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A Bird Doesn’t Sing Because It Has an Answer, It Sings Because It Has a Song -
"In conclusion, QI believes that Joan Walsh Anglund should be credited with the words she wrote in 1967. The close variant saying ((eg on the Maya Angelou stamp)) using “it” instead of “he” was derived from Anglund’s expression. A large number of precursor statements about singing birds circulated in the 1800s and 1900s, but QI has not found a strong match antedating Anglund’s verse."
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6 hours ago by pierredv
(12) The Seabird's Cry - YouTube
Professor of Ornithology Tim Birkhead FRS joins historian and writer Adam Nicolson FRSL explore how to re-associate the analytical and imaginative aspects of understanding animals. Can we move beyond anthropomorphism to a point where we recognise an equal coexistence with animals?

Their conversation, chaired by science writer and broadcaster Claudia Hammond and is hosted in partnership with the Royal Society of Literature, was recorded on 16 October 2017. For more information on events -
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october 2017 by pierredv
Watch Starlings Form Spectacular Murmuration - NBC News
"A flock of starlings take flight in what is known as a murmuration, a rare gathering that looks like dancing clouds, in the skies over southern Israel."
NBC  murmuration  video  starlings  birds  Israel 
may 2015 by pierredv
Lost in migration - YouTube - Nature video
Seems to be AM signals "Electromagnetic noise is emitted everywhere humans use devices. For decades, people have wondered whether this noise is affecting birds' ability to sense the Earth's magnetic field. Migrating birds use their magnetic-sensing compass to help them fly in the right direction. "Now, researchers at the University of Oldenburg in Germany have shown that radio waves affect European robins. Only when the robins are put inside huts that screen out the man-made electromagnetic noise can they position themselves in the right direction. "
video  birds  migration  RF-noise  NatureJournal 
may 2014 by pierredv
Flights of fancy: An enchanting history of ornithology - life - 17 February 2014 - New Scientist
"In few other fields is it clearer that science is made by people: there is never a pure path waiting for a chosen individual to set a wellington-booted foot upon it and binocular forth to truth and fame. Progress occurs in jumps, stutters and lulls, with false starts and blind ends, and does so both because of, and in many cases, in spite of, the characters involved." "Ten Thousand Birds shows how vital technological advances can be. These include cladistics, trinomial classification and gene sequencing – not to mention the insect-killing arsenical soap that ensured bird skins actually reached collectors from the tropics without turning into a box of beetles on the way." "There have been other histories of ornithology, and the authors have clearly examined them and worked out how to avoid the pitfalls. A clear narrative laid out in the foreword, innovative timelines at the start of each chapter, and lucid, jargon-free writing on technical topics mean that this book is definitive..."
books  reviews  NewScientist  birds  ornithology  science  stories 
april 2014 by pierredv
Cockatoo cracks lock with no prior training - life - 03 July 2013 - New Scientist
"Alex Kacelnik and colleagues at the University of Oxford set a number of cockatoos a challenge: pick a lock to access a nut visible behind a transparent door. The birds had to remove a pin, followed by a screw and a bolt, before turning a wheel to release a latch (see video, above)... "Some birds excel at different tasks," says Kacelnik. "Pipin is an ace at solving locks whereas another bird at the lab is good at making tools."... To test whether the birds had simply memorised a sequence of tasks, or whether they had a physical understanding of each device, the team altered the set-up by breaking, removing or re-ordering some of the locks, as shown in the video. This did not stump the birds, suggesting that they are aware of how objects act on each other, says Kacelnik."
puzzles  cockatoos  NewScientist  birds  video  intelligence 
july 2013 by pierredv
The Finest Bird Song of 1890 - YouTube
"A mechanical singing bird mechanism. Made around 120 years ago in Paris, probably by Bontems. In the film I hope you can identify all the major parts and see them working together to make the sound. The mechanism was in a rusted and seized state and has been restored."
mechanical  via:steveturnidge  via:steve  birds  birdsong 
december 2012 by pierredv
Bird sounds from the lyre bird - David Attenborough - BBC wildlife - YouTube
"David Attenborough presents the amazing lyre bird, which mimics the calls of other birds - and chainsaws and camera shutters - in this video clip from The Life of Birds."
sound  imitation  birds  BBC  youtube 
may 2012 by pierredv
BBC - Gomp/arts: 40 wild birds play a Gibson Les Paul guitar
The film is of an installation by a contemporary French artist called Celeste Boursier-Mougenot. It's very Marcel Duchamp, the French artist who started the conceptual art ball rolling nearly a hundred years ago.
art  music  video  animals  birds  x:bbc  **  via:digg 
february 2010 by pierredv

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