 2013 the Czech Telecommunication Office (CTO) halted the Czech Republic's multi-band auction for spectrum at 800MHz, 1800MHz and 2.6GHz frequencies. "Excessively high" spectrum prices were cited as the main reason for the cancellation. In this article, we examine the prices in the Czech auction and consider whether or not they can be described as "excessive", before outlining problems that might arise from high auction prices. Finally, we consider the CTO decision in the context of the recent UK multi-band auction (for 800MHz and 2.6GHz frequencies), where prices were lower than anticipated."
CzechRepublic  auctions  AnalysysMason  spectrum  LTE 
march 2013 by pierredv
Proceeding 12-40: Amendment of cellular rules in 800 MHz from site-based to geo-based licensing
Amendment of Parts 1 & 22 of the Commission's Rules With Regard to the Cellular Service, Including Changes in Licensing of Unserved Area; Amendment of the Commission's Rules with Regard to Relocation of Part 24 to Part 27;
cellular  auctions  NPRM  FCC  rules 
february 2013 by pierredv
Operators wait for Australian government to blink first — PolicyTracker: the spectrum management newsletter
"The fate of Australia’s planned 700 MHz digital dividend spectrum auction hangs in the balance as operators wait to see if the government will back down on the artificially high reserve price imposed by the telecoms minister." Lovely quote of the minister: "Not long ago Conroy told a US audience that the operators were so much under the government’s control, and needed the digital dividend spectrum so much that their executives would turn up to the auction wearing red underpants on their heads if he told them to do so." Not arrogant, oh no
ACMA  Australia  spectrum  auctions  PolicyTracker  quotations 
january 2013 by pierredv
Broadband spectrum auctions a 'mistake' | ZDNet Oct 2012
"Microsoft's chief research and strategy officer says the money can be better used by telcos to provide wider, better connectivity to rural communities and spur societies to advance through tech. "

Comments by Mundie in Singapore; confirmed by A.H.

"He said it is a "fundamental mistake" for governments to sell spectrum rights to telecom operators as the money used to procure the licensing rights could be used by these companies to invest in their networks to widen wireless coverage in rural areas, for example."
spectrum  auctions  microsoft  mundie  x:ZDNet  via:JohnHelm 
october 2012 by pierredv
FCC Initiates Incentive Auction Process | 28 Sep 2012
Expanding the Economic and Innovation Opportunities of Spectrum Through Incentive Auctions,
Docket No. 12-268
FCC  auctions  UHF 
october 2012 by pierredv
FCC unanimously approves incentive auction NPRM | Legislation content from Broadcast Engineering Sep 2012
"The Federal Communications Commission voted unanimously Sept. 28 in favor of a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that launches the incentive auction process to clear a portion of the television band that will make way for mobile broadband use."
auctions  FCC  UHF  cellular  TV 
september 2012 by pierredv
Small wireless carriers: always stuck with crappy phones?
Discussion of band classes in 700 MHz, and the claim that AT&T is forcing manufacturers to build only devices for the lower B and C block. Claim by Good Faith Purchasers Alliance: "one of the largest carriers is believed to be issuing Requests for Proposals ('RFPs') that specify only equipment capable of operating only over Lower Band 700MHz Blocks B and C; and the other of the largest carriers is believed to be issuing RFPs specifying only Band Class 13, i.e., Upper Band 700MHz Block C. As a result, consumers and smaller carriers that acquired Lower Band 700MHz Block A spectrum are left without viable and widely useful equipment options."
700MHz  AT&T  interference  receivers  arstechnica  auctions  rules  FCC 
february 2012 by pierredv
Wireless Competition Under Spectrum Exhaust (CliffsNotes Edition)… - @lawandeconomics George Ford
"We cannot and do not reach conclusions about how many competitors is the right number under existing market conditions. What we do demonstrate is this: if it is true that there is spectrum exhaust, then the argument that more competitors leads to lower prices is not true. In fact, it is more likely the case that lower industry concentration leads to higher prices."
spectrum  economics  competition  auctions 
february 2012 by pierredv
Spectrum Reality « High Tech Forum
Richard Bennett on white space, incentive auctions, Wi-Fi, CSMA-CA and interference; comment from Steve Crowley
interference  auctions  whitespace  spectrum  Wi-Fi 
january 2012 by pierredv
JSTOR: Journal of Law and Economics, Vol. 41, No. S2, October 1998
Important issue of law and economics of spectrum; articles by Hazlett, Coase, De Vany, Cramton, Moreton, Spiller
journal  law  auctions  spectrum  economics  research 
october 2011 by pierredv
Is Net neutrality blocking FCC spectrum auctions? | Politics and Law - CNET News July 2011
"Kirk's amendment is the most recent evidence that congressional Republicans have linked the fate of VIAs with the repeal of Net neutrality. Earlier this month, for example, House Republicans introduced a bill that would have authorized the auctions but would have exempted winning bidders from the Open Internet rules."
netneutrality  spectrum  auctions  FCC  via:stevecrowley 
july 2011 by pierredv
A new way to auction off toxic assets | vox - Research-based policy analysis and commentary from leading economists
"The crisis set policymakers scrambling for appropriate mechanisms to respond to financial turmoil. This column proposes a new auction design that can be used for toxic asset purchases and central bank liquidity auctions in a credit crunch."
via R2.0
"How should goods that both seller(s) and buyers view as imperfect substitutes be sold, especially when multi-round auctions are impractical? This column outlines a new solution to all these problems – the “Product-Mix Auction” (so-called because it solves the general problem of a firm that can offer multiple product varieties to customers with different preferences, subject to capacity and other constraints)."
economics  auctions  finance 
september 2010 by pierredv
Auction Magic « regulation2point0, Aug 6, 2010
Quick survey of work on auction theory to date, pointer to Paul Klemperer's latest
auctions  economics 
september 2010 by pierredv
FCC Auctions: Releases: Auction 58
Eligibility Restrictions on C Block Licenses in the Broadband Personal Communication Services
This MO&O dismisses the petition for reconsideration filed by Verizon Wireless, denies the petition for rulemaking and request for waiver filed by CTIA, and denies the request for waiver filed by Dobson Communications Corporation.
MO&O has good background info
fcc  auctions  eligibility 
july 2010 by pierredv
No. 326: Next Generation Spectrum Regulation for Europe: Price-Guided Radio Policy
Ken Carter
use of auctions to establish not only assignment, but also parameters
As Ken put it in his email: "In the work, I set out to see if I could lay the ground work to design an auction which could not determine not only who gets the spectrum rights, but what those rights are. Think of it this way: an auction on eBay for a car could determine not just who gets the car, but the color of the car and whether it comes with, say, leather seats or alloy wheels.

In my model, bidders could express their demands for not just bandwidth, but power, modulation, underlay/interference, and other characteristics. Spectrum bidders could get more customized spectrum allocations which more closely suit their spectrum needs than those determined by bureaucrats. When I ran an MS Excel-based version of the model, the result was a mix of high and low power uses in the winning bids. "
spectrum  auctions 
march 2010 by pierredv
Policy evaluation report: AIP | Ofcom
"This document provides an evaluation of the policy of charging spectrum fees based on Administered Incentive Pricing (AIP) i.e. setting fees to reflect the opportunity cost of spectrum denied to other uses and users, rather than just the costs of managing the radio spectrum"
My take is that the jury's still out. There are only three cited cases where AIP is said to have made a difference, and Ofcom argues that given long equipment replacement cycles one should not expect quick change. (AIP started in 1998.) On the other hand, Ofcom submits that there haven't been any adverse impacts either.
ofcom  spectrum  auctions  economics  policy  uk 
july 2009 by pierredv
Technology neutral auction format debuts in Ireland = DotEcon - Economics for a networked world
"ComReg, the Irish communications regulator, has completed its award of 26GHz spectrum. An innovative auction format, designed by DotEcon, used combinatorial bidding to enable the market to determine the efficient split between point-to-point (P2P) and point-to-multipoint (PMP) applications. The auction format also ensured that all bidders winning multiple 2x28MHz lots received contiguous assignments, and that there was adequate separation between the two technologies so as to avoid harmful interference."
wireless  auctions  ireland  europe 
february 2009 by pierredv
Spectrum awards database= DotEcon
via Brett Tarnutzer
"DotEcon has compiled, and continously updates, a database of spectrum awards across the world. The dataset includes over 100 award processes and 8500 licences in 40 countries across Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific and Africa.

The database is regularly updated with the results of new auctions and other awards. It currently containse information on awards of spectrum for mobile services (2G and 3G) and fixed wireless access (FWA), including both national and regional licences, but will be expanded to cover other frequency bands - such as PMR and digital radio - as the range of spectrum awarded by competitive processes is expanded."
wireless  auctions  database  ** 
february 2009 by pierredv
Spectrum Awards Homepage = Ofcom|
lists both completed and contemplated awards
ofcom  wireless  regulation  uk  auctions 
september 2008 by pierredv
Company to Create Airwaves Exchange -
Spectrum Bridge Inc., will match buyers and sellers of spectrum licenses used for wireless communications. Its Web site,, will go live on Friday with an initial inventory of about $250 million of spectrum.
auctions  spectrum  wireless 
september 2008 by pierredv
T-Mobile takes M2Z to task over AWS-3 auction arguments - FierceBroadbandWireless
FCC "would require the licensee to dedicate 25 percent of its network capacity to free broadband service, install a network-based Internet filtering system to block pornography and allow open access to third-party devices and applications"
FCC  auctions  T-Mobile  aws  FierceWireless 
august 2008 by pierredv
AWS Overview (PDF)
Joe Lawrence, VP Mktg, CDMA Devt Group
fcc  wireless  auctions  AWS  filetype:pdf  media:document 
august 2008 by pierredv
T-Mobile USA balks at FCC’s plans for AWS-3 auction - Allnews - RCR Wireless News
T-Mobile remains concerned that AWS-3 operations could cause interference to spectrum the carrier hopes will provide it with sufficient capacity to provide 3G wireless services and thereby remain competitive
fcc  t-mobile  interference  auctions  aws 
august 2008 by pierredv

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